Happy New Year From Masculinity Rising!

Happy New Year!

This next one is going to be killer.

Just don’t be like the average person…

Each year we hear a bunch of “new year, new me” bullshit from people that have no discipline at all.

Average people set resolutions that they give up on within two weeks, utterly failing to change anything in their lives. Don’t be like that.

Winners determine their goals and a timeline for achieving them, then consistently work towards those goals every single day until their completion.

I’ve been working on a list of twelve major goals for the past several months, but before New Year’s I sat down and determined a set timeline for achieving my personal, business, and financial goals. A lot of people take a break around the holidays. Instead, I took the time to be productive towards my long-term success.

So, I hope you’ve already set your goals for the new year.

If not, you better get started. Tick tock.

Before We Dig In, Here’s A Primer On How To Set Goals

First of all, WRITE THEM DOWN!

For the love of God, write down your goals. The physical act of writing down you goals will help solidify them in your mind.

Secondly, don’t set ambiguous goals. That means you should set goals that you can measure. Find a metric you can use to gauge your progress toward your goal.

For example, if you want to lose weight this year, you wouldn’t write down, “I want to lose weight this year.”

Instead, you would write down something like, “I will lose 30 lbs in the next six months.”

Also, notice the switch from “I want” to “I will.”

The reason the second example is superior is because you can then set milestones to achieve along the way. You will feel accomplished at each milestone, but also able to track your progress towards your overall goal.

New Year's Resolutions

Determine your goals and a timeline for achieving them. Then find a metric you can use to track those goals, and factor out how much progress you must make each month until the deadline. You can do this in a simple table in Excel to make a visual road map for achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

If you need to lose 30 lbs in six months, that’s only 5 lbs a month. Divided by 4.34 weeks in a month, and that leaves you with 1.15 lbs you need to lose each week  (just round up to 1.5 lbs).

Grab a calendar, write down your current weight on today’s date, and then write down 1.5 lbs less each week on the calendar until you reach your weight goal. Then make sure you hit those numbers by each date.

Likewise, if you want to reach a 225 lb bench press by the end of this year and you’re currently at 135, you need to gain at least 7.5 lbs of strength on the bench press each month. (225 – 135 = 90 / 12 = 7.5)

Simple, easy, and to the point.

Being able to measure your progress towards a goal is essential.

Plaster Your Goals In Front of Your Face

Our brains can only process so much data at once. Tons of different problems and choices compete for our focus and mental energy throughout the day.

If your goals are not constantly at the forefront of your mind, chances are you will not achieve them.

At the beginning of each day, and every night before you go to bed, take the time to read through your list of goals.

Write down reminders and hang them up where you will see them repeatedly throughout the day.

I find that sticky notes work quite well. Hang them up in the bathroom or on the edge of your computer monitor.

Your method is irrelevant, what’s important is that you create presence for your goals. You want them to be present in your mind throughout the day. When they are, your subconscious mind goes to work helping you achieve them.

Coupled with visualization, creating presence is a powerful way to stay consistent and remain dedicated to your goals.

Which brings us to the absolute key to making accomplishments & keeping your New Year’s resolutions: consistency.

Consistency Over Everything

Across all areas of your life, consistency is key. Consistency, with good habits or bad habits, will change the path your life takes.

Take a moment and really let that sink in.

What you do repeatedly, on a consistent basis, becomes part of you. You are your habits.

If you don’t exercise, binge on pizza and Jack Daniel’s, and smoke a pack a day, your body will reflect that. So will your mind and your emotions. Your body, mind, and emotions will improve if you simply feed your body healthy food and practice healthy habits.

In the same respect, you will achieve your goals if you consistently follow habits that support them.

Consistent, daily dedication creates champions. If you want to be a champion, you must put in the work.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

How about with 30 Days of Discipline? If there ever was a program to do with your New Year’s resolutions, it would be Victor’s.

30 Days of Discipline will not only teach you habits that make you a more masculine and assertive man, it will leave you with the discipline you need to crush it in all other areas of your life.

I highly recommend it.

Now, go crush 2016. Need some motivation? Here it is.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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