Perseverance: The Number One Trait For Achieving Success

Welcome to the first installment of the Warrior Mindset.

A warrior must possess many qualities, but nothing is more important than perseverance.

Perseverance is the single trait that allows a warrior to achieve glory.

Same for a businessman. Or athlete. Or any human trying to achieve anything.

If you keep trying, eventually you will succeed. Regardless of the endeavor, the only way to fail, is if you give up.

You can only fail when you quit. So, if a warrior is to ever succeed in his endeavors, he must possess the quality of perseverance. He must not back down in the face of any obstacle or challenge.

A warrior must rise to the occasion. A warrior must persevere until the job is done.

Until the end.

You Fail, And Fail, And Fail, And Fail… Until That One Time You Get It Right, Then People Wonder How You Did It

If life has taught me anything, it’s to never give up on the things that are important to you.

Sure, I’ve quit when something hasn’t held my attention or didn’t live up to my expectations.

But the important things, no matter how slow progress may come, I’ve learned to never give up on.

If you are always pushing forward, you will always be growing. You should be better today than you were yesterday. And better tomorrow than you are today.

Each day, you should be smarter, more fit, and at least one step closer to your goals. To live in stagnation is nearly equivalent to death.

Stagnation is the quickest road to hating your life.

When you get in a rut and don’t make any progress, when every day is the same as the last, that’s when you want to go insane.

Sticky Note Affirmations

These are some of my reminders to persevere each day. These affirmations make me think about the habits I am following each day and how they will affect my long term success.

Set goals and crush them. Always be better.

In three months from now, you should be able to look back to your previous self, and know for a fact that you could kill him if you got into a fist fight with yourself. You should be stronger and more creative than your previous self. More intelligent. More wise.

Becoming A Warrior

The closest parallel to a “warrior’s lifestyle” in my own lifestyle so far is my bodybuilding training. I’ll be adding a martial art soon. And then professional tactical training.

But back to bodybuilding.

You can’t build giant muscles over night. So many people start lifting and then give up when they don’t see gains within a few months.

Bodybuilding requires perseverance and dedication like nothing else. If you want to build a top physique, you have to follow a smart dieting and training program for years.

That doesn’t mean you have to eat clean for years. You can eat fast food and ice cream if you want, but you’re still eating with the intention of putting on muscle mass in the long run.

You’re still keeping your weight goals in mind consistently, year after year, despite the setbacks that come up. That takes perseverance.

Whether it’s blowing your diet and putting on more fat than you intended during holiday season.

Or whether it’s tweaking your back when squatting, or pinching your shoulder when benching, injuries will set you back.

It’s frustrating to have to dial back your workouts due to an injury, but you can’t make gains if you’re injured. Persevere, and take care of your injury so you can get back to training like a beast. A warrior.

Which brings me to the second most important quality of a warrior… you’ve gotta be a strong, jacked motherfucker. But that’s for another article.

Till then, keep persevering,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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