Happy Independence Day: Dark Clouds Are Gathering

First off, happy Independence Day!

We should all take a moment to remember the lives that have been sacrificed across history to forge America and keep her safe. Good men sacrifice every day to protect our society.

We should also remember that tyrannical governments are most definitely a threat to personal liberty and freedom. That’s what our Independence Day was all about. Declaring our independence from the tyranny of Great Britain.

And just a little reminder, the Founding Fathers fought a war over a tax on tea…

How have we not had another revolution to remove these criminal politicians from office?

The common man is being robbed blind.  There are too many regulations upon the people, and too many exemptions for the political elite.

We have allowed degenerates to dictate what is normal and what is right.

And under the guise of “tolerance,” we are allowing millions of immigrants into our country that wish to do it harm.

The American people are fed up.

True Americans patriots are tired of looking around them and not seeing anyone like them anymore.

Leftist society has destroyed the family unit and our posterity’s future.

It’s time for true change.

It’s time for a return to traditional values & culture.

The fate of the West depends on it.

Masculinity, Femininity, and Traditional Values

Our society operates in the direct opposition of nature. That makes everyone miserable.

War Is On The Horizon

With engineered threats happening all across the globe, the sovereignty of our nation is at stake.

The criminal United States government, in collusion with the European Union & United Nations, has intentionally destabilized Middle Eastern country after Middle Eastern country.

This has allowed for the creation of ISIS,¬†over half a million dead in Syria, and the subsequent mass terror events occurring abroad. Globalist agendas allowed for the mass importation of “refugees” into Europe, leading to a complete disruption of Western culture and lifestyle.

These invaders are raping the Europeans and committing multiple mass terrorist attacks, such as the ones in Paris and Brussels.

Even in the United States, we’ve had the recent event at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Before that we had the event in San Bernardino, California.

These attacks are being engineered and enabled in the efforts to usher in a unified government.

The very sovereignty of our nation is at stake, as well as the sovereignty of every European nation.

At least Britain is finally taking a stand against the EU with their Brexit vote to leave, but the British people still have a long fight ahead of them to regain their independence. The fight isn’t over.

Independence Day

I may not have anywhere to fly these flags right now, but you best believe I keep them with me. “Don’t Tread On Me” is practically the motto of the American patriot. We will warn you with the noise we make, but if you still make the mistake of fucking with us, we’ll turn around and bite you.

Globalist policies are unacceptable and go against the very foundation of nations. They lead to terrible situations like we are seeing with the migrant crisis in Europe and the bailing out of the big banks in 2008. These are truly criminal actions that have direct consequences on the citizens of a nation.

If things do not change, we will be fighting a war for survival very soon. I strongly believe the cogs have already been set in motion, and there is nothing that will stop them. Not even Donald Trump, no matter how hard he tries. He is fighting against a massive globalist agenda, and the only thing we can hope for is having a strong leader to guide our nation through the turmoil and back to prosperity.

Between civil strife at home, growing terrorism abroad, and the manipulation of the global economy, the American patriots will be taking a stand soon enough. That’s why every situation here at home always comes down to guns being a problem. They want to take them now, because armed revolution is on the horizon if things stay the same.

The only question is what is going to light the fuse? What will be the final straw?

There are a lot of moving chess pieces right now…

It’s Not All Doom & Gloom

I say this not to get you down.

You should be inspired to rise to the occasion and meet these challenges head on. Evil will come to your doorstep eventually, whether you are prepared for it or not. It’s best to be as prepared as you can be.

Get in the gym. Go train. Start lifting some heavy as weight and packing on some solid muscle. Stay functional and flexible. Improve your conditioning and know how to fight.

Make some money. Get rid of debt. Put cash away for a rainy day. Invest in your own business ideas and generate passive income. Gain enough wealth to be financially independent and free.

Network. Connect with people you can relate with. Stop hanging out with those who drain your energy. Get rid of useless relationships and invest your time with those who matter.

You very well could be fighting a war soon.

Just look at the dark clouds on a global scale, and you will see what I am talking about.

Enjoy these brilliant days, but put yourself in your own personal boot camp, son.

God Bless America,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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