Foot Cramps: This Is How Life Ends

Have you ever had a foot cramp and thought, “This is it… this is how it ends?”

Foot cramps can be extremely painful, and can suddenly come out of nowhere.

I actually collapsed one time on the soccer field because my right foot cramped and it couldn’t support my own weight. My cleats were too tight…

Recently, I started having foot cramps more and more frequently in the gym, especially on leg days and any time I trained my calves. I dealt with it for a while, but then the cramps began to hold me back. So I searched for solutions.

Here’s what I dug up.

It’s Pretty Elementary

After some quick research, I learned that foot cramps are primarily caused by:

  • tight shoes.
  • poor arch support.
  • dehydration.
  • tight muscles.
  • low potassium, magnesium, calcium, or electrolytes.
Foot Cramp Supplements

Taking some Machine Greens + Multi., magnesium, and liver tabs are good for you even if you don’t have foot cramps. Step up your health game.

So what do you do? Approach it logically.

  • Make sure your shoes aren’t tight enough to disrupt blood circulation.
  • Wear shoes with better arch support or get insoles.
  • Hydrate.
  • Stretch your feet.
  • Consume sources of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and electrolytes.

Let’s Break It Down Barney-Style

I still get foot cramps on occasion. However, using the methods above has greatly reduced their occurrence during training.

Now, my foot cramps almost exclusively happen when I don’t stretch my feet before training heavy calves, or on days I haven’t stayed fully hydrated.

For the first week of my “treatment,” I made it a point to stay extra hydrated and ate a few bananas while taking a daily multivitamin. Right around this time, I also began taking liver tabs as a convenient addition to my bodybuilding stack.

These liver tabs will provide you with BCAAs as well as additional calcium.

That alone, started to help. At the time I was having cramps daily… even from just doing standing overhead presses. By the end of the first week, I was having cramps only on leg days.

The magnesium I take with some of my nootropics has apparently helped as well. I didn’t control for this variable, so I’m not sure if this made a contribution or not.

Mike Cernovich mentions that magnesium is a game changer for him in his book, Gorilla Mindset. Mike used to be kept awake at night, but used magnesium to cure his restless leg syndrome.

Admitting When You Are Wrong

I value transparency and honesty.

When new information conflicts with old beliefs, I will evaluate that information and come to a new conclusion… as unbiased as I possibly can.

I was in denial about a long-held position of mine… about flat footwear being the best for you. Boy was I (slightly) wrong!

Back around November of 2014, I began wearing Chuck Taylors almost exclusively throughout the day and especially during the gym. Very seldom did I wear any running shoes or boots.

Chuck Taylors are fantastic tools for the gym, but wearing them 24/7 can lead to issues from poor arch support. I’ve lived it.

Black Chuck Taylors

These Chuck Taylors have seen me through most of my leg development, but it’s about time to retire them. The soles are almost completely worn through and the leather is cracked and torn. Converse are fantastic for lifting, so I always keep a pair in rotation.

My solution? Rotating my Converse and Nikes at the gym.

The Converse afford me a better range of motion. The Nikes offer arch support.

I used to wear my Converse throughout most of the day. I personally like the style with jeans, but I’m taking a break from wearing Chuck Taylors a majority of the time, at least until I strengthen my arches again.

I highly suggest you try lifting in a pair of Converse. I love it. Just make sure you also cycle in some shoes that will support your arches every now and then.

Red Beats & Converse

Some people hate on Beats, but I personally love them. I managed to get these at a reasonable price ($195… they have since gone up), and they sound awesome to me… keep in mind I’m upgrading from $15 earbuds, so that’s not hard to beat. Audiophiles will hate, but you can’t deny that Beats are the sexiest, most stylish circumaural headphones on the market. Damn, right I’m status signaling but not everyone knows I got them at a discount. ;)

Go Beat Your Competition

When you get the proper setup for you in the gym, your gains will take off.

It’s all about finding what works best for you.

With some fly kicks and bomb-ass headphones you can crush your workouts in style and not look like one of the stereotypical schlubs hogging up all the equipment.

But then again, I don’t live in L.A…. I live in Seattle, so my competition is primarily khaki-wearing, corporate drones.

If you happen to be one of those drones, don’t worry. You can change. Step it up!

Keep your shoe game strong… the ladies notice,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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