Quick & Dirty Review of OSTA-RED from Red Supplements

OSTA-RED from Red Supplements works and it gets my stamp of approval.

Here is my quick and dirty review. No frills. No extras. Just the facts that you need to know.

I tested out a 25 mg a day cycle for 45 days, which is one bottle’s worth or 90 capsules. That breaks down to a 6.5 week cycle.

A cycle of ostarine is recommended to stay between 6 and 8 weeks in order to avoid suppressing your testosterone levels. Slightly longer cycles tend to be slightly more suppressive, and these cycles should definitely be followed up with a post-cycle therapy product, like RED-PCT.

So far, I have been off of OSTA-RED for one week and haven’t experienced any negative side effects. My energy levels are stable. My sex drive is high. And my training intensity is the same.

Regardless, I will still be testing out RED-PCT soon. Stay tuned for that review as well.

OSTA-Red from Red Supplements

I definitely approve of OSTA-RED. I was able to gain lean mass while increasing my max bench by nearly 30 pounds.

The Numbers

So, what were my overall numbers?

We’ll get to that in just a second, but first, a little disclaimer.

The final two weeks of my OSTA-RED cycle, I cut back my training due to a shoulder injury. I popped my right shoulder and was having terrible impingement that gave me sharp pains anytime I attempted to press, pull, or raise my arm above shoulder level. At the same time, my low back was acting up from taking cross country flights between Seattle and Virginia, as well as off-roading on quads.

I have pushed myself through an injury before, even when my body was telling me to stop, and all this usually did was cause my recovery to take longer than normal to recover.

By switching gears and allowing myself to rest, even while continuing my cycle of OSTA-RED, I was able to get back into the action without any issues after about 8 or 9 days.

One effect of ostarine is joint recovery, and I think it’s safe to say it works in that regard as well. In the past, it has taken me several weeks to get rid of pain after experiencing shoulder impingement. OSTA-RED seemed to expedite my recovery.

While I was recovering, I also dropped my calories a bit. If you’re not training, you shouldn’t be eating like you are training. Since I knew I’d rather recover than push through with my original goals of adding more mass, I took this time to switch gears and focus on retaining lean muscle.

With that said, here are my numbers:

Day 0 – The day before OSTA-RED supplementation: 147.2 lbs @ 9.8% body fat

Day 31 – The day before my injury: 150.4 lbs @ 10.4% body fat

Day 34 – My heaviest day which caused me to switch gears from fat gain due to lack of training: 154.2 lbs @11.5% body fat

Day 47 – The day after my final dose of OSTA-RED: 151.2 lbs @ 10.7% body fat


  • Day 0  – 147.2 @ 9.8%
  • Day 31 – 150.4 @ 10.4%
  • Day 34 – 154.2 @ 11.5%
  • Day 47 – 151.2 @ 10.7%

If you are attempting to gain lean mass naturally, you should be aiming for right around 2 lbs of weight gain per month. Much more than that and you are almost certainly gaining excess fat.

As you can see, I keep my fat gain at a minimum while making a 3.2 lb increase in the first 31 days. That’s definitely a quicker time frame than normal for lean mass gains in my experience.

During this time, I also made a 25-30 lb increase in my max flat bench.

Another 13 days later and I still add on 0.8 lbs of mass without gaining much fat, even with less calories and reduced training.

Had I not injured myself, I believe that increase would have easily been another 1.5 to 2 lbs of lean gains. You will not grow if you are not training at the same intensity, but even during that time I was able to retain muscle while still losing fat.

Keep in mind the fat percentages are estimates that can fluctuate based on how the scale reads your body, how hydrated you are, and when your last meal was. I tried to take most measurements around the same state: normal hydration, empty stomach.

The most significant thing to me was the increase in bench press. I generally do not train max bench because I lift without a spotter and because I lift for size, not strength.

Several months ago I maxed at 175. While on OSTA-RED, I maxed at 200 and could have hit 205 had we not trained high volume beforehand. This was a big jump to me, especially since chest is a weak point of mine. My back is strong. My chest is weaker.

What’s The Catch?

Everyone wants to know about the side effects, but for me, there have been none. Even when I researched ostarine online, I wasn’t able to find any real side effects from reputable sources. Most were anonymous YouTube haters that clearly do not understand what they are talking about.

As I said before, OSTA-RED can be slightly suppressive at higher doses for extended periods of time… think 37.5 mg a day for 8 or more weeks.

If this is the protocol you are following, then I highly recommend a solid post-cycle therapy product such as RED-PCT. I have not yet tested RED-PCT, but I trust the products from Red Supplements. Victor and Chris make products that work.

Some people have complained about headaches while on ostarine, but I believe that they are most likely under-hydrated while taking a new supplement. Increase your water intake if you experience any headaches and you should be fine.

Other than that, the only effects I’ve seen from OSTA-RED were positive: lean gains, increase in strength, increase in workload, and quicker recovery.

With that said, I believe you can expect to make quick lean gains while taking OSTA-RED, eating a lot of food, and training with intensity.

I may do one more cycle of OSTA-RED in the future, if Red Supplements still has it around.

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I give OSTA-RED a big thumbs up.

Check out my review videos before you go. They chronicle my physique updates and thoughts during the cycle.

(EDIT: These videos have since been banned on YouTube.)

Hope you have the same success,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising