WWIII Started A Long Time Ago…

Can you feel the darkness rolling in? I can…

Sometimes I feel like I’m lying to myself.

I know that positive thinking and consistent action is how you achieve, and maintain, success.

When you put in the work, you reap the rewards. That’s a given.

But there are also circumstances outside your control.

Things like politics, and world wars, and liberal degeneracy.

When things are out of your control, Lloyd recommends reciting the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.”

You must understand the difference.

Work on what you can change, and disregard the rest. And yes, I understand that can be a challenge with our current political atmosphere.

We can all sometimes ride the razor’s edge of fighting disinformation, gaining traffic from political discussions, and outright wasting our time on it all.

I mean really, how much can one person affect an election?

The answer is almost always, NONE.

Unless you’re able to spark entire news cycles on your own, like Mike Cernovich or Donald Trump, you’re not big enough to truly change an outcome by yourself.

Sure, you can donate your time and hopefully a collective group of people can affect the result, but you cannot do so alone.

If you need to focus on what truly matters to you, simply ask yourself this question…

Why waste time on what you cannot change, instead of focusing on what you can?

You know, things like becoming a bigger, stronger, harder motherfucker to kill? Things like getting laid, climbing mountains, and creating memories to last you through the dark times?

Your time here is running out.

Day after day, your clock runs just a little bit shorter. Life slips away from us like grains of sand through our hands.

Instead of gripping harder, accept reality and experience this life while you still can.

Babylon will fall, according to Prophecy.

Can you feel it?

Because I can…

There’s a transformation taking place.

I can feel that something is wrong. That’s why I do all of this “woowoo meditation bullshit” as haters would say.

I’m clearing the noise from my head.

I’m getting in touch with something greater than myself.

Some call it the Collective Unconscious.

Some call it God.

I call it the Universe.

I Cannot Tell You The Way, But I Can Hand You A Key

I’m logical and analytical. I do not claim to know what faith is correct. But I can tell you a few which are definitely not The Way…

What I’m saying is when you explore what you’re made of, and really take the time to look at the person inside, something changes.

You can feel a connection to something bigger when you initiate certain triggers.

A lot of this has to do with breathing. Learn how to change your chemistry through breathing techniques, like the Wim Hof method.

I breathe forcefully in and out, in rhythm to the tribal-style tracks I listen to when meditating.

Lloyd would refer to this as “elevation.”

When you do this, you can change how you perceive things, and discover secrets about the world and how it functions. You can improve your physical capacities, and handle weights you would typically bitch out on. You can hear the voice inside that you’ve silenced for so long.

We’ve lost touch with so much of what makes us human.

There is no culture, there are no rituals, and there are no rites of initiation. We’re not dancing and drinking and hyperventilating around fires anymore.

Humans have forgotten how to move, and how to breathe.

Those with a Warrior Spirit have rediscovered the movement and breath. You will understand if you’re in that class.

And when you’re in that class, you realize you have a tribe. You’ve just been separated from your tribe at birth.

It’s your responsibility to find them.

And no, it’s not the neighborhood you grew up in. It’s not the people down the street. It’s a band of Warriors that realize the gravity of this situation at hand. It’s a group of men who understand just how serious this shit is, and how we’re hanging on by a thread.

Or you could say it’s all bullshit.

Either way, the election of Donald Trump changed things.

It caused a pendulum to swing back in the other direction, a swing to prosperity and true hope.

Soaring stock market, investments returning to the country, ISIS being greatly reduced, and until recently, complete demoralization of the left.

MAGA had win after win after win.

Then we had the recent passage of the omnibus bill, and a lot of people are pissed. We’ll see if it enables liberals to take back Congress and enable impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

This could accelerate a harsh swing of that pendulum back to the extreme left.

But time flies, and many things have changed in just a few weeks.

People need to realize we’re in the middle of a war that hasn’t been declared. It’s waged through subterfuge and false narratives. We’re also on the brink of WWIII with Russia, China, and Iran over the shithole of Syria.

America can’t continue down the same road any longer. Not without suffering the same consequence as Rome.

A lot of things could change quickly, and as Lloyd mentions in the video above, history is progressive.

Shit is going to change.

The only question is, will you be prepared for it and are you able to adapt to any situation?

I ask myself that haunting question every single day.

But as I’ve mentioned before, all you truly need is the will to always be moving forward. The will to never give up.

That will has always been rooted in me, deep down in my soul.

Until next time,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising