My 26th Birthday: 30 Days of Discipline & Gorilla Mindset

Although it’s a rather arbitrary date, I’ve realized that I have come a long way in the past year. So, today, I’m going to kick things off a little more.

Over the past year, I have studied fantastic writers that focus on men’s issues and personal development such as Victor Pride, Mike Cernovich, and Chris Deoudes.

I’ve followed the advice of phenomenal athletes and CEOs, like Marc Lobliner, Elliott Hulse, and Chris Jones.

And each day, I’ve chipped away a little more towards achieving my goals.

However, I have yet to successfully complete 30 Days of Discipline with a perfect score, and I haven’t fully focused on implementing the mindset changes that are essential to your success as shown in Gorilla Mindset.

I feel as though today would be a good day to fix that. Starting today, I’m restarting 30 Days of Discipline and checking back in with myself using Gorilla Mindset.

I’ll be journaling my progress and insights as I go along, and will share my updates along the way. I’ve wanted to do an in-depth review of both 30 Days of Discipline & Gorilla Mindset, and I can’t possibly do that without actively chronicling my experiences, now can I?

Stay tuned, and you’ll have my full write-up in mid-November after I have completed this mental and physical regimen.

In the meantime, why don’t you go pick them up as well?

These books are invaluable. They explain exactly how to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle and mindset that will place you above the pack.

The Grind Doesn’t Stop

It may be my birthday, but shit still needs to get done. Men shouldn’t just sit around being idle. I’d rather accomplish my goals and make some money on my birthday that sit around and lounge all day.

So what’s one of my primary goals?

Gaining more mass.

That means waking up early to ensure I meet that goal for the day.

Birthday Grind

If you find that you have a hectic schedule, wake up earlier and knock out your top priority goals first. That way, distractions and unexpected events will not keep you from accomplishing those goals later in the day.

I was up at 4 AM to get dressed, walk the dog, and head to the gym to train chest and arms with my business partner. During the day, I’ll be making sure I meet my calorie goals. And tonight, I won’t be getting shitfaced like so many people do on their birthdays.

If you want your body to run at its peak capacity, you cannot be drinking several times per week. Your recovery time, metabolism, strength, and stamina will all be negatively affected for up to 48 to 72 hours, even from just a few drinks.

My body needs to run smoothly, and alcohol prevents that. I feel congested the next day after drinking.

I can’t stand that feeling, so I don’t do it.

Look At Where You’ve Been, To See Where You Have Come

In the past year, I feel my biggest improvements have come in the forms of developing confidence and an open but dominant body language.

One year ago, the hardest habit to practice in 30 Days of Discipline was eye contact.

I was naturally shy and reserved growing up. Most of which came in the form of not wanting to talk to people (a.k.a. idiots). As such, I developed a habit of not making eye contact. I didn’t want to accidentally invite some long, boring, pointless conversation from a stranger.

Over time, it became a passive aggressive way of letting someone know I didn’t want to talk to them.

Victor’s book helped address that.

By consciously forcing myself to establish and maintain eye contact, I have naturally gained more confidence. People listen to you more, they trust you, and they respect you.

When you are afraid to make direct eye contact, you are putting off signals that you are insecure, weak, and submissive.

Make direct eye contact to come across as confident, attentive, and more dominant. Just don’t be creepy and stare… actually behave like a real person.

My body language has also drastically improved.

Most people sit hunched over a computer all day. This causes neck and back pain while making it harder for you to breathe. Alpha body language does the opposite.

I do not slouch over a computer screen.

Instead, I have arranged my office setup to alleviate stress on my neck and low back. This allows me to retract my shoulders and open up my chest.

Work on this to come across as open and receiving, not closed off and antisocial.

Office Setup

Stacking my monitors prevents me from hunching over my laptop and placing strain on my neck and back. Keeping an uncluttered desk helps me focus on the work that’s in front of me. And having a gallon jug within reach prevents me from having to get up to refill my water bottle… and keeps my brain functioning smoothly. Clean up your work area to improve your productivity.

Being a shorter guy at 5’7″, I’ve always walked “fast” according to other people, but I now have a more commanding stride and always seem like I’m on a mission.

I take pride in my appearance and project a clean, collected image.

I almost never cross my arms or hold a drink near my chest when speaking to someone. Once again, this is closed off and guarded body language.

I take up more space… literally, from bodybuilding, ha!

I no longer minimize my “footprint” to avoid inconveniencing others. I take up a comfortable amount of space to me, and don’t shuffle out of the way just because someone is near me.

I walk tall and carry my head high. With my physique and short hair, most people believe I’m either military or ex-military. Which is always nice to hear, because I associate the “military look” with a rugged discipline.

Let’s make the interior match the exterior. Time to kick these two books off again!

How to Build You, Inc. — It Starts With 30 Days of Discipline & Gorilla Mindset

The beginning of this podcast explains exactly how I felt when I discovered Victor and Mike. Their words resonate with me and my personality.

I take pride in learning from some of the best, to finally produce my own contribution to the world.

Get to work… on yourself!

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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