How to Instantly Become More Masculine

How others initially perceive us comes from two primary areas: how we look and how we carry ourselves.

That boils down to physical appearance, style of dress, body language, and posture.

If you can master these four things, you can set a powerful, lasting first impression with the people you meet, as well as mold the perception of people who already know you.

When someone asks me what’s the quickest way stop being a “loser” or “ghost” among society, I tell them bodybuilding and style.

Bodybuilding is of course the slower of the two choices, but without an athletic physique there is only so much improving your style can really do for you.

So first things first, if you don’t have any muscle or you’re fat, go to the gym. Put in the time that’s required to obtain an athletic physique and all areas of your life will improve.

From others’ perceptions, to your own confidence, to having a healthy body and mind, bodybuilding is the key to maintaining a solid base of masculinity and testosterone.

But… this isn’t a bodybuilding article. (This is.)

This article is about instantly becoming more masculine.

You do that with style.

Hopefully you’re not a fat bastard so this strategy will actually work for you.

If you’re a bit on the tubby side… good luck, my man.

How To Go From A Boy  To A MAN

You’re really not going to believe how simple this is.

All you need is a haircut.

A Haircut Makes You Look Like A Man

Unless you enjoy talking with your barber or you’re networking for business, going somewhere to get your hair cut takes too much time and the cost starts to add up. Invest in a pair of clippers and do it yourself. Keep a simple, short hairstyle that you can maintain easily.

There is practically ZERO competition with other men today. The average man is overweight, dreadful with women, and horrible with style.

Nailing down a few, simple details will place you in the top ranks among guys… and land you in bed with the top women.

There Is No Competition

As I said, there is zero competition for you if you can simply be above average in several areas, a topic Chris Deoudes has written about extensively.

Women are starved for masculine winners, and the quickest way to look more masculine is to shave your head.

Please note this doesn’t work if you have a terrible wardrobe. You need to have a masculine, well-fitting style as well, but we’ll cover choice of dress in a later article.

Masculine Competition Doesn't Exist

When society is filled with trendy hipsters and needy betas, it’s extremely simple to stand out among the crowd. Young guys think it takes extremes to get noticed and get laid. It does not. Success is in the details.

A man on a mission doesn’t have time for trivial matters. Spending five to ten minutes in the morning to “style your hair” isn’t a masculine habit. At most, you should be able to style your hair with a dab of gel in less than a minute.

Or you can just buzz it down and keep it simple like me.

When you have a buzz cut, there is no styling. There is no worrying whether you hair looks good.

There is simply getting dressed and kicking ass.

The video below shows how I cut my own hair, in less than 5 minutes. I use these handy-dandy clippers.

And that’s how you go from looking like a college kid to looking like a man.

In five minutes I was able to eliminate a tedious time-waster while changing my appearance to look more masculine, dominant, aggressive, and older.

Yes, I am aware of the perceptions this hairstyle elicits, and I am fine with that. Make sure you watch to the end to find out what I mean.

Avoid The Crabs

There is a popular story that demonstrates human nature very well.

If you place a single crab in a bucket, it will eventually climb out.

However, if you place multiple crabs in the same bucket, any time one crab attempts to climb out, the other crabs will grab onto him and pull him back down into the bucket.

This will happen again and again, and no crab will ever escape.

The people in your life also tend to behave the same way.

Any time one person strives to better themselves, the other people they know will do their best to pull them back down to the same level. This can be intentional or subconscious, but either way the person who’s improving faces strong resistance… from without and within.

When you improve yourself, it forces the people in your life to adapt to and accept your changes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new haircut, a better style, or a fantastic business opportunity. If what you are doing brings attention to someone’s shortcomings, their insecurities will go to work and they’ll try to prevent you from changing.

You need to realize that the people in your current sphere will most likely offer resistance towards any obvious changes in your style or body, even more so if those changes are drastic.

Think of when people mock others when they start dressing better. You’ll usually hear, “oh, so you’re all fancy now…” or “so you think you’re better than us now?”

Ignore their comments and “advice,” or improve your circle of friends.

Sometimes you have to cut people out of your life to make room for the people who will truly inspire and motivate you. This is one of those cold, hard facts of life, but a fact nonetheless.

When you grow, there’s a strong possibility you’ll have to cut people out. When someone in your inner circle refuses to support your decisions and only wishes to bring you down, it’s time to let them go.

Do what is best for you, and embrace your masculinity.

Embrace Your Masculinity

Now, go cut your hair and tell me what you think in the comments below,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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