I Actually Broke A Nalgene… (And This Is Why I Recommend Them)

When it comes to quality water bottles, I always go with Nalgene.

It’s an American Made company that stands behind its promise to deliver top of the line products.

I’ve used Nalgene ever since college, when an Eagle Scout recommended the brand to me. I gave Nalgene a try and have been a costumer ever since.

You see, the Boy Scouts will have unofficial competitions across entire summers trying to crack open a Nalgene, the quality is that good.

These kids will spend the summer hitting the same bottle with a sledge hammer and running it over with trucks, but they still hold up.

Nalgene bottles are guaranteed not to break, and when they do, Nalgene will send you out a brand new one, free of charge.

Yet with any product, there will naturally be a defect here or there.

I managed to find one.

I’ve used the same water bottle for the gym and hiking for around six years.

And since it’s a Nalgene, I don’t baby it.

I usually toss it on the ground between sets, and the other week I tossed it like I had a thousand times before.

And it shattered!

I immediately started laughing because I had achieved the impossible.

These bad boys don’t break.

But this one did.

I took to social media and posted a picture of the incident, to which Nalgene promptly responded.

Any broken bottles are covered under their warranty, so Nalgene shipped me a new one for free.

This is the kind of quality service you can expect from an American Made company.

And this is exactly why I support them.

It’s quality I can trust with a reputation that backs it up!

If you’ve never tried Nalgene, I highly recommend them.

They’re also BPA free, which means less chances of toxic chemicals leeching into your water. If you want to avoid plastics, then I recommend something like the Yeti stainless steel bottle.

What’s your favorite bottle for the gym and the wilderness?┬áMine is Nalgene.

Until next time,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising