Seasons of Change & King by Elliott Hulse

It’s strange how some things seem to happen at the same time, almost as if the Universe is urging you into a state of change.

Three weeks ago, I caught some kind of virus that completely trashed my strength.

I tried to get in a workout on the fourth day of being sick (while barely eating), and I could hardly bench 115 for reps. That was easily one of the worst workouts I’ve ever had.

My strength was tanked.

I was forced to take time off to rest and allow my body to fight the virus.

Some people would freak out because they’ve lost a few gains, but I no longer try to focus on the negatives during an unfortunate situation.

I now look for the silver lining.

You can either get bogged down with all the negativity, or move on and roll with the punches.

I’ve been training hard for a long time, without much time off.

When we get into that warrior’s mindset, we can always become, “Go! Go! Go!”

Lack of sleep from working, a sub-optimal diet for recovery, and heavy training had all drained me physically and mentally. Getting sick forced me to recharge my batteries. My body needed the rest.

But I didn’t just mope around the apartment.

I took my dog for walks to get some fresh air. I did cardio a few days to help sweat out toxins. I performed deep breathing exercises while taking a contrast shower, stimulating my parasympathetic nervous system and cycling lymph fluid throughout my body.

But most importantly, I invested that downtime to learn something new…

Time to Become A King

A few weeks back I ordered Elliott Hulse’s new book, King.

In a little bit of serendipity, King showed up on my doorstep while I was sick.

Boom! I had something productive to do with my downtime that didn’t require me to sit at a computer.

King by Elliott Hulse

This book is absolute gold. Keep your eyes peeled for Elliott’s next printing.

I dug into King as soon as I got it.

Then I designed a new training program that I’m following for the next three months. I used my “sick time” to be productive and come up with a detailed plan for my comeback in the gym.

The virus trashed my strength. So priority one will be to regain and increase my strength.

The month of February is entirely dedicated to moving progressively heavier weight the first three weeks, followed by a deload week.

I’ve never scheduled in deloads to my routine before, but I’m going to test them out and see if they help keep my nervous system from being fatigued.

Next month, my training will revolve around maintaining solid form & structure, while working in a hypertrophy rep range to add size. Again, the last week of the month will be another deload.

During April, I’ll be focusing on speed & power.

If you want to learn about the foundations of strength training & diet, as well as how to develop stronger mentally and achieve life mastery, check out King when Elliott runs the next printing.

I just finished it today. This book is phenomenal.

By The Way, Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve been a little late in my posts over the past month, and that comes partly from my lack of prioritizing writing and partly from life being life. I will be moving soon and I’m looking for a suitable apartment in Seattle (or maybe Bellevue).

Once again, the Universe seems to urge on the seasons of change. As I’ve recovered, my strength has risen and I’m meeting my caloric needs again. Since I’m moving back into a more energetic season of my life, a change of residence will help serve as a good “separator” between the two phases.

I required a slight stumble to highlight my need to prioritize content. You’ll have some cool stuff coming your way soon. I’m going to take advantage of these “seasonal changes” and record them for you.

Here’s a vlog from my Valentine’s Day.

Single and ready to mingle?

Nah, more like no obligations and able to do my own shit.

Embrace change when the Universe knocks,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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