The Mechanical Watch Mindset: Don’t Be Outrageous

People never cease to amaze me these days.

We are plagued with a bunch of low-IQ lemmings who think they are special little snowflakes who use the Internet and social media to brag about their entitlements.

My latest, “Dear, God… how dumb are these people?” moment came from the Amazon comments section.

I was shopping for a cheap mechanical watch on Amazon a few weeks ago.

This is the watch I selected after reading through reviews of other watches carried by this brand.

I honestly can’t believe the stupidity of some online reviews.

Most reviews should be considered a 1/2 point to a full point higher than they appear online. Why is that? Because people are stupid.

I read review after review complaining about how a mechanical watch functions, and also that it’s not waterproof… when it’s clearly advertised and marketed as an automatic mechanical watch that is not water resistant.

Don’t believe me? Here.

Mechanical Watch: Amazon Page

Exhibit A: MECHANICAL watch that is NOT water resistant.

When making this purchase, I was of the mindset of “I know what I’m getting into.”

Most people lack common sense. When a product says it’s not water resistant, not waterproof, you should probably assume it’s something that shouldn’t get wet at all… not assume it’s something you just can’t take deep-sea diving…

This is a cheap watch. The lack of “features” is a direct correlation to the price.

Water resistance is one of the features it lacks. A time or two when washing my hands, I’ve allowed the watch to get a little wet, which ended up fogging up the inside of the glass.

And guess what? IT DRIES OUT.

It’s not a listed feature, yet people bitch and complain in a review talking about exactly what they should expect from such a product.

Ok, fine… what if we cut these idiots some slack?

Nope, because they are still complaining about the mechanical aspect as well…

The way a mechanical watch functions is by a tiny spring which stays wound through the motions of your wrist (if it’s automatic as in this case), and by manually winding the wheel on the watch.

As long as you wear the watch regularly, or wind the wheel a few times a day, the watch will keep working. The winding of the internal spring is what powers the rest of the gears.

Don’t buy a product and then bitch about the method in which that product works when Google is at your fingertips. There is no reason to be misinformed.

When I wake up and before I go to bed, I will give the wheel a few turns. Every now and then when I check the watch, I’ll also turn the wheel. That way I never have to worry about it losing time.

My No-Bullshit Review

Mechanical Watch

I love the aesthetics of a mechanical watch. At first I thought the Roman numeral IIII was incorrect; however, I learned that IIII is used instead of IV to bring aesthetic balance to the watch face. This watch pairs well with a Tiger’s Eye beaded bracelet.

I’ve worn this watch since October 4th, and so far I’ve had ZERO issues with it. The watch functions as described and maintains accurate time as long as you maintain use of it properly.

That’s how things work.

You use them correctly, they work properly.

You use them incorrectly, then shit tends to piss you off.

You should have a mechanical watch mentality, not the average person’s mentality.

That means doing what is necessary to maintain your life. YOU are the driver of your legacy. Only through YOUR action will the Universe perform for you the way it should.

When you buy into things expecting them to be what they are not, you get burned.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking things are better than what they seem, and when things push your head under water, do what’s required to dry off and keep ticking.

Realize it is action that leads to results, enjoyment, rest, and memories.

If you sit idly by, your time will stop ticking.

You will fade away into irrelevance.

Wind “the watch” that is your life,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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