Never Degrade Your Integrity For Quick Cash!

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about options for making money on the side.

He pitched back, “You could always do porn.”

I laughed and explained that I’ve actually been propositioned to do porn through social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Once you get to a certain physique, people apparently want to see you naked. And more than that, they want to see you have sex.

No shit, Sherlock.

It’s just funny and flattering when you have someone contact you asking to consider their porn agency or wanting you to send them a dick pic.

You may think it’s a cool idea, but please, don’t.

Marc Lobliner has covered this topic better than anyone could have.

Basically, you need to take into consideration how your actions now, in the present, will reflect upon you and impact you in the future.


Something as simple as a grapefruit could be the destroyer of dreams…

Kai Greene was struggling for money when he was younger, so he looked for extra ways to make some cash.

Kai Greene starred in a porno where he fucked a grapefruit.

Insane, I know.

Don’t do something stupid for some quick cash.

Don’t be like Kai Greene.

I love Kai. He is a champion. He is a legend.

But, due to a decision in Kai’s past, it’s likely that he may never achieve his goal of obtaining Mr. Olympia, all over politics.

But that’s what happens when you fuck a grapefruit on camera for cash.

Notice I didn’t say, “that’s what happens when you fuck a grapefruit.”

If you want to fuck a grapefruit, by all means, satisfy yourself. Just do it in private and where there aren’t any cameras that will plaster your face and your juicy dick all over the web so your grandma and your boss will see them.

Cool? Cool.

Speaking of juice…

Protect Your Integrity & Establish Your Brand

Create and display what you stand for and who you are.

Stand behind the truth, the people, and products that will support yourself and others.

And correct your mistakes when you are wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. What sets apart leaders is that they make mistakes RIGHT.

When you are pursuing your mission and accomplishing your goals, set the standards to which you will hold yourself accountable. And then commit to them.

I’ve been solicited for porn and modeling for college art. Neither of which I’ve done.

I haven’t received any Gay 4 Pay offers yet… But I have received one dick pic and a small squadron of anime porn commandos.

Be aware of your image, and accept the consequences of what you display. I am fully aware of my non-PC nature, and the issues that causes in today’s society.

Likewise, take responsibility for whatever you are putting off into the world. The world is a mirror.

What are you reflecting?

Make sure this image is in line with your true values, and that it’s something you can live with.

Once you compromise on your values, people lose respect and trust for you and your brand – two qualities that are not easily re-earned.

If you have a blog, you’re not just posting your thoughts on the Internet. You’re developing and maintaining relationships with your readers.

Don’t betray that relationship by betraying your own integrity.

Doing something shortsighted may gain you a little bit of money in the immediate future, but it may also destroy your chances of achieving a lifelong dream in the long-run.

Never degrade your integrity, or your brand, for some quick cash.

Shortsighted blunders can come back to haunt you.

Just like Kai’s grapefruit.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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