Quality Isn’t Static: Consistent Growth Leads to Greatness

The quality of your business isn’t static. You have to decide how high a quality you will bring with each article post, each video, each photo.

Over time, your quality will get better and better as you learn your trade.

You will become faster at writing well the first time around.

You’ll require less edits.

You’ll require less shots on camera.

You’ll require less time for video production.

And as you rise, you’ll have the ability to pour money back into your business to really increase the quality and types of experiences you are able to share with your audience.

It takes money to make money.

People make the assumption that the quality they see today is the quality they’ll see tomorrow. Sometimes this is true.

But you have to be on the lookout for fledgling newcomers to your industry. They may appear to be wasting time for ages and ages to Average Joe, but then they take off to lead the pack.

New In Town

Watch out for particular markers that the “new guy in the market” is serious about his business:

  • A more frequent posting schedule w/ increasing consistency of content delivery.
  • A steady increase in the artful details of content presentation (making articles and videos read and look better).
  • A frequent and consistent presence in front of their audience and potential followers.
  • Avoiding excessive time on social media, such as Twitter & YouTube, by establishing a scalable marketing plan (I’m currently shifting my focus from social media to blog content).
  • A steadfastness of purpose that doesn’t allow anyone to deter their goals.

You can write gold, but it still takes time for the Internet to discover it.

You don’t become a success over night. Even Victor Pride took 3 years to get there, and he is one of the best writers online.

It took Elliott Hulse years until his viewership went exponential. Now he’s a YouTube celebrity and supports millions of people in their strength endeavors.

You can SEO your content all you want, but what you have to do is write for your readers. Write to connect.

People want to see your eyes. They want to feel your heart. If for nothing more than to show them more about themselves.

I reveal sometimes intimate details about myself on Masculinity Rising for just that purpose.

I wish to connect with you by sharing my experiences, in order for you to use them in your own way to better help yourself.

The goal is consistency. Consistency of purpose. Consistency of presence. Consistency of quality.

If you know you have a message the world needs to hear, stay dedicated to your goal of building an audience, regardless of what haters say online. They will say and do anything to pull you down.

It’s quite literally the “crabs in a bucket” dynamic.

King by Elliott Hulse: My Legend Core Values

After performing Elliott Hulse’s life mastery exercise and deciding my core values, I realized that my legend here on Earth will consist of love, art, altruism, and audacity. I’m here to help people with my art, while making the haters say, “Who do you think you are?!”

Screw the crabs that try to pull you back down.

Keep at your vision.

Build your empire.

Remember, a career is a life-long slow, consistent death.

Entrepreneurship is The Millionaire Fast Lane.

Consistently build your brand from the ground up, adding more and more quality over time.

And then wave at all the haters on your way by them to the bank.

Go make some money playa,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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