Mountain Man

Goddamn these machines.

Goddamn these distractions.

Goddamn these habits, and boxes, and self-limitations.

I need the isolation of a mountain top.

I need the oxygen.

I need the mist and fog and rocks and trees and rays.

My soul yearns for the liberation of complete isolation.

No one else for miles and miles.

Only me, the wilderness, and the creatures that are wise enough not to imprison themselves within convenient cages.

That is freedom.

Our cities and homes and offices are laced with the shackles of stress.

The wilderness is wild and free.

Free from corruption. Free from stress. Free from everything, except your mind and your breath.

It’s at this point where your inner voice can truly speak to you. It’s only now when the clamour of our worldly distractions will fade away, and allow us to truly experience the world itself.

It’s at this point where we realize who’s inside.

The vast landscapes. The fog falling over the peaks around you. The rain and sunrays rolling across the valleys. God and Creation shining brightly above.

This is how I find myself. This is how I lose myself.

This is how I journey through the tempest of my mind, and lay the beasts to rest.

It’s not through partying.

It’s not through the presence of others.

And it’s not through the gym.

Even the gym has too many distractions Too many people. Too many idiots on cell phones. Too many ways to ignore what’s within.

Training is necessary, and hiking is also training.

We train our body in the gym, and also our mind. We develop that grit, that determination, and that perseverance. We do the same when we hike into the wilderness.

The gym may foster that fire inside. It may stoke the flames and cause that passion to burn hotter and brighter. It may help you CONNECT with the mind, but anything other than a silent and empty gym will never let you hear that inner voice crying out, “This is what you must do to free your soul.”

That, my friend, will only come with isolation.

Fog & Dog. #MasculinityRising

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My solitary confinement requires the total freedom of Nature, and the possibilities she presents.

I’m reminded of this seductive seclusion every day driving around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

The mountains are always calling in the distance. The beauty. The isolation.

I need to get away. To write and film from a cabin in the mountains. I can feel it calling, and maybe soon it will come…

For now, I have obligations elsewhere.

That inner Mountain Man is going to have to wait.

Until then, I’ll be lighting the fire and finishing this book.

Hold tight. It’s coming.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising