Second Presidential Debate: Trump Vs. Clinton

Oh man, this article is coming a little late! My focus has been elsewhere since the last presidential debate, and now the third and final debate is happening tonight. So here comes a hard and fast wrap-up of what I took note of during the second presidential debate on Sunday, October 9th, 2016.

After the first debate was such a disappointment, with Trump deciding to play it nice and having to defend himself a majority of the time, the second debate was expected to be a complete reversal of strategy.

Trump knew he had to take the gloves off going into this debate. He had to get dirty and attack the Clinton’s dirty secrets, crimes, lies, and hypocrisy.

As expected, when Trump fights back, Hillary retorts with her canned one-liner, “When they go low, we go high.”

The world isn’t buying the bullshit anymore.

From the very beginning, everyone could see this was yet another set-up against Donald Trump.

This time, they even had to bring in a second moderator to debate Trump, because Hillary can’t do it by herself.

She gets the topics ahead of time, and she has the moderators on her side who attack Trump, interrupt him, dispute his factual statements, and yell at his supporters in the audience.

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz are complete jokes. These are the two most stuck-up, whiny pricks anyone could have picked.

The debate starts off with a leading question to set the tone against Trump. Apparently the first debate was so bad it received a “mature audience” rating, and that’s just not acceptable when little children are assigned homework to absorb all the lies and media brainwashing.

They want to back Trump into a defensive corner, right off the bat.

It’s unbelievable how aggressive the debate starts out. Anderson Cooper is like a viscous gay chihuahua, pressing Trump about the “Trump Tapes” and interrupting Trump as he responds.

Isn’t it so convenient that these tapes came out the Friday right before the debate?

As always, it’s an obvious set-up.

As they attack him over locker-room talk, Martha Raddatz does whatever she can to not allow Trump to respond to Hillary’s attacks towards him and her empty promises for voters.

Society is honestly going to let “Trump says mean words” determine an election about the fate of Western society and the world avoiding WWIII…

They want to press forward on Trump and give him another question, but Trump ignores it and reveals Bill Clinton’s sexually abusive past, leading to more exposure of Bill’s rapes.

Since then, several Patriots have done their duty to spread more information about Bill’s past.

Trump also exposes Hillary’s attacks against and intimidation towards Bill’s victims, as well as her past as a lawyer where she got a rapist off charges for raping a 12 year old.

When Hillary responds, she spins it as if she wants to talk about the “issues” and that she “cares what the voters are asking” them. She wants people to think Trump doesn’t care about the issues, instead of defending himself from being steamrolled right out the gate.

The fact is, no one wants to talk about the issues, other than Trump. He is forced to speak about these subjects because it’s a constant demonization campaign against him for simply having common sense and the backbone to stand up for it.

Raddatz yells at Trump’s supporters when they applause him, but she’s silent when Hillary’s supporters do the same.

Hillary presses on, going full SJW and saying Trump must apologize.

You never, ever apologize…

Trump hits back with Bernie’s nomination being stolen, promotes WikiLeaks and brings up the emails, finally going all out and saying he’ll be coming after her legally if he wins.

Hillary gives her typical, robotic response.

Donald pushes hard on her emails, and Hillary continues to spin it as if she wants to get to the questions. Trump calls her out, saying she just wants to get off of this question, referring to the emails.

Everyone teams up on Trump, and he announces it’s “1 on 3” when they refuse to talk about the emails.

People are going to say, “Trump’s acting like a spoiled kid!”

Donald is playing chess. He doesn’t care about his demeanor… he’s an entertainer. He’s acting over the top, to draw attention to the fact that the entire debate is rigged.

Shifting Gears

We do see a little substance during the debate, though most of it is a shit show of the Trump train barrelling through town and Hillary looking like she’s cracked out of her mind.

Trump hits hard on naming “radical Islamic terror.”

Hillary of course says “we are not at war with Islam.” Yes, we are.

When she responds to the Muslim girl, she walks over to Trump’s side of the stage and gets extremely close, to appear motherly when answering the girl’s question.

Trump remains standing by his podium, but he is still nearby Clinton after she’s invaded his side of the stage. The camera angle made it look like Trump was looming over her, which to me showed power

But of course, in the days since, the media has twisted it into Trump “stalking” Hillary around the stage…

Again… but of course.

When Hillary responds about terror, she mentions the staged photo of a Syrian kid “bombed by Syrian and Russian forces,” and immediately pivots to drudge up fears and hatred of Russia.

After defending her lies about having a public and private stance, and blaming it on Abe Lincoln, she changes topics back to Russia “hacking the election” and setting Trump up as the bad guy if he defends Russia.

This is all after Obama claimed there was no such thing as election fraud…

Hillary Is A Demon

This woman truly is evil. She’s got flies that follow her around… And you know what flies symbolize…

As the night drags on, anyone with morals can see that Hillary is evil, with a victim mindset.

“We have to make up for lost time,” she wails!

Oh, so we’re going to tax everyone to death today because the government has been spending into infinity for years?

When pressed on why she couldn’t achieve her goals in Congress, Hillary said, “I was a Senator with a Republican President.” I agree with Trump’s retort – if she was an effective Senator that wouldn’t have mattered.

Hillary wants to disarm the American people, yet run more guns to the Middle East. She’s all for arming terrorists and disarming citizens. Her entire goal is to create the toxic situation that Europe is facing.

And the ultimate goal is to collapse the West.

Later, Hillary claims Trump’s rallies “incite violence.” No, her operatives at his rallies incite violence. She’s even been caught sending people posing as Bernie Sanders supporters to commit acts of violence against Trump supporters, in her efforts to smear Bernie’s campaign.

This woman will stop at nothing to obtain the Presidency. Trump’s life is in very real danger.

Hillary outright admits she wants to “change the balance on the Supreme Court.” This means stack it with liberal judges who will destroy the Constitution, further eroding our rights as American citizens.

When Trump presses about gun control, Hillary flips out and goes into her canned “deny, deny, deny, lie, lie, lie” phase about the Second Amendment.

“I respect it, we must have comprehensive background checks, we must close the gun show loophole, and the online loophole.”

All lies, all BS.

She intends to trample the Second Amendment, background checks do not work without gun registration (and registration leads to confiscation), and these loopholes do not exist…

My Takeaway

In the end, Trump won. Easily.

For the people who are too brainwashed to break out of their mental programming, the truth is never going to mesh with their reality.

Some of these people are hopeless.

However, there are some good people who realize something is wrong in this country. They realize that America is not she shining beacon on the hill anymore. They realize that a dark future looms in the distance if something doesn’t change.

Donald Trump is bringing light to that change.

For these people, they have come to realize that Donald Trump is a man they can stand behind. He’s been saying the same things since the 80s, and he is a true-blooded American.

I believe Trump did an excellent job handling the situation he was stuck with. These debates are completely rigged. He stood his ground against THREE people on stage, while controlling the conversation on the fly in a manner in which people in the middle ground of politics would realize the truth and come over to his side.

Donald Trump is out there, every single day, fighting for the American people and the continuity and prosperity of this nation. He is a true American Patriot.

We’ll see how tonight’s debate goes. My bets are on another shitshow.

But luckily, fighting in the American people’s corner is Donald Trump, the hard hitting, no-bullshit, Patriot.

Oh, and I bet he’s wearing an American flag pin, while once again, Hillary will not.

I’ve noticed he’s worn one in every debate, while she hasn’t. Hillary hates Patriotism.

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Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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