I’m A Writer: This Is A Blog, But I’m Not A Blogger

I consider myself a writer.

And a damn good one at that.

I always have been.

I’ve been a writer ever since elementary school, but I’ve only recently begun to show that off to the world.

One thing for certain is this, I am not a blogger. My blog is my medium, but I am a writer.Blog Definition

So yes, this website fits the definition of a blog.

But it is voiced by a writer.


Just like Victor, the writer behind the first blog I ever read.

I also recommend Mike Cernovich and Chris Deoudes. They are also fantastic writers with great websites that will support you as well.

Art vs. Trash

The reason I say I’m not a blogger, is the same reason as Victor’s.

When I write an article, I take into account how all of the words, images, videos, and formatting come together to produce one finished product. I think about how the elements interact to tell a relatable story.

I never write an article in one sitting. I usually write the bulk of it at once, but then come back to edit and re-edit, over and over again.

Even after an article is published, I still go back to touch up bits and pieces that I don’t like, or to add additional links for reference.

I also don’t just publish something just to publish it. If it isn’t good, and it can’t help someone, I don’t publish it. I want to bring you content I feel will actually help you, not bombard you with bullshit like so many other sites.

I consider what I do an art.

That’s why I’m a writer.

When you say “blogger,” I picture a sad social justice warrior typing away about the “inequality” and “harassment” she experiences every single day, all while stuffing her face with Rocky Road ice cream and feverishly petting her six cats. That’s a blogger.

Most bloggers write absolute trash. They clearly don’t spend any time on design. And their words look like brain vomit on the screen.

No flow. No style. No voice.

To Be A Writer, You Must Have A Voice

I am a writer because I wrote mythical stories as a child.

I am a writer because I wrote poetry and fantasy during school and college.

I am a writer because I will be publishing my own e-books soon.

I am a writer because I care about how my words come together on the page to create a message that resonates with my audience.

But most of all, I am a writer because I have an undeniable voice that can help the world.

That’s why I’m a writer.

So if you’re just a blogger, you can take your site and shove it.

Have a nice day,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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