Progress Photos – August 11, 2015

Hey guys,

Here are my progress photos from August 11, 2015. I want to give you a good baseline of where I am with my physique. There is a long way to go until I reach my goals, but the story is in the journey. Over the next year I will be killing it day in and day out, in order to achieve those goals while serving you at the same time.

This summer, I’ve followed a relatively clean diet while following my supplement regimen: out of which creatine, BCAAs, and beta alanine are my top recommendations for muscle building.

Personally, one of my MUST HAVE supplements is glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. I have been taking this supplement nearly every day for at least six months, and have always been able to tell a difference in my joint recovery whenever I have slipped up and stopped taking it for a few days.

Enjoy… no homo.

Nick Hagood - Relaxed

Unexpected, relaxed shot before the shoot got underway.

Nick Hagood - Photo Shoot Pump Up

Throwing in a few pushups before the photo shoot. Trying to get those veins popping… traps for days.

Nick Hagood - Front Profile

I love the transformation I’ve made so far over the years, but this next year is going to be even more incredible.

Nick Hagood - Side Chest


Nick Hagood - Front Double Bicep

Front Double Bicep

Nick Hagood - Rear Double Bicep

Rear Double Bicep

Nick Hagood - Side Profile

Loving those oblique cuts and serratus.

Nick Hagood - Bicep

You’ve gotta hit hammer curl variations to target the brachialis and forearms.

Time to make some incredible gains over the next year,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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