Losing Friends & Being Yourself

One of the harder parts of life is losing friends.

However, it’s an essential experience that we all need to have, and quite a few of us would benefit from “cleaning house” every once in a while.

Cut out the losers from your life. They hold you back, or worse, drag you down to their level.

When you lose a friend, don’t look at it in terms of what you lose. Rather, look at what you gain. You are freeing up your time for an even better relationship that will come along.

People come and people go.

Get used to it. Quick.

Since most people are average, most people hold average opinions. They follow the crowd. Unfortunately, the current crowd is a bunch of social justice warriors, third wave feminists, and liberal lunatics.

If you’re not average, chances are you don’t hold average opinions.

When you’re different than a majority of people, if you don’t censor yourself or conceal your deeper beliefs, most people will have a problem with you.

They won’t like you. They’ll go out of their way to attack you. They’ll try to get you fired from your job. Simply for being a sheepdog in a flock of sheep.

If you don’t play your cards close to your chest, you’ll offend people. If you truly want to be yourself, it’s unavoidable that you will push some people away.

People who aren’t “themselves” around other people can never truly be happy. They live in fear of being ostracized for their beliefs or opinions.

How can you be happy when you’re hiding the “real you” from everyone, hiding behind a facade?

Personally, I refuse to do that. I refuse to censor myself.

I understand the opportunities that may cost me, but when approaching the situation from an abundance mindset, I also understand the deeper connections and alternate opportunities that truly being myself can and will afford me.

Always be yourself. And always be true to yourself.

Donald Trump

All this talk about losing friends comes after a slightly heated political debate with a friend I no longer talk to. I no longer talk to him because he (not so kindly) asked me to leave his place around a month ago.

The “explosion” in this little debate came after he assumed I was a Trump supporter at the time… I am now, but was not at the time.

Yes, I support Trump, regardless of any flaws.

I am tired of incompetent and corrupt politicians that support their lobbyists instead of their constituency. I have no confidence in anyone from the establishment being able to accomplish anything after taking office.

I believe his executive and negotiating skills are exactly what this country needs. He is extremely focused on America’s well-being, strength, and respect. I can stand behind that.

And that’s not to mention the fact that EVERYONE in the establishment AND the media are against him… Now why would that be?

Could it be because they realize that Trump is shining a spotlight on the corruption and incompetency across the board within our government?

Anyone that the establishment is against, you should probably stand behind. That person is doing something right.

I realize that my political opinions and support of Trump will alienate some of my readers. Like I said above, I’ve even lost a friend over them.

I accept that because it will bring me closer to the guys that stick around.

Crippled America by Donald Trump

Before you can make a complete judgement about Trump, you first need to read his book, Crippled America. He explains his policies and plans while in office, and backs them up with details about his accomplishments in life. Trump truly is an extraordinary man.

When I was debating with my friend, I was simply discussing some of Trump’s early policy announcements (this was before the Muslim ban) and whether I thought they could work.

My friend was immediately furious that I supported Trump (even though I wasn’t a supporter at the time).

It seems like people are incapable of seeing anything other than their blinding hatred of Trump, regardless of what that hatred stems from. It could be his lack of political correctness, it could be the wall, it could be the Muslim ban, it could be his hair, who the fuck knows?

The point is that people latch onto their hatred of Trump and try to throw out every illogical reason under the sun to discredit his ideas or shit on his accomplishments.

Guess what Trump haters.

He’s a billionaire. You’re not. He knows how to negotiate business deals and how to perform as an executive. Other countries don’t care about our political correctness.

The only countries getting mad are primarily white countries, because a bunch of social justice warriors are getting their panties in a bunch. A bunch of out-of-touch, PC pussies whine and complain about “tolerance” and how we must let in “refugees” from the war in Syria…

Yet they refuse to admit the fact that many of these refugees would rape and kill people for holding different views.

This is literally welcoming the axe murderer with open arms. All in the name of “tolerance,” “acceptance,” “diversity,” and “multiculturalism.”

Personal Responsibility

In my argument with my friend, the topic of Trump wasn’t what ended our friendship. The topic of personal responsibility was.

Our conversation went down to the root of our political beliefs.

I believe in personal responsibility and the non-aggression principle. My friend does not.

He supports social programs.

I do not. I believe in charities.

He supports the government forcibly taking your money to pay for programs you don’t believe in, and to murder people abroad when you are against it.

I do not. I don’t support an income tax.

If the government were to do away with ALL social programs, can you honestly tell me that there wouldn’t be charities to support those who need it?

If you don’t, you’re retarded and secretly do not believe in the good nature of human beings. You believe people will only help others if the government backs it up with a gun.

Charities WOULD take over. You can count on it. And they would be more efficient and capable at serving people than the government ever could be.

Programs that disregard personal responsibility violate my beliefs.

The reason I don’t support social programs, is because it is money taken from individuals without their permission. This violates the non-aggression principle.

Why should any person be forced to support the welfare of a complete stranger? Resources are forcibly taken from one person and given to another. That is not just.

Why should everyone be forced to allow the government to mismanage Social Security, when the program will be bankrupt long before anyone paying into it right now would be eligible to receive benefits?

The way I see it, if you live your whole life and don’t save for retirement, good luck buddy. That’s your own damn fault.

But what if people have unpayable medical bills?! Etc., etc.

Again, there would be plenty of charities around that would fill just that need, funded by the excess money remaining in the taxpayers’ pockets.

To me, it all comes down to personal responsibility.

America was founded on freedom. There is nothing “free” about it when someone can force you into an obligation. That’s exactly what the government does.

Why You Should Be Yourself

It may feel bad to argue with a friend over differences.

It feels worse to lose a friend, but the worst feeling of all is to betray yourself or your beliefs.

Sometimes you may silence your tongue, simply because you don’t wish to argue with someone at a given time. But with your true friends, you shouldn’t be silencing your tongue a majority of the time.

You should polarize your inner circle.

Polarizing is the act of intentionally bringing attention to a quality or belief you have, that will most likely either push someone away from you, or cause them to feel a deeper connection with you.

For instance, guns is a polarizing topic.

(So is abortion, gay marriage, transsexualism… hmmm… isn’t it odd that all of the polarizing topics are the same ones that SJWs try to silence differing opinions about?)

Concealed Carry

Trigger discipline is a must when you carry appendix. Use a holster, and try not to shoot your balls off…

Saying that I own and know how to use a gun, will offend, scare, or turn away a good portion of the population. And that’s fine. I don’t like to be associated with pussies… Unless they’re laying in my bed.

Carrying a gun will push people away, but by letting the people I intend to bring into my inner circle know that I carry one, I get to see if that person is worthy of joining my inner circle.

If they have an issue with guns, good. See ya.

If they don’t have an issue, then our relationship grows stronger because I don’t have to worry about avoiding certain topics to stay out of time-wasting arguments.

So polarize, polarize, polarize!

It will push away all the people you don’t want in your life, and draw closer the people you do.

You’ll never find true friendships by watching your words and playing it safe. So go be BOLD.

Then see who sticks around,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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