Paris Attacks: The “Refugee” Crisis, Sharia Law, & White Genocide

Writing about this topic is uncomfortable for me, even though it shouldn’t be.

You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable voicing unpopular opinions. But in today’s PC climate established throughout society and institutions by the SJWs, you risk being attacked and lied about.

One of my best friends is Afghani. And Muslim.

On my 21st birthday, I came very close to getting into a bar fight because a bunch of racist, redneck fucks were talking shit to my friend from the table behind us.

Luckily, my friends kept me from getting assault charges over someone else’s ignorance. They forced me out of the bar and continued the party back at my apartment.

I do not tolerate racism.

If you are a racist, I will call you out publicly.

But take note, there is a difference between racism and comically using a stereotype or slur.

People with any amount of intelligence can tell the two apart.

The “Refugees” Are Taking Advantage of Western Liberal Stupidity

I believe it’s insane that people in third-world countries still do not have enough food and water, when we have the technological capabilities to create sustainability in these regions.

They’re just not profitable to big corporations, yet.

My views are that the planet and its resources belong to all of the Earth’s inhabitants. This is not to the exclusion of personal property. This is a jab at governments and corporations that horde resources to create scarcity. Human beings should be able to freely travel the world and make use of its resources.

Should and can are two completely different outcomes.

I am not naive. I understand that cultural, religious, and ideological differences make it a hazard to have completely open borders.

The situation across Europe is a prime example of that.

"Refugee" Data

Click the image to go to an interactive map that shows the full extent of the “refugee” crisis.

I have been following the “refugee” crisis since Mike Cernovich decided to travel to the Budapest train station to provide Gorilla Journalism back during September.

At this point, Europe is practically an open door. Europe has allowed Leftist ideology to corrupt their societies. They have allowed Leftist politicians to corrupt their government, selling out their citizens and giving away benefits to an invading flood of illegal immigrants, termed “refugees” by the PC media.

With millions of “refugees” flooding across the borders in a search for free handouts, logically there will be terrorists coming with them, hiding in their midst.

You cannot tell who is a terrorist and who is not, simply by looking at them. Claiming that someone is a terrorist due to the color of their skin is racist.

However, closing borders and not allowing this obvious abuse of generosity to take place is NOT RACIST. Refusing to let immigrants freely into your country, regardless of their racial or religious background, is not oppression. It is national defense, especially at a time when a known and likely terrorist threat exists.

A government’s responsibility is first to its citizens. The European governments betrayed their citizens when they allowed the unrestricted influx of immigrants into their borders. These politicians placed the interests of foreigners before the interests of their own people.

This is treason.

Especially now that the Paris attacks have occurred.

By opening the borders to an invading army of immigrants, they have allowed war to spread further into Europe.

And now that the problem has been created, it is not easily solved.

What are you going to do? Deport millions of immigrants from all over Europe? Good luck with that.

That will not happen without major bloodshed. These people are desperate and hold overwhelming numbers.

The only real option is to stop the influx of more “refugees.” You will not be able to separate the terrorists from the immigrants. Europe must prevent any more acts of terror from threatening the safety of its citizens.

Not by increasing militarized presences and restricting freedoms of Europeans. By closing the border and somehow, tactfully, deporting the people taking advantage of free benefits.

That may sound terrible for the real refugees, but a country’s responsibility is first to its own citizens.

Europe needs to protect its own.

Europe needs to prevent the spread of war within its borders.

And fast. More attacks will happen.

That’s guaranteed.

But as those attacks happen, more politicians should be held accountable for their actions.

We must stop being complacent about the decisions of our world leaders.

We must remove these corrupt politicians.

The future of Western society depends on it.

Sharia Law Meets the World of Sin

The “progressive” world has successfully normalized the consumption of alcohol and drugs, promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality, transsexuality, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

Under Sharia Law, each of these is punishable by horrific torture, bodily mutilation, or death.

Muslim extremists zealously follow Sharia Law.

Get caught stealing? Lose your hand.

Have sex outside of marriage? Lashings or stonings.

Denounce Islam or criticize the Koran? Put to death.

Please, tell me how this situation can have a positive result:

  1. Across the Western World, the Left has normalized practically every illegal act under Sharia Law.
  2. Sharia Law demands that anyone who commits these acts be mutilated or put to death.
  3. The Left allows the followers of Sharia Law to have unrestricted access to Western nations under the guise of “equality,” “generosity,” and “multiculturalism.”
  4. Followers of Sharia Law overwhelm Western countries, where they attempt to implement an Islamic State. Or they simply commit acts of  terrorism in the case of the Paris attacks.

Sharia Law and radical Islam cannot exist in a civilized society. They are completely incompatible.

Radical Islam denies basic human rights and promotes rape, slavery, and murder.

Europe is truly at risk, as long as followers of Sharia remain within its borders.

White Genocide Is The Goal

The immigration crisis in Europe is much more nefarious than it seems on the surface.

Watch this viral video, while you still can. It has already been taken down from YouTube, but is still available on a mirror site.

It’s well worth 20 minutes of your time if you don’t know the full extent of the immigration crisis in Europe. I’ve picked out some highlights to address below.

The video is made up of clips from recent media broadcasts related to the immigration crisis.

As many people have noted, it looks like World War Z. Masses upon masses of illegal immigrants are invading Europe. However, immigrants have been crossing the borders in lesser numbers for decades.

These immigrants want to establish a caliphate, which is a form of Islamic government led by a caliph. To them, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is that caliph, the successor to the prophet Muhammad.

Extremist leaders are preaching that European fertility is low (due to low birthrates in civilized countries) and are using that to spread the belief that Muslims must breed “their fertility” into the Western nations.

Over time, what is at risk, is European culture. It is being threatened by an invading army that wishes to breed them out of existence. I wish this was hyperbole, but it is not.

This is just one of the interviews from the video:

We are multiplying faster and faster. You Germans are not getting any children! At most you get two children. We are making seven to eight children. Okay, my colleague? And then we take four wives each, then we have twenty-two children. So make it Allah (blessed by his name) the almighty god that we conquer you. Not with war, here in Germany, but with birth rates, firstly! And secondly, we will marry your daughters! And your daughter will wear a Muslim headscarf. And your daughter will marry a bearded man.”

This is white genocide.

Plain and simple.

But when whites call attention to the facts, we are labelled as racists or Nazis. Because only whites can be racists.

Europeans are being assaulted, raped, and murdered.

The children are even being indoctrinated through songs of “diversity” and “multiculturalism.” They are being manipulated through the use of symbols, particularly pointing a finger skyward towards Allah. They are also being sex trafficked.

At what point do we say, “Enough?”

Indoctrinating European Children

Symbols are powerful and we internalize them easily. The children of Europe are being indoctrinated to welcome foreign invaders, with the intent to accept Islam down the road.

Indoctrination: Terrorist

Notice the same symbol, used by terrorists as they preach about jihad.

If Europeans want to retain their culture and maintain safety within their borders, the invading armies of Muslims must be stopped.

The situation will only get worse and worse, as Muslims will quickly begin to outnumber non-Muslims.

European posterity hangs in the balance.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Ancient Greece:

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you!” — Pericles

In the same respect, just become you do not take an interest in war, doesn’t mean war won’t take an interest in you.

The West is at war.

Not only with the public face of the Islamic State. But also with the cultural, religious, and legal underpinnings of radical Islam.

How we react in this moment will determine the future.

Oh, and by the way, the United States is also bringing the threat to our home.

The 29th Day

I’d like to close with a parable a friend once told me.

Many people believe the 15th day, but it is actually the 29th day.

So what’s the lesson here?

It means that a problem can get bigger and bigger and bigger… and still not be considered a threat by most of the population. However, there comes a tipping point, the 29th day, where the problem explodes so quickly it cannot be stopped.

We are approaching the 29th day.

The European people must act now, if they wish to survive the coming years.

The European people have my sincerest condolences,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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