Vice Is A Joke: Men Are Annoying By Existing

I sometimes scroll through the channels on Snapchat and click on the promoted content just to see what’s being pushed out to the masses.

My username is @NickHagood by the way.

These channels are nothing more than liberal propaganda outlets for brainwashing the viewpoints of the general population.

From attacking Trump, to placing the criminal Hillary on a golden pedestal, to calling for the disarmament of the American people, to fear-mongering… I’ve seen it all.

The latest big laugh I received was from Vice, which is an absolute joke of a “publication.” Victor Pride has already proven they’re losers.

Apparently, if you are a male in the workforce, Vice has some news for you! You’re an annoying asshole!

Liberal Feminists Are Promoters of Hate & Intolerance

Candace Bryan of Vice thinks men are evil and promotes hatred towards them with her recent article, “Women Share the Most Annoying Things Male Co-Workers Do.”

She also suffers from and promotes a victim mindset, as you can see here.


She believes that women are victimized in the workplace by: “being held to higher ethical standards, making less than their male peers, and facing sexual harassment.”

Candace Bryan is deluded and spreads delusions to her audience.

Women most certainly are not held to higher ethical standards. When men “fuck up,” they are thrown under the prison and have everything taken from them.

When women perform the same acts, they receive a slap on the wrist. Just take a look at the female school teachers who have had sex with their students and then gotten caught.

Most of them get off without any repercussions.

If a man did the same, his life would be ruined.

Women do not make less money than men. The wage gap is a myth.

She also acts like men do not also face sexual harassment. The workplace is not some brothel where every man is groping the women.

What these people consider “sexual harassment” at this point is simply saying “hello” to someone in a friendly way. Men are not even allowed to speak to women in the workplace for fear of sexual harassment charges. But then when they don’t speak they are labeled as “judgemental” and “non-inclusive,” and still sent to HR for possible punishment or termination.

Plenty of men feel uncomfortable when some fat feminist cow hits on him at his tiny, depressing office cubicle. And they can’t even express a possible disinterest without being falsely accused of some bullshit office drama and losing their jobs.

Candace Bryan should read a book like Gorilla Mindset if she wants to get rid of her victim mindset and embrace a positive lifestyle.

The Most Annoying Things Male Co-Workers Do

Men aren’t allowed to remotely be themselves in an office environment for the fear of pissing off the wrong feminist harpy a few cubicles down.

Here’s what Candace Bryan and Vice have to say about men in the workplace.

Keep in mind, my comments generally won’t describe conservative or traditional women. These women are superior to liberal women in all ways.


Men are not allowed to sit comfortably in their own space. How dare they refuse to sit how women want them to sit!

What these positions generally convey are positions of power. These feminists are offended by masculinity and power, so they demonize anything associated with it.

That’s how John goes from relaxing in a weekly staff meeting one day, to being reprimanded by HR and placed on probation the next. Someone is always a victim. Someone has to always feel threatened.

Strength. Confidence. Power. Those qualities are demonized in the typical workplace today.

The reason for that is strong, confident, powerful individuals generally do not fit well as cogs in an engineered machine.

Those people ask questions and vie for more control over their own destiny.

That threatens the State and the liberal agenda, so again, that’s why those qualities are demonized in our society. It’s all through social engineering.


Men are not allowed to speak up in the workplace.

What Jane is really saying is that men don’t allow others to bogart the mic and prattle on for hours about non-sense. Men generally keep meetings short, to the point, and focus on the facts and to-dos. Feminist liberals want to use the office space as a soap box for their social justice causes and sexual harassment witch hunts.

They are allowed to push their ideologies on everyone, but no one is allowed to reject them or refute them for fear of losing their job.

Women have made the workplace a hostile environment for men, especially masculine men.

Even conservative and traditional women are affected by this.


#1 – Don’t work in an open office.

#2 – Don’t work for a company where you don’t fit the culture.

Oh, I forgot. They’re liberal feminists. They want to change the culture of anywhere they infiltrate to fit their own desires.

They taint and destroy everything they touch.

Just any old company isn’t going to let you skateboard or hoverboard through their office. Michelle is bitching about a younger, more free culture of a company that is most likely a tech startup or similar venture. If she doesn’t like that kind of culture, she shouldn’t work in that kind of office.

Natasha is having a panic attack over men putting their feet on furniture, yet men aren’t having panic attacks over women walking barefoot in the office because their heels are hurting, stomping in heels and boots everywhere they go, fumigating the office with horrendous choices in perfume, or cackling like a bunch of hyenas from the moment they get to work to the moment they leave.


Celeste is fine with racism and sexism, but can’t handle her supervisor’s love for techno.

Keep in mind, these people believe it’s not possible to be racist towards whites or sexist towards men. They are out of their minds.


God forbid someone speak to Bekah.

And Rachel is facing a classic example of systematic oppression by big mean whitey! Her indecision over her nail color has led to a very stressful law career and she doesn’t know where to turn anymore for advice on how she can just fit in.

She knows she can only succeed if she takes the plunge and dresses like a whore.

Our society is very hard for girls like Rachel. She should also read Gorilla Mindset.


Pro tip for Sofia. Don’t read emails emotionally. Read them and get things done.

Everyone knows that text medium is notorious for conveying mixed emotions. Most people project onto the message what they want to be hearing. And most people today want to feel victimized.

Tanya doesn’t understand male humor. She’s not satisfied with at least being able to have men let down their guard enough to be casual around her. She wants men to have the same sense of humor as women, which is generally employing nothing short of a psychological warfare campaign of planting subliminal thoughts until they explode into some self-destroying revelation.

Men are blunt, direct, and “undercut” one another. Tanya isn’t able to get men to joke around the way she wants them to joke around, and that troubles her.


Why is Laura talking like she hasn’t personally experienced what she’s saying?

You chose to work in an office space. It’s your fault, especially if it’s an open office space. You know other people have their own habits and that there will be noise.

Either don’t work at one of these companies or wear headphones. It’s that simple.

If you can’t wear headphones, why not be assertive with whoever is annoying you and ask them to stop? Stop being passive aggressive and maybe you will see some results.

As for Honey’s statement… Women. Yell. No. Matter. What. They. Are. Doing.

And with a name like Honey, we all know you’re a loud black lady.


And finally, Diane.

Diane, you’re a 55 year old feminist that’s wasted 35 years of her life slaving away as an operations manager.

Feminists can never be satisfied can they?

If men notice that women are women, they’re sexist. If men become feminists (a.k.a. worthless men), and then don’t associate with women as if they’re women, now all of a sudden they’re sexist assholes again.

Remember, when dealing with liberals and feminists, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

So be yourself.

Don’t let these ridiculous narratives sway you from who you are and what you believe.

In your heart you know the truth.

These are people with a victim mindset. The lowest of the low. Scum.

They are projecting their emotions onto us. They call us scum because they are unsatisfied with the lies feminism and our media have sold them. They call us scum because they hate themselves for being unhappy and wasting their lives for false promises.

And despite all this, they believe that through overt lies and manipulation, they can cause good men to remain silent.

Don’t let them. Speak up. Speak your mind.

Just make sure you have a backup plan. Speaking your mind in the liberal prisons called office jobs… that can get you fired. And that too, is by design.

Go raise some hell,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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