My First Experience With Racism

I was introduced to the concept of racism at a young age.

I was around four or five, and playing with a black kid my age at the park in my hometown. Out of nowhere, a rock hit me in the face right above my left eye.

Then the boy’s teen brother was standing over us. He grabbed his younger brother’s arm, pointed at me, and gritted out, “You know you’re not supposed to play with THEM.”

He then dragged his brother to his feet and they left as I went back crying to my grandmother, not understanding what had happened or why.

I still have a small scar where I was struck… That rock was very close to taking my eye out.

White Guilt & The Media Agenda

Growing up in the South, all I ever heard about was the oppressive things that whites did to blacks across history.

The education system would like you to believe that whites are evil. They gloss over the fact that practically all cultures and races have oppressed and enslaved those that were different than them. Hell, they’ve even done it to their own people to those who held the lowest levels of societal status.

But that doesn’t fit the narrative of the big, bad, oppressive, white man that the media and government want you to fall for. They’d have you believe that the biggest threat to American safety and security are white, conservative, Christian men.

That statement is laughable.

For one, white conservative Christian men founded this country and established the framing principles for its governance.

Anything that threatens these founding principles is treason against the United States.

So it’s no wonder the leftist media wants you to hate white conservatives. They’re the one demographic of the population that’s likely to be aware of our founding principles. They’ve also got the firearms to defend those principles.

The media and government knows this.

If they can demonize the group of people that are most likely to defend the Constitution and our founding principles, they win.

If they can brainwash a majority of the population into believing “white men with guns” are the greatest threat to our nation, then they’ll be able to take those guns. That’s why there is so much misinformation about firearms in the media.

“Guns are scary. Guns are dangerous. Guns kill people.”

That’s the narrative they play on repeat. In 1995, Eric Holder admitted to the government’s intention to “brainwash” people that guns are bad. You will never hear about the overwhelming numbers of defensive gun uses each year, because that does not fit the narrative.

Guns save lives. You have a Second Amendment right to own a firearm to defend yourself and others, as well as your country.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” — Second Amendment, United States Constitution

End of story.

Looking For Bigotry? Just Look To The Left

All these people that get offended over bullshit “micro-aggressions” are the exact same people that will openly flaunt their own racism, completely oblivious as to how hypocritical they’re being.

This kind of behavior isn’t acceptable. The leftist media and Hollywood perpetuate the image of every black guy being a potential gangbanger or thug. They then use this image to pass laws that restrict innocent people from having access to guns. Laws against cheap firearms, called Saturday Night Specials, come to mind.

By taking cheap guns out of dealerships, the government prevents impoverished families living in the “hood” from being able to protect themselves. If there’s any group of people in the United States that truly has a need for the Second Amendment, it’s inner city families living in poverty.

So, knowing all this, why are black leaders anti-gun? It really makes no sense.

Gun control is rooted in racism.

Think about it…

Would you want to give the right to bear arms to a population of people that you previously had enslaved? That’s a quick way to find yourself in the middle of a coup.

Luckily, our laws have progressed over time to extend the right to bear arms to any citizen of this country, the way it should be.

However, the left wants to implement more gun control. They want to implement legislation that makes it increasingly harder for lawful, peaceful citizens to buy a gun for self-defense, while doing nothing to combat violent criminals with a gun.

Need an example? Just look at Chicago, appropriately dubbed “Chiraq.” Yes, that’s a reference to Iraq…

Chicago is an absolute mess, and it has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. They do nothing to prevent crime and everything to prevent innocent people from defending themselves.

I mean God damn. How hard is it to see that gun control doesn’t prevent gun crime? IT INCREASES IT.

When you make it harder for good people to defend themselves, you embolden criminals because they realize their actions will not be met with lethal force.

You’re less likely to play the knockout game when you think grandpa may be carrying a snubby in his coat pocket. And you’re less likely to break into that single mother’s home when you think mommy has a shotgun in the bedroom.

If you support gun control, then you support racist legislation because most gun control measures disproportionately affect blacks living in the inner cities. You can lump Hispanics into this as well.

When you make it harder for the general population to effectively protect themselves, that inherently makes it magnitudes harder for impoverished minorities to provide for their own security.

I do not support these types of laws.

If You Disagree With Me, You’re A Racist

Nowadays, if you disagree with a minority or “oppressed group,” you’re labeled a racist. If you disagree with an SJW or feminist, you’re a racist or sexist or misogynist.

I don’t dislike people based on their race.

No, I dislike people who have shitty ideas.

I dislike people who follow savage cultures.

The left would have you believe you must have tolerance for all people at all times, regardless of the circumstances. That is just plain stupid.

Never once does reason or logic enter the equation.

If you’re walking through the city at night, it’s probably not a wise idea to travel down the darkened alleyway with three or four shadowy figures halfway down it.

The left would have you believe that you’re committing a micro-aggression or being a racist if you didn’t stride confidently into what could very well be a violent or lethal experience.

As Mike Cernovich has clearly explained before, the biggest threat to your safety and security isn’t terrorists, it’s your own fear of being called a racist.

So don’t let the opinions of these loons affect you.

Next time you’re called a racist, just laugh in their ignorant faces.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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