The Feast of War: Exquisite Food & Ruthless Talk

The Feast of War is coming to a city near you.

These powerful events are hosted by Ivan Throne, the Dark Triad Man, as well as his ground partners coordinating the logistics.

I happen to be one of those partners.

What better place to host a Feast of War than in one of the many hearts of the liberal beast?

Join Ivan Throne & myself at the Feast of War, Seattle!

I’m your man on the ground for the event in Seattle, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges and vast expanses of pristine wilderness, but the city itself is known for an infestation of degenerate liberalism.

Liberalism is a mental cancer that slowly spreads its tentacles around everything that is beautiful and just. It’s basically a cult with voting rights…

There are few better places to host a movement for the West than in Seattle. It’s a prime example of what happens when liberal policies are allowed to take hold.

Seattle is home to scores of brainwashed virtue signalers who want to castrate you for any disapproved difference of opinion. It’s a sanctuary city. It’s a “safe space.”

I’m honestly amazed that non-liberals still have jobs around here.

Today, you’ll get blacklisted, doxed, and assaulted when you go against the narrative and programming. And that’s exactly why events like the Feast of War are necessary.

We’re moving into a society where you are no longer allowed to disagree with someone, or it will be deemed “hate speech,” “bullying,” or “harassment.”

You’re no longer allowed to freely associate… you are required to agree with every word someone has ever said, unless you’re on the left and then everyone else is expected to have gold fish memories.

You’re not allowed to embrace your masculinity and savage aggression, because that’s “toxic.”

We won’t talk about the mentally deranged SJWs. We won’t talk about toxic feminism that hates men and shames little boys into suicide. We won’t talk about how the left’s rampant hate is only a projection of their inner selves. Full of hate. Empty of mind.

There’s a reason why a campaign with the slogan “Make America Great Again” is the campaign that won.

People with a brain are tired of seeing the direction our country, and the world, is going in.

Part of me wants to make a short documentary of how Seattle is a perfect case study of what happens when you erode the foundations of Western civilization… but it’s a waste of time. No one cares.

Hell, maybe I’ll shoot a video of the homeless villages living under the highways and bridges.

The absolute insanity you will see in this city is close behind New York and Los Angeles. We’re just fortunate enough to have less people… although more take up residence here every day.

Seattle is booming for tech business, and it’s viewed as a liberal utopia and sanctuary city for illegals. So again, what better place?

Corruption is running rampant. Reality has been rejected. Mental illness is lauded as a virtue.

Our borders are wide open. We have no clue who is in this country, but I can tell you there’s the cartels, ISIS, and others.

We’re bordering on complete lawlessness. We’re bordering on war. Hell, this is war.

Another prime reason why the Feast of War is necessary.

We didn’t start this war.

The propaganda media, globalist politicians, fat-cat bankers, and censoring corporations did.

The time for tolerating these transgressions against our rights, society, and progeny is done.

The civilized world is falling all around us, and yet there’s only a few who have the balls to say what needs to be said. We are those few.

We are the men who boldly stand against the rising tide of madness.

We are the men who will walk through the fire first.

We will pave the way and reveal the path, so other men can follow in our footsteps.

We’re nothing special. We’re simply men with voices and the will to carry them out.

Dark times lie in America’s future. The tensions are mounting. We cannot fully predict what is coming, but it will completely transform the world.

Explore The Pacific Northwest While You’re Here

Remember, the real world is a dark world. It is ruthless in its savagery, but it’s not discriminating, except against the weak.

We can all get sucked into this political landscape at times, but try to enjoy the here and now.

I’ve been living my life because I know that America now will not be America later. I’ve been enjoying myself and experiencing the wonders of the world while I still can.

Our time on this world is limited. Understand that well.

So, let’s throw out the politics for a moment…

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit.

From the Cascades to Mount Rainier to the Olympics and all the other surrounding mountains, there are experiences to last you a lifetime.

When you couple this with fantastic food and some good ‘ole patriotism, the PNW is a hard place to beat. One hour you can be discussing business at a high-end parlor in Bellevue, the next you can be chilling by a beach on Puget Sound, and the next you could be following a trailhead into the Cascades.

The city and the wilderness are so close here.

Pretty much all of the major cities in Washington are nestled between the mountains or near the water.

Even the whimsical Leavenworth, a Bavarian town, is only two hours from the city, tucked away in the Wenatchee National Forest.

That’s why I love this area.

It’s the little things like this that you can continue to explore.

There is so much to do and so much to see. And you will never see it all.

That’s the beauty of this world. No matter how you try, you’ll never experience all that it offers. But you can damn well try.

When you come, I highly recommend taking the time to escape the city and explore the wilderness.

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most fantastical views you’ll ever see. Climb a few peaks if you get the chance. Mailbox Peak is a hard but rewarding one, and it’s only forty minutes from the city.

This place is absolutely gorgeous and I would hate for you to leave without seeing something.

If you do find yourself alone in the mountains, listen to the sounds of your intuition and the collective unconscious calling out to you. There’s more to this place than fir trees and stark peaks. There’s an energy here that will change you, if you let it.

Shoot me a message if you have a question about which hikes to try.

What Does The Night Have In Store?

Boundless potential.

There will be exquisite food and ruthless talk. Maybe some cigars if you’ve got ’em.

We’ll be meeting like-minded men that are on the same conquest for life, who are tired of the progressively more restrictive environment of an outrage culture and political correctness.

These are the types of men who know what they want and execute their plans on how to get there.

These are the men who are making something of themselves, and know where their allegiances lie.

They lie with the truth and liberty and freedom.

We are the men who will denounce the insanity of liberalism and all of the evils committed under its watchful control.

We are the men who get up and walk, regardless of the pain and suffering and tragedy of life.

We are the men who understand the need for finding the right tribe.

Are you part of that tribe?

I know the ones who aren’t.

They pose as innocent protectors of humanity, when they’re simply slitting their own throats down the road.

We’ve allowed a participation award culture to take control, where everyone’s feelings must be protected and if you hurt someone’s feelings the mob will try to end your life.

Over the past four years, I have seen firsthand how these liberal cities operate.

Homeless villages, drug injection sites, trans bathrooms, furries, mental illness, and absolute stupidity.

We can no longer allow these upside-down policies to plague our society.

The left created a war. Well, they’ve got one.

We will be discussing the future of the West, the actions needed to carve out a future for our progeny, and the savage truths of war.

I’m telling you now, these events aren’t for everyone.

In fact, just the mere announcement of the Feast of War has attracted the attention of Antifa and violent leftists who wish to shut down your right to free speech.

The enemy watches us.

They plot and scheme to take down anyone that disagrees with them.

Which simply plays more into our hands in the future.

People are noticing.

And they’re realizing the total hypocrisy and lawlessness of the left.

So, if you’re willing to take a stand, then stand up now and join us.

As Ivan says, there will be “magnificent food, superb company, and ruthless talk of politics, business and war!”

And you’ll be in one of America’s most beautiful regions when you do it.

Check out the Feast of War page for all the details.

Reserve your VIP seat for the event in Seattle, here. I’ll see you soon.

I’m very excited to meet you, brother.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising