Puffy Eyes In The AM? Here’s How to Fix Them

Have you ever woken up and your eyes were puffy as hell?

Well, I’ve got an easy fix for you.

Last week, I took a quick nap after work before I was about to have a date. I set my alarm, fell face-first onto my bed, and passed out.

Forty-five minutes later I woke up refreshed. I looked in the bathroom mirror and… boom! That nap had hit my face like a freight train.

My eyes were puffy and swollen.

And my date started in around an hour…

Why are my eyes so puffy?!

The main thing that causes puffy eyes is excess fluid retention in your face, especially around your eyes.

If you sleep lying face down, not only will you put creases and wrinkles in your face over time, but you will also cause fluid under your skin to pool around your eyes.

This causes your skin to look wrinkled and puffy. AKA unattractive.

Enter my quick fix.

Run a washcloth under freezing cold water for 30 seconds. Then hold the cold compress over your eyes and face for a minute or so.

This will cause the swelling to go down. Repeat for a few minutes if you don’t see immediate results.

A Longer-Term Option

Another solution to excessive water retention is dandelion root.

I first discovered dandelion root several months ago when I was researching natural supplements to take for “drying out” for some photos. Just take a few doses throughout the day and you’ll begin shedding water.

Dandelion root acts as a natural, safe diuretic that pulls water away from the surface of your skin.

Not only will it reduce water retention in your face, it will also reduce it from the rest of your body.

Dandelion stimulates your kidneys to produce more urine and expel extra salt from your body. This will cause you to urinate more frequently as you get rid of the excess fluid. Stick to a regimen for a week or so and notice how much more attractive you become.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is a simple and cheap solution for shedding extra water weight. If you want a lean, attractive face, give it a try.

When your face and body is holding a ton of water, you look like shit. Fat. Puffy. Bloated.

When you get rid of that extra water, you appear much more attractive. Chiseled. Lean. Healthy.

Chiseled, angular faces are more attractive than puffy, round faces.

Lean, vascular arms are more attractive than soft, flabby arms.

Shed the extra water and you instantly start to look better.

Don’t believe me? Even Victor Pride uses dandelion root.

However, be sure to keep your body fat around or under 12% for the best results, and to keep the most fat off of your face.

You simply cannot look lean and chiseled if you are holding too much body fat. That’s just a cold, harsh reality.

Lose the extra fat, then lose the extra water.

You’ll be chiseled and sexy in no time.

Just one more thing before you go…

Check out Chris at GoodLookingLoser.com.

He has a fantastic daily routine for facial skin care, as well as a full guide for making yourself look younger.

I’ve used both and have really enjoyed the results.

Chris’s facial mask is awesome.

Until next time,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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