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If I remember correctly, Nick Kelly once said, “The blog is life.”

He is correct.

The blog is the pulse of the brand.

Is yours still beating?

I spoke of this post a while ago, but my focus needed to shift into another area before I could finalize and publish it.

This is why it’s important to have plenty of content people can search through. An archive for your supporters to read.

Your long-term readers will be craving more content, sure, but they’ll also understand that worthwhile products are worth the wait. They know what ‘s coming down the pipeline is absolute GOLD.

Soon guys, The Warrior Monk & The Temple of Iron will be available to read.

Hang in there.


Over the past two months, I’ve focused my time towards getting another business up and running. This was a critical decision to further the advancement of my personal skills, which can then be used in all aspects of my life.

Business is booming to say the least, and this experience has offered me new skills that will allow me to deliver more to you on Masculinity Rising.

People see work and inconveniences as a chore, as a pain in the ass. What sets apart those destined for greatness is the ability to see every challenge and every setback as an opportunity for growth.

Nothing is permanent. Nothing can stop you.

You can always find ways to adjust and adapt.

Make the critical mindset shift of accepting things as they are. Open yourself to the opportunities for growth that challenge presents. Do not resist them and cling to current successes.

When you throw yourself feet-first into the fire,  straight into the grind, you force yourself to sink or swim.

You either pull it together and roll out of bed every morning while it’s still dark outside, or you fail.

You either come up with an efficient routine, or you spin your gears.

You either prioritize recovery every chance you get, or you crash and burn.

The grind is not easy.

But it is fun.

The Abundance Mindset

Open yourself to the Universe and the opportunities it offers you.

When you start to see challenges as opportunities for growth, to really see them for what they are, you begin to master your lifestyle in order to live your Purpose.

Challenges are simply opportunities for growth, for wealth, and for happiness.

Stay uncomfortable. This means you are pushing your boundaries into further and further expertise.

At the same time, do not cling to current successes. Protect your assets and abilities, sure, but when you must let go of something, simply let go and allow the Universe to provide a new door for you.

Obsessed possession leads to ruin. Freedom brings riches.

Remain free from outcomes and redirect events to your own benefit.

When you’re behind the wheel, you’re in charge. It’s you who determines your fate.

Buckle down and be cognizant of your patterns throughout the day so you can optimize a routine, which will make your life easier and increase productivity.

When you are living the hustle, your mind is constantly working, constantly pushing its creative boundaries to solve tough problems and improve efficiency.

You either adapt or you don’t.

Organize or disintegrate.

Become the CEO, or fail…

You must own it, and own it all.

The good, and the bad.

Everything is your fault.

Accept things as they are, and move forward.

Do not cling on to what you had or what could have been.

Let go of loss, and welcome the new opportunities begging for your attention.

This is how you play the grand game of chess on the road to fulfillment.

Timing Is Everything

You must always be receptive to timing.

When the timing is right, pull the trigger… or miss the shot.

The right timing doesn’t care about anything else that’s going on in your life. When you see your opportunity, you must take it or welcome the regret of failure.

The timing was right for me and stasis was the result.

I saw an opportunity and capitalized on it, and everything else around me felt like it came to a screeching halt.

Coming back from stasis, it feels as though I’ve died and been reborn again. Part of me has truly felt dead during this brief absence.

Again, the blog is the pulse. Victor is right. Every day you aren’t living your full Purpose, you can consider yourself dead for that day.

A major part of my Purpose is writing, and I simply haven’t had time for that while building another aspect to this empire.

Instead, I needed to focus my energy towards obtaining some valuable life experiences that will only improve what I have to offer Masculinity Rising.

The only thing, when you’re in stasis…. time stops.

For everyone else, time keeps on ticking. They take note of your absence. And then you begin to fade away if you don’t resurface.

When you decide to invest your time into an area, make sure it is in alignment with your Purpose. Determine the individual aspects that will increase your arsenal of tools. And focus your efforts into attaining them as you build.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Capture those opportunities and wield them to your benefit. This is how you progressively overload your life just like you would progressively overload in the gym.

Keep adding weight, keep adding abilities, keep adding knowledge.

Even if you have to work a dead-end job, there are experiences you can take with you that will benefit you in the long run.

We’ve all been there. Cleaning the toilets. Packing down trash in a dumpster at 1 am. Serving people french fries.

But guess what. The CEO cannot effectively run the business if he doesn’t understand how every aspect of the business works.

This is the price the entrepreneur must pay. The price of being a Renaissance Man. You must be a Jack-of-All-Trades to succeed when running a business. You need to know every aspect of what goes in and what goes out, and sometimes that means you have to plunge a toilet or two.

Don’t see these experiences as annoyances. Instead, receive them as those opportunities for growth.

This means being receptive of situations that will push you out of your comfort zones, situations that will make you uncomfortable. When those opportunities show themselves, ACT!

These are the times when you can experience rapid, tremendous growth in your abilities. The grind isn’t easy. But it’s exactly what an entrepreneur must do.

This means early mornings and late nights.

AM tail-lights and night-time cityscapes.

#Spoils of the #Hustle #MasculinityRising

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As you will hear repeatedly on the Full Color Godcast, you must feed with the sharks.

Devour the morning and the night.

Wake up and attack the predawn hours like a shark would attack a seal.

When you start the day strong, that momentum carries over for the rest of your day. As the day comes to a close, attack the final hours with the same fury as you attacked the morning.

Give your work everything you’ve got and watch the rewards come rolling in.

Stop worrying about the “right” time. The right time is now.

Brand Building: Anonymity vs. Authenticity

Of course you can be authentically anonymous, but let’s discuss the repercussions of being up-front with who you are versus building a brand around an anonymous voice.

Remaining anonymous places a defensive layer between yourself and the brand, limiting potential in the long-term.

People want to know who they’re listening to, who they’re buying from.

It’s up to you to show them.

You must be authentic. People can smell a fake. BE YOURSELF.

If you’re putting on a front, people will be able to tell through your words and body language on camera.

Speak of what you know, and your words will resonate.

Speak of what you do not know, and your words will fall on deaf ears.

In order to fully speak on a subject, you must first live that subject.

Be The Man, Be The Brand

To be the man and have a brand, you need to have a life.

And having a life isn’t being hunched over your phone 24/7. You can prioritize your habits to improve your quality of life while still maintaining a presence for your supporters.

You can take a picture now, and post it later to social media.

Everything doesn’t have to be posted in real-time.

Enjoy your life and post to social media when you have some downtime. Don’t push pause on enjoying the moment just to push your brand online.

True advancement towards your Purpose comes when Thought, Word, and Deed are all aligned… and that doesn’t come from looking like Quasimodo holding a phone.

It comes when you are busy making moves.

Sometimes being a man means you have to go away for a while.

That is exactly what has happened in my case.

As Victor would say, “I needed to go away to the islands.” This was a journey I needed to make in order to take Masculinity Rising and The Warrior Monk to the next level.

I needed to learn how to build something rapidly on-the-fly. I needed to learn how to speak. And that’s exactly what I have done.

By hustling from dawn until midnight (and by taking a little Red Monkey along the way), I’ve been able to achieve exactly what I set out to do.

Now it’s time to bring some more balance to the scene and wrap things up for the release of The Warrior Monk & The Temple of Iron.

And the horse you rode in on… #Sunrise #PNW #GodsCountry #MAGA #America

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Thank you for being patient with what I am building here,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising