Ruthless, Uncompromising Integrity: How To Achieve Your Mission

Sometimes you have to compromise.

Sometimes you absolutely should not.

Develop the discernment to know when you should and when you shouldn’t. Some situations call for a little more tact and forethought. Others are no-brainers.

Compromising when it comes to your values and the promises you’ve made to yourself, that’s where we must draw the line.

The moment you begin to compromise your values, you are no longer living according to your code. And a man living without a code is a man who is lost.

You must know what you will and won’t compromise on.

Life is a shade of grays, but there will be boundaries in black and white.

When you’re tempted to break the boundaries you’ve set for yourself, boundaries that were likely set during times of deep consideration, remember that doing so will kidney punch your willpower.

One compromise opens Pandora’s box…

And what’s inside?

Failure and rationalizations.

When you compromise your values, you must double-down on the very values you chose to forsake.

It doesn’t matter if you were busy, rushed, drunk, high, tired, sick, weak, whatever. You chose to break a promise to yourself and that’s the problem. Admit to the failure and don’t let it happen again.

Compromising your values results in an immediate loss of respect for yourself.

Admit it, and move on. Commit to yourself not to do it again.

There Are No “Days Off”

When you compromise your values, shit doesn’t get done. And when shit doesn’t get done, self-doubt creeps into your mind.

Fuck self-doubt.

When you screw up, it’s not the end of the world. But screw-ups do break your momentum, and momentum is your driver towards Destiny.

Putting in the work every single day is how you get to where you want to be. You cannot start and stop, start and stop. Success doesn’t work that way.

Imagine sitting in rush hour traffic. It’s all start and stop. There is no momentum. All you feel is frustration and the mounting of wasted time.

Your mission is the same way. When you start and stop, all you’re doing is wasting time and killing momentum.

You must continually walk the path. You can explore little side trails every now and then, but you must always continue moving along the path to your goals.

There are no “days off.”

Your lifestyle should be aligned with your work. It should be a part of you, be you.

Make moves from the shadows and find your “islands.”

What’s calling to you? What makes you happy? How can you turn that into income?

This stuff is common sense, but common sense seems to be lost in a past age.

Work on your mission.

It’s right in front of your face.

I’m always working towards my mission. I’m either working on it, or thinking about it… which is working on it.

Every single day, I’m doing something that will move me closer to my goals.

People have always commented that I’m “too busy” or “disengaged.”

They are partly correct, and mostly off-target.

I’m not “busy.” I’m working towards something greater.

I’m not “disengaged.” I’m working on the islands.

I’m not doing to do.

I’m doing to be.

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