Embody The Five Elements: How to Resonate With The Universe

The Universe operates according to a set of natural laws.

To go against these laws is to go against the natural flow of things, to go against the way of the Universe.

When you fight the Universe, it has a way of slamming you back into your place, either physically or mentally.

For example, the state of flowing towards more entropy, more disorder, is the natural state of the Universe. So when things “break,” that’s the Universe running its natural course.

Let’s say the clasp breaks on your favorite bag. Instead of getting upset that it broke and allowing the event to stress you out, accept that entropy is the natural order of things and move on. You cannot change how the Universe operates.

You can only accept the way things are when you are powerless to change them — adapt and move on; however, when things can be changed, a masculine man will strive to exact that change upon the Universe, when it will truly make a difference.

To fight the Universe is to welcome misfortune and insanity.

The Physical & Non-Physical Worlds

Our reality is of the physical and natural world.

The five elements serve as the perfect representation of what is required for life, and thus the human experience, to exist.

These five elements break down into two categories: the physical and the non-physical.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are all physical.

Ether, or Spirit, is of the non-physical world.

The more you embody each of the five elements, the more in-sync you will be with the mechanisms of the Universe. Don’t worry, I’ll explain the details below.

Ultimately, this means being in tune with Nature and Gaea, as well as the vibrations of the Universe. Fostering and welcoming Good. Purging and resisting Evil.

Flowing with the natural order of things, and not against. Not allowing challenges and obstacles to stop you, or break your will, your spirit.

Wielding the natural forces and cycles of the Universe to propel you savagely and instinctively towards your Destiny, while building a legacy worth leaving behind.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at each of the elements.


Earth. Ground. Planet. Environment. Mother Nature.

There is a reason why they call it “grounded” energy.

When you are stressed and anxious, you are not grounded. Instead, you are highly charged and restless, unable to focus, unable to discharge. Stunted. Repressed. Numbed. Deadened by your own rapid vibrations.

To become grounded is to connect yourself with the stabilizing energy of the Earth.

The easiest way to ground yourself is to take off your shoes and place your feet firmly on the ground, preferably in the soil or grass.

Spread your toes wide and feel your feet screw firmly into the ground.

Then, embrace the next essential element, Air, and breathe deeply. In… and out… in… and out…

The process of deep breathing will calm your frantic energy while feeding positive energy to your body and brain. Feel the tension release and dissipate all across your body as the oxygen fills your lungs, your chest and belly expanding to capacity.

Reach both hands overhead as high as you can. Stretch, stretch, stretch into the sky as your feet serve as leaden anchors, holding you to the Earth.

Close your eyes, and imagine the Heavens are stretching you apart. Imagine, and envision. Your breath is the only thing keeping you alive… you must breathe deeply, down, down, down into your core if you want to survive. Your feet are the only things keeping you from drifting out into Space… you must spread your toes as wide as you can, bracing your body into the ground, or you will float away into the abyss.

When you are finished, you should feel focused, energized, and motivated. Your voice will be more relaxed, and the tone will be lower. Stress resonates on a high, frenetic frequency, which carries over to a high-pitched voice.

Grounded energy is deep, solid, resonating, booming.

Once you have performed a grounding exercise, cloudiness, anxiousness, and depressed thoughts should be non-existent. If they are not, you have not grounded yourself properly.

This can happen especially to those who are very highly-charged, stressed, or anxious. Sometimes, you may need a catharsis to shatter the tension before it can be released through grounding and deep-breathing.

One of the more unconventional methods, although more effective methods, is to perform a private, cathartic ritual as demonstrated by Elliott Hulse. It must be private, in order to fully let go.

Elliott’s methods may be too extreme or bizarre to the newly initiated, but there are several effective substitutes. Remember, these alternatives must be performed prior to your grounding exercise to be effective at breaking up the tension held by your body:

  • a high intensity, high volume workout involving maximum effort.
  • throwing on some gear and unleashing strikes on a heavy bag until you are drenched in sweat.
  • find a private place (your car, the wilderness, etc.) and scream and howl until you laugh at yourself.

I’d like to make a special note on grounding yourself in the wilderness…

This is one of the best things you can do for your stress levels.

Humans are not meant to be packed into densely populated, artificial environments. Humans are meant to be one with Nature, to grow and bend, to flow with the Earth.

When you spend time out in the wilderness and mountains, your body exchanges electrical charges with the environment, releasing positive ions that lead to stress and anxiety while absorbing negative ions that promote a sense of well-being and support energy levels.

Positive ions are heavily concentrated in artificial environments, especially in-doors, and even more so around electronics such as computers or air conditioners.

Negative ions are prevalent in natural areas, like mountains and waterfalls.

If you can’t get fully away, take the time to walk through local parks, preferably ones with lots of trees or moving water.

Humans are a part of Nature, and must bend and stretch and sway just like the plants and animals. Welcome the grounding energy of the Earth into your daily life and feel yourself release negativity and stress while focusing your precious energy into realizing your Destiny.


Air. Breath. Oxygen. Circulation. The Cycles of Life.

Air is the next element.

The breath of life circulates essential oxygen throughout your body.

Without the rhythmical cycles of breathing, you and your reality will cease to exist.

Proper oxygenation is an absolutely critical quality to have.

Oxygen throttles performance, endurance, and efficiency.

When your brain doesn’t have enough oxygen, you are in a haze, sluggish, and tired.

When your muscles don’t have enough oxygen, you cannot perform at peak levels, or sustain activity for an extended amount of time.

Your body functions on oxygen. If you cannot get the right levels, your body will not perform efficiently.

Likewise, your mental clarity will not allow you to perform at optimal levels, and your brain will feel like walking through quicksand.

Lack of Air = lack of energy.

You must foster deep breathing exercises into your daily routine. Doing so will ensure you are getting enough oxygen while supporting your energy levels.

A good place to start learning is Wim Hof breathing exercises. Mike Cernovich has a fantastic article about it on Danger & Play. Wim Hof breathing has allowed me to release nervous tension and energize my cells for work, battle, business, and war.

When you breathe, you want to breathe deep into your lower belly. Your stomach should rise and fall with each breath. This gets oxygen to the deepest levels of your lungs where the most oxygen is absorbed into your bloodstream.

Your blood system circulates the oxygen throughout your body, just like the atmosphere circles weather patterns across the Earth.

These natural cycles are a part of life. Embody those cycles by breathing as deep as you can… in…

and out…


and out…

Feel your cells come alive as the oxygen courses throughout your body.

Feel the energy rise within you as the breath of life nourishes your cells.

Feel the unstoppable power that comes with the Air, and allow your neurons to fire at their true capacity.

The simple act of breathing correctly will supercharge your daily life.


Fire. Heat. Passion. Friction. The Planetary Driver.

Fire is the third element.

Primordial Fire drives the planetary core. Molten magma circulates throughout the Earth, much like your blood circulates throughout your body.

If the Fire ever burned out, ever went cold, the Earth would plunge into frigid annihilation.

Fire is the heat that gives forth a meaningful existence.

Fire is the unforgiving driver of all existence, capable of sustaining life, yet equally capable of unleashing an incinerating blaze of heat and destruction… if not channeled correctly.

Without Fire, you have no passion, no drive, no ambition to achieve greatness or leave a legacy.

Without Fire, you are nothing more than a cold, shell of a man. A dead, lifeless corpse of failed and forgotten potential.


Without a bright inner Fire, a man might as well be a ghost.

You must have a deep, burning Fire within you. A scorching desire that will relentlessly drive you onward towards actualizing your Destiny.

In order to wield your Fire, you must be capable of enduring unimaginable friction. Friction comes with the territory of fire-starting and blazing your own path. Without friction, without challenges and obstacles, without struggle, there is no flame, no growth.

With that friction comes second thoughts and self-doubt, pain and suffering. Yet, you must stoke your Fire and allow it to burn on. To carry you forward. To fuel your momentum. To feed your energy. To consume you, while not destroying you.

Feel the burning desire deep within your soul.

And welcome the flames that lap at your coattails while climbing the mountain of greatness.


Water. Flow. Hydration. Adaptation. The Essence of Life.

Water is the last of the physical elements. The all-powerful, shape-shifting, life-supporting essence.

All living organisms require Water.

Without Water, Earth would be as barren and as desolate as the farthest reaches of Space.

You need Water, just as you need Air. Proper hydration is what keeps you and your brain operating at peak capacity.

Your brain is 73% Water. If you are not fully hydrated, your brain cannot function correctly.

Dehydration, like lack of oxygen, is equally capable of throttling your performance and destroying your ability to focus and work creatively.

Proper hydration unlocks hidden potential and intuition, opening doors to opportunities you never knew you had.

Water is the great detoxifier, cleansing your body of harmful toxins while rejuvenating your Life Force Energy.

To test this, frequently visit the sauna and remain fully hydrated while you sweat out all that is bad and impure.

What goes in must come out, and is what also must be replaced. You must replenish the Water you deplete when cleansing your body. Otherwise, detoxification becomes dehydration, and completely defeats the purpose.

Constantly hydrate throughout the day, especially when lifting, cleansing, or doing brain-intensive work. I even keep a pitcher of Water next to the bed at night, to remain hydrated as my body loses Water during sleep and repair.

Even as I write this article, I’m quickly depleting a pitcher next to me as my brain uses the Water within me to form the words on this page.

This process of replacing what you expend leads us into flow.

As Bruce Lee said, “Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like Water. Now you put Water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put Water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a tea pot, it becomes the tea pot. Now Water can flow, or it can crash. Be Water my friend.”

The state of flow is both the formlessness of Water as well as the ultimate driver of potential. To flow is to adapt, to overcome unthinkable odds. To be in flow is to be so attuned to your abilities and the Infinite Consciousness, that Destiny unfolds before your very eyes. Flow is willing your future into creation.

Water is the final element of physical power. Remember, even the Earth can be fractured and carved through the unrelenting power of Water and Time.


Ether. Spirits. Otherworldly. Infinite Consciousness. The Heavens.

Finally, we reach the non-physical realm.


Ether cannot be seen. It cannot be touched. But it can be felt.

Some call it the Afterlife. Some call it Heaven. Some call it God. Some call it Gaea. Some call it the Infinite Consciousness.

Whatever the label, Ether is what completes the five elements. Without the spiritual, life is inconsequential. Without the otherworldly, our experiences here on Earth are nothing more than trivial singularities in Time, a grand competition where the ultimate survivor still loses to Death.

Do not shun the spiritual. Embrace the Ether. Embrace faith.

Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there.

The human experience is filled with beneficial coincidences and improbable occurrences. None of this is by accident.

Chance and happenstance swirl in an endless typhoon in what is quite literally Infinity.

Deep Time and Space provide all that is necessary for the infinite probability of actualizing your Destiny. Anything and everything can happen. Or nothing.

It is up to you to tap into the hidden pool of Infinite Consciousness, to open yourself to receiving the wisdom and knowledge that permeates our existence here on Earth. You are a part of all living things. The Universe is a part of you.

Gaea, the spirit of the Earth, is an ever-present harbinger of faith and good will.

Only the truly open can feel this. From the personalities of animals, to the reaching desire of plants to be in the presence of the Sun, all living things have the Life Force Energy within them.

Go out into Nature. Immerse yourself in the reality of experience. And FEEL Gaea embracing you like a warm blanket.

She is there. She is always there.

The Vibrations of the Universe

The inspiration for this post came to me while I was reading New World Ronin, by the artist formerly known as Victor Pride. Nick Kelly from Bold & Determined has created an absolute masterpiece, and I highly recommend NWR to any entrepreneur looking to take their creative work to a whole knew level.

To inspire is to breathe life into, to create. “Full Color” work springs forth from the hands of an artist, and an artist is blessed with the gift of being different, of seeing the world and the Universe in a different light.

As Nick has said many times before, none of this is by accident.

Serendipity and synchronicity are powerful forces within the Universe, forces which cannot be ignored. When you think everything is going wrong, it isn’t. This is the Universe’s way of testing you.

Without struggle, without the friction that comes with Fire, there is no growth. If there is no struggle, you will never develop the strength and resolve that the Universe requires of you to materialize your Destiny.

Embrace the five elements, and feel the vibrations of the Universe resonate within you. FEEL yourself become one with the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the physical and non-physical, the ethereal and the limitless opportunities the Universe offers you.

Power, strength, and Destiny await the man who wields his own sword, who takes charge of his actions, and who steps boldly towards his Fate in this world.

Death, destruction, and regret awaits the man who does not.

Choose wisely.

Take the first step.

And the next.

And the next. And the next.

Stride confidently along the winding and mysterious path.

No man knows how the Universe will test him, until he knows. Pass the tests, and everything you’ve ever wanted lies in wait on the other side.

Now… go.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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