Post-Exhaustion Performance (Challenge Series)

Welcome to part two of a new tradition with Lloyd from Business & Bullets.

We’re challenging each other in feats of strength and the raw animalistic expression of the human body.

If you didn’t see part one, check it out first.

Our first challenge was the world’s most dangerous static hold, because we’re fucking insane like that.

Post-Exhaustion Performance

Our second official challenge involves post-exhaustion performance, and we’re keeping with the theme of a shoulder-based movement.

It’s important to be able to perform, even when you’re exhausted and your body is screaming at you to stop.

You’re not always going to be 100% rested and ready to go. Sometimes you get caught in a bad situation at a bad time.¬†That’s the scenario we are mimicking with this challenge.

Let’s get started.

This style of challenge is way different than what I’m used to, but it was a good one.

The bottleneck for me was tricep fatique. Everything else felt pretty much fine.

I’m definitely happy with my performance.

The Protocol

Attempt at your own risk.

You must use a Hammer Strength style shoulder press machine.

Step 1: Pre-exhaust the shoulders and triceps with 10 sets of 10.

Step 2: Pre-exhaust the traps with at least two sets of static hold shrugs, for at least 40 seconds each. Rotate the arms as far backwards and shrug the traps as far upward as possible.

Challenge One: Perform as many pushups as possible. Must get 10 to pass. 15 to beat Lloyd. 20 to beat myself.

Step 3: Perform one set of pushups to failure.

Challenge Two: Heavy singles on the Hammer Strength shoulder press. Must get 3 to pass. 5 to beat Lloyd. 11 to beat myself.

Notice, the weights do not matter. Use whatever is heavy, for you.

If you beat the minimum number of reps for the pushups and heavy singles, you pass the challenge.

These challenges come with inherent dangers.

I take no responsibility if you snap your shit up. You’ve been warned.

What people don’t see is we sometimes take a beating behind the scenes.

But that’s the cost we all must endure. To grow, you must go through pain. It is inevitable.

(You can check out rest of the series here.)

Strength & Honor,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising