Fake News Commits Collective Suicide While Trying to Maintain Power Over Your Mind

Subject: 2017 Will Be Known As The Year of Liberal Insanity
Location: Sanctuary of the Warrior Monk — The Liberal Stronghold of Seattle
Date: 14 1515U FEB 17
Battle Transmission: True Colors — Zedd (Nolan van Lith Remix)


Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to invest a little time on this wild ride.

Let’s watch how all the puzzle pieces fall into place for what is truly a collective liberal suicide.

We are witnessing the death throes of the liberal left and their “mass media” fake news propagandists.

Globalism is being rejected and the establishment is having a complete meltdown. Lies, defamation, and downright ignorance are all clear for us to see. These people are stupid.

And they preach to the brainwashed masses.

Let’s dig in.

Support Alternative Media

Support the people who support you. The ones who don’t want to lie to you and hate seeing the death-grip mainstream media has on the general population.

If you have your own blog, don’t link to mainstream fake news sources. If people want to research your statements, give them enough information to do so, but don’t give the propagandists any additional traffic.

Starve them like they are starving you.

First, we’ll take a look at some of Mark Dice’s videos. He’s a media analyst that destroys the mainstream narrative with his hilarious videos. Follow him, and watch how insane this stuff is.

“Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters experience synergistic hardware failure during recent press conference.”

These people are having mental breakdowns. How can you tell?

  1. They can’t get a complete sentence out of their mouths without stumbling over all the lies and bullshit.
  2. They have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
  3. They are scared shitless because their power is being stripped away while harsh prison sentences loom in their future.

It’s amazing these people are in power. How did our great nation come to this?

We’re truly living in an idiocracy.

Nancy Pelosi thinks we’re still under the Bush administration.

Yes, that’s “Mrs. We Have To Pass The Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It…”

Nancy Pelosi is completely delusional.

And then we have Maxine Waters…

She believes the Russians control Donald Trump and told him to use the term “Crooked Hillary” to win the presidential election.

She also thinks Russia has invaded “Korea.”

This is all typical mainstream media ignorance congealed together with political incompetence.

On to the next.

“Race-baiting propagandists whine about hurt feelings after publishing web of lies.”

The left has to make everything about race.

They still haven’t realized identity politics was a major factor behind them losing the election in 2016.

The reason they want to equate “fake news” with racial slurs is to sow more division between the races, undermine the Trump administration, and foster an environment that can very easily lead to civil war.

If the left continues to weaponize its ideology and promote violence against those who disagree with their anti-American policies, they’re inviting a swift ass-kicking from true American Patriots who own all the guns and actually hit the gym.

Good luck handling a gun when the only thing you’ve handled for the last twenty years is your boyfriend’s balls. You know how much sugar you take in your double-shot, non-fat, extra-foam, half-a-pump latte… and we know how to create pink mist.

You do not want a civil war because it would be an extermination.

“Cold Warmonger’s teleprompter says Donald Trump’s election worse than Pearl Harbor.”

This honestly reminds me of the huge brainwashing machines you’d see in 1984-esque movies. It’s blatant lies and rejection of the truth, said with such belief that it will penetrate the dumbed-down masses.

Everything these people push at you is a projection of their inner realities. Just as he said, “he will lie to himself about anything, big or small.”

That’s the ideology. That’s the cult religion that is liberalism.

Thou shalt lie to thyself about anything, big or small, so long as it advances the accepted narrative of the time.

When Patriots call out the establishment and media for committing acts of treason against the country and crimes against humanity, the media reacts as if the Patriots are all tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists for speaking the blatant truth.

But when the left doesn’t get their way, they act like overgrown children throwing temper tantrums over a fantastically false reality.

They do not live in the same reality as normal people. Common sense eludes them. Racing to the bottom of absolute degeneracy is their credo, and ISIS is their flag.

But they want you to believe that you’re the crazy one, that you’re immoral for having common sense and the ability to think critically.

“Racist white woman silences evil white supremacist Democrats amidst DNC.”

These are people who believe you cannot be racist towards whites.

They believe whites need to shut up, and let the “minorities” handle things.

“It’s not white people’s turn anymore.”

Mainstream media constantly pushes an anti-white agenda. And they are finally seeing a backlash.

Which leads us into the next video.

“Dear White People, we don’t care that we’re hypocritical, racist scum… because we’re the COOL kids and we matter.”

Go ahead and add Netflix to your boycott list.

In times like these, people and companies will continue to show their true colors and alliances.

When an organization has an agenda that runs counter to your best interests, hit them where it hurts… their wallet. Boycott the bastards.

The left thinks it’s hip and cool to be racist towards whites. Successful, white, heterosexual men are seen as the creator’s of all the world’s evil. Our “privilege” triggers the weak into raving mobs.

Whenever someone decides to hop on the “we hate white people” bandwagon, boycott them.

Whenever someone places the interests of an out-group ahead of your own countrymen’s, boycott them.

Whenever someone shows you how massively brainwashed and bigoted they are, boycott them.

Send a clear and direct message, and refuse to support their operation. Support the people who support you. Support the people who champion the truth and fight for freedom of speech, and freedom of thought.

We are mighty damn close to living in 1984.

Reject the programming. Reject your adversaries, and leave them to die out in the cold.

On the same note, I no longer use Wikipedia since the social justice warriors have invaded its articles and slanted events and “facts” to fit a liberal narrative. If you don’t want to support propaganda, use the planetary knowledge core: Infogalactic.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the typical go-to source would say about the topic of fake news. I won’t link to them but you can search for “fake news websites in the United States” if you want to verify the screenshots below.

The mainstream media is exactly the definition in the first sentence.

Again, you must realize that everything is projection with these people.

What they accuse you of, they are.

What they blame you for, they caused.

The New York Times is fake news, yet they are the “credible source” this page references. Then Wikipedia claims “fake news” influenced the 2016 election.

It did. The mainstream media spread lies, disinformation, and propaganda in order to push the narrative that Donald Trump is “literally Hitler” and Hillary Clinton isn’t a criminal.

The mainstream media helped Hillary get more votes than she otherwise would have. Yet if you ask them, “fake news” is what cost Hillary the election. No, the fact that she is a pathological liar and criminal is what cost her the election.

The term “fake news” really sprung up after the Pizzagate scandal spread across social media.

The simple fact that Pizzagate is slanted in this article is another sign that Pizzagate is real. Comet Ping Pong may or may not be directly involved, but the entire narrative surrounding Pizzagate has been meant to distract from the legitimate, verified WikiLeaks emails that implicate tons of high-level officials in a mass pedophilia and child trafficking ring.

“Wiki-lie-to-ya” states this “conspiracy theory” and “fictitious child trafficking ring” was debunked by the highly-revered and reputable sources of none other than…  Snopes, The New York Times, and Fox News… oh yeah, the very fake news sources that publish lies and propaganda to control the population.

And then, calling the whole situation “fake news” isn’t good enough.

Then, we need a completely engineered event to drive home the media’s narrative.

The Comet Ping Pong shooting was nothing more than a false flag. The narrative makes no sense.

“A vigilante right-wing investigator took it upon himself to murder a floor tile while searching for the secret dungeons of child slaves in an innocent pizza parlor, showing the true danger of ‘fake news’ websites and why we have a moral duty to silence them and shut them down, because clearly the consequences of spreading fake news jeopardizes public safety.”

That’s what they want you to believe.

In reality, the mainstream media wants to shut down their competition and those who expose the truth. The media is nothing more than a propaganda machine of the government. Even foreign governments have influence within our media.

Alternative media sites are not bought out by these globalist powers.

Instead, they are silenced and censored by the ones in power. Those in control do not want people knowing the truth about what’s really going on in the world.

They want to push a particular narrative to achieve a particular result that benefits them.

There’s only one catch… not all people are asleep.

Some of us are awake. And our voices are loud.

When you push your agendas down other people’s throats and try to censor them, people push back.

After another wave of censorship, Twitter’s stocks fell sharply on February 9th as people began to boycott. You can only mess with people’s free speech for so long before they seek alternative (and better) solutions such as Gab.AI.

Twitter loses the money of its investors because it goes against free speech and supports silencing those speaking the truth about Islam and pedophiles.

Twitter is a failing company and will soon be irrelevant.

If they end up banning Donald Trump, he’ll just switch to Gab to get his message out. And so will his followers.

Personally, I’m hoping Twitter’s downfall is sooner rather than later.

I have been suspended since November 17, 2016, just after Trump won the presidential election. I have no intentions of returning if my account is ever reinstated, which is unlikely.

The liberal agenda is in a full-on meltdown. They are spiraling out of control while trying to retain the little bit of power they still have. In doing so, they bring their own destruction.

Let’s recap with just a few stories from their agenda this past year.

Top 10 Fake News Stories of 2016

The Truth Shall Prevail

True Patriots will call out and fight against censorship when they see it.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

But the strange thing about the truth, is that people will go to the ends of the Earth to cover it up or distort it.

Now we have “algorithms” that control the truth. That choke it and throttle it from reaching the world.

Episode #911 of the Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo is the most-viewed podcast ever in history, with just shy of three million views (on just one video) of a nearly four-hour podcast and it was only published on February 1st, 2017. I haven’t heard of any other podcast episode being that big.

And what happened when this was going viral? Google and Apple begin covering it up.

In order to restrict the potential audience, YouTube & iTunes prevented the episode from trending.

Too many unacceptable truths came out during this amazing podcast.

Want a quick preview of what’s covered?

Set aside the time to watch this podcast. Thank me later.

Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo

The world is a crazy and dangerous place, but it is also wonderfully beautiful.

We should not shy away from speaking the truth.

Just realize you will be hated and resisted furiously for doing so. We are at war with forces that do not have our best interests in mind.

It’s paramount that we continue the fight for the truth while we have the upper hand. Leeches and criminals have been in power for too long.

Stay tuned. Soon, I will show you how to become a Warrior Monk.


Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising