Is Mike Cernovich A Backstabber? Deploraball Drama With Baked Alaska (((UPDATED!)))

What the hell is going on?

Since my Twitter ban, I haven’t been as plugged-in to the drama circulating online.

Instead, I’ve been focusing more on my own content and strategy, but this new development between Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska (aka Tim Treadstone or Anthime Gionet), and Milo Yiannopoulos must be discussed.

This article makes me uncomfortable, since I like all three men… and all three have put in serious work to advance the fight for truth and liberty. There is a whirlwind of gossip and accusations flying around, and I have done my best to sort through the information I’ve seen in an objective manner.

Also, Mike Cernovich has finally posted a response on Danger & Play giving his side of the story. Regardless, I still have questions. (Scroll to the bottom of this article to read my additional comments).

With that said, on to my analysis and opinions about the Deploraball Drama.

As any long-time readers should know, I’ve always supported Mike Cernovich. His book, Gorilla Mindset, has helped me massively over the years.

However, I and many others felt betrayed when Mike began to distance himself from the Alt Right in August. It was at this moment when I began to question Mike’s true motives, and began to believe he was more concerned with his personal brand than aligning himself with a group that was receiving more and more of the left’s attacks and lies.

On August 25th, Hillary Clinton gave a speech where she acknowledged and demonized the Alt Right (watch from 19:37 to 20:34). This was a yuge mistake since it caused more people to research this new “racist extremist political faction,” and subsequently realize they also agreed with the Alt Right’s principles.

Still don’t know what the Alt Right is? Check out Vox Day’s overview, which is the best piece I have found discussing this topic.

In short, “The Alt Right is a Western ideology that believes in science, history, reality, and the right of a genetic nation to exist and govern itself in its own interests.”

Sounds pretty damn logical to me… but in today’s leftist-controlled society, logic is racist.

What’s interesting is that Mike published his article on August 31st, just six days after Hillary’s speech. I guess too many people started questioning “who he worked for.”

Mike further distanced himself from the movement after the incident at Richard Spencer’s conference where some supporters gave a Roman salute. Roosh V responded to this post as well, and I agree with Roosh. Regardless of whether Richard Spencer is “controlled opposition,” our side weakened itself when people decided not to stand with free speech.

So what caused all of this?

Baked Alaska began to ask the Jewish Question (JQ).

This led to Baked Alaska being banned from the Deploraball, and Milo being a “headliner” along with Mike. Here’s a link to Tim’s Periscope addressing the ban, if it’s still available.

When Mike saw Tim’s tweets about Jews, he apparently sent him these messages.

Near the end of the Periscope Baked Alaska states, “It’s healthy to question things and if people tell you ‘oh, you’re not allowed to question this subject,’ that’s probably a good fucking subject to question, because there’s someone who has an agenda who doesn’t want you to question it.”

After the ultimatum was given, Baked Alaska took to the MAGA3X account and posted the following tweets, which were later deleted.

Later, Mike followed up with this tweet, cutting out Tim and confirming that Milo would be at the Deploraball instead.

Twitter is also gossiping about what was going on behind the scenes during the election, and Tim addresses some of these questions during his Periscope.

He says he was paid $5,000 under the table from either Mike or Chuck Johnson, for “doing Trump stuff,” whatever that means.

Baked also claims he received a text from Milo about an apparently non-existant NDA.

So what does this mean?

It’s too soon to tell but I have plenty of good questions about the matter.

Why is Mike suddenly so quiet?

He is notorious for a constant presence on Twitter, yet he has been quiet for over nine hours from what I can see at the moment. Where are his timely posts and responses?

Why isn’t Mike addressing this new beef?

Again, Mike is pretty quiet right now, and his Periscopes initially addressing Baked Alaska have been taken down. Why? Did they contain evidence of slander?

Why is Baked Alaska banned from the Deploraball?

Mike just put out a documentary on free speech, and has a track-record of breaking media hoaxes. Why is Baked Alaska banned for questioning Jews? Is Mike more concerned with what the hoaxing media will think? Why does he “give a fuck” all of a sudden, when he built his online presence by being “edgy” and refusing to fall into the media’s frame?

What is Mike’s end-game?

Why turn on someone who was apparently a friend? Does he feel his brand is threatened by going too far with unacceptable topics? Does Mike believe questioning Jewish authority will destroy his chances of becoming a key player within the White House in the coming years?

Who knows? I certainly don’t at this point.

All we can do is wait and see what happens over the next couple of days. Watch for the fallout, and make your own conclusions. Personally, I found a bit of irony throughout all of this.

Going back to Mike’s article about the Alt Right, I find the following excerpt to be funny.

2. I don’t join movements, as that leads to gossip and drama. Far too many in alt-right are obsessed with who is ‘real’ and who can be a ‘member.’ — Mike Cernovich

First, Mike loves drama. He built his media empire on drama. Drama brings in the page views.

Second, this drama over the Deploraball may be what shows us who is truly “real,” and who was just trolling for their ego and book sales.

Roosh V just discussed the topic in his own Periscope, and again, I agree with him.

The Alt Right is still developing. The Alt Right is a mob. And it will be hard for established brands to align themselves with an unpredictable force.

Mike’s Response

If you haven’t done so, read Cernovich’s response to this issue, then continue reading my article.

Mike explains that Baked Alaska is a former employee of MAGA3X and that “no groups are off limits from criticism — this includes whites, blacks, Asians, gays, Jews, men, and everyone else. No subjects are off limits. Goofing around, even in an edgy or controversial way, isn’t the same as goose stepping.”

Why not?

Sounds like a particular subject is still off-limits. Sounds like someone is worrying about “optics.”

I understand Mike would be pissed over someone lying about starting an organization he founded, and I understand the choice to fire an employee, even if it was in a “dickish” way.

Mike says he doesn’t care about bad press, but the National Press Club does, which is the venue agreeing to hold the Deploraball at a cost of $90,000.

All of this drama started when Baked Alaska began discussing topics that could cause media backlash after Mike apparently told everyone they needed to “chill” until the event was over at 12AM on January 20th.

Wait… seriously?

So now everyone involved with this event needs to self-censor themselves for a month because Mike (and I’m assuming others) put up their money? I thought Mike had deep pockets and money was of no issue to him. Why is it such an issue now?

Mike has made some incredibly offensive statements on Twitter, as have all of us involved in this movement. Any one of those past statements could cause a venue to back out of an agreement at any moment, with just a little searching.

I’m not intending this to seem like I’m targeting Mike, but this behavior doesn’t mesh with his behavior in the past. All it does is raise more questions.

Why is the Deploraball so different?

Why has Mike been changing his tune over the past several months? Is it simply for the survival of his personal brand? If so, can he be a true player in the fight for the truth if his ultimate agenda is self-preservation when faced with obstacles that can affect his bottom-line?

To add fuel to the fire, I remember these tweets that Jared Wyand has highlighted on his Gab account.

Back to what I said above, Mike has been distancing himself from a controversial group for a while now. He previously claimed to have abandoned libertarianism for the Alt Right, yet later denies his involvement. Paul Joseph Watson has done the same. So what is it? Lying or trolling?

Perhaps this really is about brand preservation.

As Roosh said, there will come a time where those with established brands will have to make a decision: either distance themselves from a growing, unpredictable movement and turn their backs on the very people who helped them grow… or suffer the losses in business that may come from being involved in controversial matters.

I am not satisfied with any of the information we have so far, from either side of the story. If Mike is being genuine and only trying to prevent the Deploraball from being cancelled, I expect him to go full Guerilla Gorilla on January 20th and attack even the most unacceptable topics… even if that means exposing uncomfortable truths about Jews.

And Mike, if you’re reading this, know that I hope you are genuine. I hope you are making a business decision while caught in a hard place. But if you’re not, well played, sir. Well played.

That’s it goys.

Please, just remember to think for yourself,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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