Now That’s A Masculine Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you get to spend the holidays with those you love.

This year I wanted to pay it forward and highlight the heavy hitters who’ve made the biggest differences in my life over the past few years.

Here is a list of those men.

Victor Pride — Bold & Determined

Bold & Determined is how I got started online. Victor showed me that it’s possible to make money online by being yourself and doing what you love.

Without Victor’s influence, I never would have started my own blog.

It all started with 30 Days of Discipline. I completely changed my lifestyle by changing my daily habits into ones that advance, rather than hinder my goals.

Then, I discovered the path to “Full Color” with his masterpiece, New World Ronin. This powerful book will only be life-changing for those who are open to the messages within. To the uninitiated, to the ghosts, this book will read like non-sense. It’s nothing short of brilliant to those who can hear the words.

To learn how Bold & Determined got started, check out Victor’s most recent releases:

You’ll get to see how red is green…

Mike Cernovich — Danger & Play

Danger & Play would probably be my second biggest influence to date. Mike is another killer online.

Mike founded his empire on the principles he lays out within Gorilla Mindset, the Platinum Standard of books on mindset. He lives what he teaches, and uses those principles to destroy his competition and those who wish to make his family homeless (and fatherless).

Mike has sense changed his focus to the world of political journalism, and has broken tons of major stories over the past few years. He was ahead of the curve when it came to the 2016 election, and fills a void left empty by the lying and dying mainstream media.

Cernovich is truly a force to be reckoned with, and he strikes fear into the corrupt politicians and celebrities that have operated unbridled for much too long.

You can check out some of his best work on Danger & Play through his anthology, Essays On Masculinity.

Ivan Throne — Dark Triad Man

Dark Triad Man will teach you the reality of the (dark) world. He sees the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.

In The Nine Laws, Ivan shows you how to operate within a world where everything and everyone is competing for your demise. This book is not for the weak. It is not for those who deny the reality around them. Each of the Nine Laws relates to narcisism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Study wisely.

Ivan has also started the Safe Streets Project to combat the violent leftist uprising we are witnessing across the West with Soros-funded groups such as Antifa.

Hunter Drew — The Family Alpha

The Family Alpha comes next on my list. I discovered Hunter through Ivan.

Hunter’s focus is on reclaiming masculinity in a modern age where masculinity is shamed and shunned, but more from the family man perspective.

When most of the Red Pill has been claimed by aging and jaded bachelors, Hunter brings a refreshing level of balance with his perspective on masculinity and personal development. We are not operating in isolation. We, as men, are connected on this journey of life. It’s through content like Hunter’s where we can learn how to reclaim our masculine selves, without falling into a negative mindset.

His program 31 Days to Masculinity is another game-changer. Whereas 30 Days of Discipline will kickstart your daily habits, 31 Days to Masculinity will lay the foundations for you to deep-dive into your personal life, to see where you are falling short as a man.

Lloyd — Business & Bullets

Business & Bullets is a little redneck, a little Aristotle, and a lot of quality.

Lloyd entered the online scene about a year after myself, and he’s another insightful addition to this list.

Lloyd has always impressed me with the amount of content he’s produced in a short period of time, especially when he was doing daily YouTube videos back before all the censorship. He has a gift for cutting on the camera and speaking his mind, while giving you applicable, no-bullshit content.

Hopefully Lloyd will also be coming out with a book in the near future. His blog exemplifies quality and focus, and I already endorse any future texts he may have in the works…

Chris Deoudes — Good Looking Loser

Good Looking Loser was one of the primary resources I used to abandon the Blue Pill way of thinking.

I was just as brainwashed about the dynamics between men and women as any other “good guy” growing up. Chris shattered that false reality and offered an alternative lens through which to view the dating scene.

Reality isn’t fair. Reality isn’t what society tells you. Reality is, what it is.

Become above average across the board, and you’ll be considered a top tier man.

Chris Jones — Pump Chasers

Pump Chasers (and by extension, Physiques of Greatness) has been the most influential to me in terms of training.

If you haven’t discovered the theme by now, I follow men who give you no-bullshit perspectives. Chris does the same when it comes to fitness, bodybuilding, and training. My foundations in training, my “knowledge core,” was greatly centered around Chris’s inspirational journey from ghetto spatula-owner to dope gym-owner.

His Pump Chasers channel on YouTube offers kick-ass motivation and solid training advice. Learn the tips and tricks from one of the greats.

Speaking of which, even if you took the day off from training, make sure you get right back into routine tomorrow.

The holidays do not give you an excuse to be a fat ass!

Elliott Hulse — Strength Camp

And finally, we have Strength Camp and Elliott Hulse.

Without Elliott, I may never have decided to leave the comfort of my home state and take a chance at a different chapter in Seattle. I began watching Elliott after graduating from college, and his words of wisdom are the genesis of this journey.

He is the one who showed me it’s important to continually develop your own character, body, and mind.

To Elliott, I am eternally grateful. Without him, I may never have even started…

Study these men.

I assure you, at least one of them will change how you view and approach your life.

With thanks,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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