Should I Show My Face On My Blog?

Back when I first entertained the thought of starting a blog, whether or not to be anonymous was one of my prime questions.

After weighing the pros and cons of each, I decided I would show my face.

Victor Pride was the first person I read that mentioned the importance of showing your face online. He initially started off Bold & Determined by hiding his face.

Since my goal is to build my businesses around the concept of You, Inc., anonymity doesn’t work for me. So I started off public.

I felt as if it would too severely limit the topics I could talk about and the media I could share with you.

When you are free to include your own face on your websites, you can offer much more to your readers, subscribers, and customers.

You also resonate on a deeper level with people because they can see you, just as if they could see someone in the real world. Even though it’s through a digital screen, people become connected with others who show their faces online.

You can’t build as deep of a relationship with people online if you are anonymous.

However, showing your face online is a double-edged sword.

Even more so if you currently have a job.

Depending on what content you create and how big of an online hate group discovers that content, you could face losing your job if you say something that HR can sack you over.

What Will You Do When the SJWs Come For You?

People attacking others over differing opinions and getting them fired is a real thing.

I first read about it in-depth in Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie, which is a fantastic book.

Perhaps you’re new to this topic and are wondering what an SJW is. Well, that would be a social justice warrior. A person who goes around screaming about injustice and victimhood that they create with their imaginations, and then forces others to follow their beliefs through the power of law, social stigma, and career suicide.

SJWs Always Lie: Characteristics of SJWs

These are the prevailing characteristics you can use for spotting SJWs.

Most human resource offices are filled with leftists. Any politically incorrect speech or unpopular action is completely demonized or shunned.

If you hit any one of their “oppressive, offensive, or unjust” categories, it can get you fired.

SJWs typically operate as one big, easy-to-offend, hive mind that lash out at anyone they can bully, silence, or ruin.

As hive minds have, here’s the SJW playbook.

SJWs Always Lie: Attack Sequence

These are the eight phases you can expect to go through if you are really under an SJW attack. Mine currently has not progressed past threats… so far. We shall see.

I highly recommend reading Vox’s book. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in the cross-hairs of an SJW attack (and if you grow a large enough audience, you will be), you just might survive it.

So let’s say you are still employed. You haven’t quite made it into the realm of financial stability from an entrepreneurial venture yet. So you “need” a job for now.

But let’s also say you want to at least begin that side hustle and start making money online.

Probably the best way to avoid an SJW attack is to be anonymous online, but we’ve already been over the downsides to that.

I recommend if you want to stay as “low-key” as possible, hold back on the more offensive speech and produce content that is more “safe.” But then again, that’s not my style.

I enjoy my right to speak freely and will use it to offend the more uptight people who are constantly attacking our rights as well as freedom of speech.

But personally, I feel as if social media is more of a liability rather than an asset when you are first starting off.

Facebook is worthless.

Twitter also censors, and has the biggest hate mobs.

YouTube will bring haters, but also bring nearly-immediate cash if you can create engaging content quickly.

All of them, however, will waste the important time you could rather spend writing content for your blog.

Victor just put out a video speaking about content vs. social media. Check it. He speaks nothing but the truth.

So ask yourself, which is your priority?

Building a social media following, or building a readership?

Even I need to focus on more content for Masculinity Rising rather than social media. Social media has been easy to maintain on a scattered schedule, but I am now blocking times to ensure my writing gets done.

Focus on content until you get to a solid base of material, thousands of pages of content, then push harder on social media to assist in driving more traffic to that base content.

This is especially true if you have a job and blog as a side hustle. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of you running into a Twitter hate mob.

Blog content first, then social media presence.

It all depends on where your current priorities are and how much you’re trying to mitigate risks.

Should I Show My Face On My Blog?

When I started Masculinity Rising, I decided to say fuck it to the risks and went fully public.

My name and face are everywhere online, directly attached to my words.

I stand by the things I have said, the generalized observations I’ve shared on Twitter, and the offensive jokes I have used to piss off liberals, feminists, and SJWs.

However, when you do that, you run the risk of this situation.

SJW Attack Evidence

Just look at how vicious he is… if it’s really even a “he.” It’s probably some fat feminist who’s unhappy with her life & wants to impose her views on everyone. Plus, she tags Elliott Hulse since he’s in my featured tweet… it’s all really pathetic if you ask me.

SJW Attack Evidence 2

Threats of career attacks based on my views.

SJW Attack Evidence 3

Threats for me to shut down my operation and stop spreading my ideas… Yea, guess what? No.

It started off weeks ago with casual questions about my job. I immediately smelled a snake… Then it progressed with a bunch of re-tweets and posts that fit in alignment with my personal views. It all came to a head when I disagreed with “him.”

The moment had come for the SJW to rear its ugly head. So ensued the threats.

I haven’t heard anything more from this, but the threats only occurred last Friday.

Who knows, I may actually get a call.

Joke’s on him though. Whatever employment information he’s found is out-of-date.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Use my case to help you decide whether or not to go fully public with who you are online.

It only took me 500 followers on Twitter to gain some heat… it doesn’t take long.

The leftists are chomping at the bit for anything they can sink their teeth into now that Donald Trump has scared the living hell out of them. They are worried their parasitic way of life will soon have to change.

So be warned, create the “wrong” content & you can wind up with a viscous hate mob at your door.

Vox Day was 100% correct.

Now it’s up to you to decide which direction to take. Join the new group of rising content creators that don’t care about idiotic political correctness, or cower in fear that something you say will offend someone online and make you lose your job.

But hey, that’s all the more reason to become financially independent with your own business ventures.

Just know that if you are an anonymous brand online, you can never connect on such an authentic level like you can if you are public.

People want to know who they are taking advice from. They want to see your eyes. Your face.

Choose wisely.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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