Freedom, Independence, & Masculinity Are Now Taboo

One of the biggest realizations I’ve had over the years is that freedom, independence, & masculinity are now completely taboo in our society.

The connotations of those three concepts are steadily getting worse and worse as we allow a deranged leftist ideology tell us what’s “normal” and what’s “acceptable.”

Have you seen these people?

Wild-eyed feminists with purple and blue hair.

Full-grown men who love pink ponies.

Fat slobs who want to live off government handouts paid from the pockets of the tax payer.

Naive adults believing multiculturalism works and unrestricted immigration is a virtue.

Transsexuals who are affecting legislative policy and corrupting the minds of children rather than getting the medical treatment they need for their mental disorder.

All of these people are borderline insane, and yet we allow them to tell us what’s “normal” and allow them to write our laws.

The legal system is heavily slanted against men.

Our due process rights are being taken away due to rape hoaxes.

If you support the wrong political candidate, you risk losing your job.

And now liberals want to allow trans people to use the bathroom they “identify” with…

Do you realize that means perverts (or teenage boys) can simply lie about their “genderfluidity” (which doesn’t exist) and have free access to the female bathroom?

Think about that for a moment.

That means some dude can be in the bathroom peeving on your little sister, cousin, niece, mom, whoever. This is asinine.

My point, is we are allowing these people to severely impact our society and way of life.

These people that are either mentally ill or have been so brainwashed by leftist ideology that they cannot possibly critically think about a problem.

Do you really want to let them dictate what your life should be like?

American Values

I have never been a member of the military. But consider myself a patriot and always have.

I take the Bill of Rights and the Constitution very seriously.

Those two documents, together with the Declaration of Independence, are three of the most important documents ever written in history.

They are the cornerstones to everything America stands for, everything it was built upon.

To me, anyone that threatens the security of our founding principles is a traitor to the United States.

We cannot simply cast aside those values. They are what have allowed this country to survive as long as it has.

Millions of lives were lost and sacrificed during the forging of the United States of America. Millions of lives have been affected worldwide, and millions of lives lost in the fight to protect those founding beliefs and principles. Millions more have been lost from illegal & unjust wars, where our corrupt government has yet to be held accountable for.

Millions more still will be lost if American citizens lose their rights, but more still if the United States itself collapses.

Our Constitutional Republic was founded on a set of principles that which, when defended, would lead to the continuing posterity of that nation. No other form of government during history has allowed for such freedom, success, and happiness of its citizenry.

The Bill of Rights is explicitly clear, yet it is constantly under attack with an endless stream of liberal (and conservative) policies.

These people are twisting and manipulating the Bill of Rights and using the general ignorance of the masses in order to pass legislation that directly infringes upon our rights as citizens, even the ones who are willing to give them up.

When people attack and change these core principles, they undermine the foundation of the United States. Over time, the nation erodes and crumbles under its own weight, bloat, and waste, just as we see happening today.

This problem has been going on for decades. Liberal policies have slowly eroded our freedoms over time, and conservatives have sold out their supposed “values” to chip away at our rights for their own benefit.

I state it publicly right now, the United States of America will not survive another typical Presidency.

If a liberal like Hillary Clinton, an all-out socialist degenerate like Bernie Sanders, or a lying sell-out cuckservative like Ted Cruz becomes President, this country is doomed.

Crippled America by Donald Trump

Before you can make a complete judgement about Trump, you first need to read his book, Crippled America. He explains his policies and plans while in office, and backs them up with details about his accomplishments in life. Trump truly is an extraordinary man. For a quick look, check out his positions on various issues.

Donald Trump is currently the only candidate that is capable and willing to solve the problems facing America today.

Our debt is too high. Our social programs are too bloated (and unconstitutional). Our infrastructure is decrepit and falling apart. Our nuclear silos are in severe decay. Our taxes rape our paychecks. Our legal system is completely corrupted. Our media is a mass liberal propaganda machine. Our borders aren’t secure. Our unemployment is massive. Our economy is terrible. And our people are fed up with all the bullshit from Washington.

Donald Trump is aware of all of these problems and has the necessary experience to have them corrected by bringing together the proper subject matter experts across all facets of our nation’s operations.

Donald Trump is a deal maker, a negotiator.

Most of all, Donald Trump is a model American citizen. He is a highly successful businessman and has expanded a positive image of the United States across his legacy as a real estate investor.

Now, when he is standing up for the rights of Americans and the best interest of the United States, all of these people want to attack him. These are the same people who have been actively eroding our Constitution and rights, eroding our economy, and eroding our international relationships.

Once again, why are we allowing people who clearly do not have the best interest of the nation in mind to dictate who is a “good American” and who is “making us look bad?”

We shouldn’t.

When these people call you a racist for supporting Trump, laugh in their face.

The people of Paris and Brussels will entirely understand.

A nation is not a nation if it doesn’t have borders. Our borders are wide open and have allowed and will continue to allow terrorists within our borders. Donald Trump wants to correct this. He wants to enforce the rule of law.

If it is not taken care of very soon, we will have the same types of terrorist attacks happening elsewhere in the world, happening here in America.

Do you want American cities to be unsafe war zones? Do you want innocent people being blown up at the Seahawks game or hacked to death with a machete while getting their morning Starbucks?

Donald Trump wants to prevent this very volatile situation that the liberal establishment has enabled in the United States and Europe. This is all part of a bigger agenda, as I’ve explained before. He realizes that it does not matter what these people call him, because the consequences of our inaction is dire.

The fear of being called names no longer works on the alt-right.

What matters is the safety of our people and the posterity of our country.

Mr. President, Build That Wall!

The Western World has been sold the lie that we must be completely welcoming to people from less-fortunate regions of the world. We’re supposed to allow everyone here for a “good life.”

I assure you, a lot of those people wish to kill you. They are using your naivety against you.

At the same time, welcoming mass immigration enables the left to gain more and more votes because those people come from free-loading systems. Those corrupted systems are what have destroyed those countries and caused them to be worth escaping from.

Then those beliefs are brought here, given a vote, and allowed to erode American values and interests.

Mass immigration from third-world nations also brings tons of diseases along with it. Mass immigration is quite literally a health risk.

This is not acceptable. The politicians who support this are actively undermining the welfare of American citizens. That is treason.

We should not be accepting massive amounts of immigrants from ANYWHERE in the world, especially not without assimilation.

Mass immigration is incapable of assimilation. Slow immigration of a massive number of people over a very long timeline has a chance at assimilation.

At the moment, it would make sense to shut down immigration of Muslims and people from these war-torn African and Middle Eastern countries until the United States can figure out exactly WHO they are looking for when running these supposed background checks.

People see that as an attack against Muslims. Prejudice. Oppression.

It is not. It is smart homeland security until the proper checks can be made.

These people do not have a right to be here. America is not “come one, come all.” America is for people who have been properly vetted for entrance into the United States.

It’s unfortunate that a religion has such a radical element that threatens the image of the entire religion…

But it’s also unfortunate that Islam was founded around murder, rape, and aggressive expansion.

Until America can figure out who is coming here, it shouldn’t be letting people in that have a high probability of not having our well-being in mind.

It’s dangerous not to. Lethal even, as we saw from San Bernardino.

As an America, you should oppose open borders and support the vetting of individuals trying to come into our country.

This is your country. Protect it.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team

Make sure you have a gun and know how to use it. Dark times are coming if Donald Trump doesn’t win the Presidency. Our leaders will allow what’s happening in Europe to happen here.

Fuck Tories!

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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