Aleksandr Procherenko: One of the World’s Most Bad-Ass Deaths

This is one of most bad ass deaths I have ever heard about.

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A Russian special forces soldier was killed near Palmyra, Syria, while directing Russian air strikes at Islamic State targets.

For a week, Aleksandr Prochorenko identified crucial IS targets and provided the coordinates for air strikes to Russian planes.

After being surrounded by terrorists on the ground, he called in an air strike on himself, taking the terrorists with him.

This man served his country well, and died a hero.

Aleksandr Procherenko

Aleksandr Procherenko was a Russian hero. When faced with insurmountable odds, he gave a savage display of his purpose and duty by calling an air strike on himself, taking the terrorists with him.

You will rarely find this type of mentality in the West.

Our society has been brainwashed into a bunch of pussies and heavily-sedated lemmings.

Masculinity, power, strength, honor, pride, and respect are all alien concepts to our culture today.

Instead, we’re steadily being overrun by the SJWs, feminists, and liberals who care more about being politically correct than actually solving problems.

Check out of the narrative.

Stop being ashamed of your masculinity, and start molding yourself into the strongest person you can be.

Develop your character to be as steadfast as Aleksandr Procherenko’s.

And as Ivan Throne says…

Harden your body for killing.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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