The Death of Free Speech: Alex Jones & InfoWars Banned Online, Nick Hagood Banned From Twitter

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Well, well, well. Look who’s back.

First things first, let’s address the obvious.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s mostly because my focus has been elsewhere this summer.

And obviously from the title, that focus hasn’t been Twitter or social media. But more on that in a bit…

There’s been a lot going on and I’m continuing to work on some big things that will set me up for major success down the road. (You already know this if you subscribe to my daily email list.)

It takes a lot to start something from scratch, and if you try to rush the foundation the whole structure will collapse down the line.

That’s what I’ve been willing into existence over the years. Laying the foundation.

You don’t go from nothing to something to everything overnight. You must put in the work first.

And although the goal is to have a focus of one, it’s not always possible at all times.

Sometimes it’s messy.

There are always multiple components to an empire, from body to mind to spirit, and even though you can structure those components to work towards your one major goal, you still have to split your time and focus on things that don’t immediately move the chess pieces on the board.

If you’re always charging forward, you’ll eventually miss life-changing and perception-altering experiences along the road. Sometimes you have to dive deep.

As always, Masculinity Rising is the ultimate destination, but there are a multitude of other components and experiences that make up the man behind the words.

Sometimes your focus must shift. Just be certain of your choice, and then put in the work.

And I mean really put in the work.

You can lie to yourself and have a bunch of fake productivity and keep yourself busy, never going anywhere and never advancing towards the life you wish to create. Or you can put in the real work.

How do you know the difference?

You already know the difference.

Don’t play dumb. You know the difference when that little voice in the back of your head is telling you you’re walking the path of the average and weak.

When you’re embodying the habits of losers and not winners.

You’ll know…

My summer has been full of training and new experiences.

I’ve taken trips into the mountains and stared down mountain goats. I’ve carried my exhausted dog for around 2,500 feet from a 6,000 foot peak for over two and a half hours. I’ve sat beneath the stars and watched meteors rain down. I’ve put in months of sweat equity at the boxing academy and rearranged my schedule to make sure nothing disrupts training. I’ve written unreleased content and worked on other projects I’m testing out. And I’ve silenced some annoying demons within. (I swear it has to do with Vitamin D… we’ll see what happens when winter comes.)

The work always comes first.

You just have to have the patience to see it through.

Give all. Receive all.” — Victor Pride

First you put in the work, then you reap the rewards. This principle is embodied in the work of great men like Victor Pride, Mike Cernovich, and Ivan Throne.

Why do I talk about these men constantly?

Because their wisdom is a treasure trove of priceless information, compiled through years of honing their crafts. They come from different backgrounds and live different lifestyles. They have deep-dived into vastly different areas, while still maintaining strong similarities at their core. The qualifications of men like these will always speak for themselves. People always want credentials. Well guess what, most people are stupid.

Pretty soon, you’ll be hearing a lot about another man. The Champ Champ himself. Conor McGregor.

I first discovered Conor McGregor when I learned how he paid for Victor’s Vietnam vacation back in 2015. I had never really followed a fighter before, so I had no clue who he was. I had heard the name in passing, but never looked him up until one of my own mentors mentioned his name.

I watched a few of his fights, but after I started boxing that’s when I researched Conor McGregor a bit more and began studying his style and how he moves. I continue to study him.

I study other fighters too, of course, but there’s a freedom and fluidity to McGregor that really attracts my attention to his work. That, and his mindset surrounding business and life.

Negativity doesn’t really exist in his realm.

Not when you’re playing The Game on that level.

And rest assured, this IS all a game.

And like anyone in our circles will tell you, money is how we keep score. Well, that and looking like a Greek God who can fight like Achilles.

Negativity can be harnessed and used as a weapon to entertain the masses, but must never be absorbed and used maliciously. When it is, you end up with publicity stunts flying out of control and situations like the one which landed Conor in handcuffs in New York City.

He’s a truth-talker and a master of mental warfare, but just like the rest of us, McGregor will make his own mistakes… even if they don’t affect him the way they would affect most other people.

Conor McGregor isn’t just a fighter. He’s one hell of a businessman and understands business and marketing on a completely different level.

Haters will laugh at him and mock him and believe his career is over from a crazy outburst, but they don’t understand a god damn thing because they’re simply haters.

Whether it’s hating over a can of whoop-ass or hating over his money, it doesn’t matter.

You act as a mirror and remind them of everything they’ll never be. Haters are incapable of it. So from the winner’s circle, let’s get one thing straight: men with a Destiny are resilient and persistent.

We can handle losses just as we can celebrate victories, and we will always push forward.

The total social media ban on Alex Jones will simply serve as a legal noose against freedom-haters down the line.

Little “losses” like being banned from Twitter are more like frustrations rather than obstacles.

Same thing goes for McGregor assaulting the people on that bus. Sure, it wasn’t good. Sure, it was out of control. But no, this won’t end his career. The Khabib Nurmagomedov fight coming up is proof of that.

Money is power and Conor McGregor makes people a lot of money. If that upsets you, too bad.

Shit like this happens. But guess what.

The show goes on.

Conor McGregor’s empire has just begun. His money tree is blooming. Those who continue to bet against him and his intelligence will continue to lose. And I’m talking both inside and outside the cage.

Anyone obsessed with their craft and their Destiny is a mad man. You have to be, or you won’t truly succeed at the level you’ve envisioned in your mind.

You’ll simply be a little kid that grows up to realize he wasted his time and never accomplished those grand daydreams he strangled closely for so long. He simply wasted his life away, and that is precious time he can’t get back.

Don’t grow up to be that heartbroken kid who never fulfilled his dreams.

Work your ass off, but do so in a way that lets you retain your youth.

Maintaining our childish nature through movement and playfulness is what keeps us young and healthy. The day we become crotchety old bastards is the day we die.

You can get pissed off at people and tell them what you think of them, sure, but never give into the negativity. Say your piece with a positive vibe while you tell them how big of a dickhead they are.

Study people like Conor. Realize he’s never truly mad in these press conferences. But he’s never truly acting either…

He’s allowing his personality to shine through while playing with his opponents and the crowd.

It’s the fight business. It’s business. And business is play.

Freedom Of Speech Is Dying

Now, back to the main spark for this article.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the new waves of social media censorship. People like Alex Jones and myself are being deplatformed off the internet.

If you dare go against the liberal agenda, they will ban you from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Google, Disqus, Stripe, MailChimp, and other platforms.

That should concern you.

It concerns me, and I’m not even that big…

I’ve been throttled and shadowbanned. I’ve been suspended from TwitterI’ve had posts and comments removed from Instagram. I’ve been issued strikes on YouTube and had my videos deleted.

For what? Voicing a dissenting opinion. For speaking the truth. For daring to defend myself when leftists attacked me. For speaking about unacceptable topics like masculinitytestosterone, and SARMs.

And then people say we’re all crazy and nothing’s happening.

Masculinity Rising uses Disqus for our comments and MailChimp for our emails… How long until those services refuse to work with us as well?

Hell, even Amazon has moved on to modern-day book burning by removing NINE of Roosh V’s books. For what? Teaching guys how to be successful with girls.

I’ve been saying that Alex Jones would be the first domino.

If they can take down InfoWars, they can take down any of the rest of us.

We’re not allowed to speak our minds. We’re not allowed to speak the truth. And if we do, we’ll be deplatformed for wrongthink.

This is incredibly dangerous.

Massive companies are colluding with each other, the media, and the government to silence individual voices that go against the left’s narrative.

And then they turn around and say they’re not censoring anyone.

This is Crazy Town 101. This is gaslighting.

These people will broadcast all over TV how Alex Jones, InfoWars, and other sites on the right need to be shut down. And then they’ll lie right to your face and say they’re not doing anything to censor you.

They are trying to make you doubt your sanity and enrage you.

They’re cowards who cannot answer for their actions when confronted face-to-face.

Instead, they sit behind cameras in multi-million dollar studios and spew lies on social media while lobbying for anyone who calls them out to get banned.

They are liars and cowards, nothing more.

I have experienced this shit first hand. I KNOW that it’s happening.

So now, I’d like to walk you through something. Hopefully you witnessed this from the sidelines as it happened and some of what I say will jog your memory.

Remember when Twitter took the blue verification badge away from conservative accounts because they can’t “support what these accounts say?”

That implies Twitter endorses anyone with a blue checkmark since they’ve now taken it upon themselves to police these “special” accounts… so that must mean they also endorse Peter Pedo Fonda.

This person still has an account. This person is still verified by Twitter. Twitter must support this type of behavior.

So Peter Fonda can call for a child to be kidnapped and stuck in a cage with pedophiles… but somehow Nick Hagood isn’t allowed on the platform of Twitter AT ALL because of wrong think.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I was first banned during the Twitter Purge of 2016 for speaking out against Sharia Law and then again this year for attempting to subvert the previous ban for “abusive behavior” by “creating a new account.”

Strange how this all works out.

Remember the very first Twitter Purge?

I do.

My account of nearly 3,000 followers was blown out right after the election results came in for Donald Trump.

I took that ban on the chin. The election was over, social media was dying down a bit, and I had other things to focus on.

I waited over a year before coming back to the game. I only came back because Twitter is where an elite few share intelligent content and have meaningful conversations. It’s where you can find some of the smartest people you’ll meet online, but it’s a very small subset of the Twittersphere. And this is slowly fading.

I built my following back to nearly a thousand people, and then Twitter dropped the banhammer again.

It would be very easy to figure out I was associated to a previously banned account, but no doubt they allowed me to waste my time building my account and engagement before silencing my voice again because what I say is the truth.

And that’s not to say woe-is-me, that’s to make a very strong point.

What we say scares the power structure. We speak the truth and give light to their lies. We show men how to be men. And as a response, they ban us.

Turning A Perceived Negative Into A Positive

My Twitter ban will always be a net positive.

It gives credibility to my words and allows me to spend my time elsewhere.

Before the ban, I used Twitter as a way to interact with people within our circle of the web. It served as a portal into an online community of winners and artists.

This led to my discovery of countless resources across all levels of what we do and need as men.

When they shut us down, they seek to isolate us from our fellow men.

Starting conversations with other winners is a great way to reach new people and explore new ideas. And the subsequent engagement is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website or email list (sign up here if you haven’t already).

That’s how you stay in touch with me daily.

I don’t always post on the site, but I damn near always send out a daily email.

The days I don’t, I just don’t give a fuck. I’m not tied to a schedule and sometimes that’s what you’ll get.

So for now, the best way to reach me is via the email list.

After that, you have Instagram and Pinterest. I’ll be conducting business primarily through these two avenues for now, since Facebook and Twitter prefer to act like fascists. They’re a waste of time.

Every now and then I may post to YouTube or SoundCloud, but I don’t have anything planned for the current pipeline. YouTube is damn near pointless because everything is flagged, censored, and demonetized. Perhaps I’ll hop on the podcast train with Victor and Mike.

On a side note, I’ll be talking more about the power of Pinterest in a later article.

I discovered this untapped avenue through Chase Curtis. His book Skyrocketing Growth: Watch Your Competition Self-Destruct is straight to the point and shows you exactly what you need to do to get started with Pinterest. And the numbers speak for themselves.

From zero views to thousands of views in just a few weeks with very little effort.

And that’s not even with me pushing hard or fully implementing Chase’s strategies. That’s me simply playing around with the system and investing minimal time so far into what I’ll expand on in the future.

Why? Because it served as a foundation for me to fully utilize Pinterest via another route that’s better suited for the type of marketing and users who are on Pinterest.

Remember, everything revolves around Masculinity Rising. But not everything is Masculinity Rising.

I have other projects and streams of revenue that I am nurturing and growing.

Is fighting everything to Conor McGregor? Yes and no.

Fighting is what created the empire and what drives the engine of his success. But fighting isn’t everything. There are other avenues. Marketing deals, personal brands, and every other thing that Conor dips his fingers into and pulls out money to stuff in his Gucci mink pockets. And then there is his family.

You must realize that we have absolutes and we have no absolutes.

Everything is a paradox. Everything is everything and everything is not.

Fighting is everything and without fighting his empire wouldn’t have been built to such a level it has.

But fighting isn’t everything because then you neglect family and business and longevity.

Fighting is and is not.

As Ivan throne says, “tumble and turn.”

Learn to bob and weave with the contradictions of this reality. That’s what lets you create those openings to success.

I highly suggest taking the time to watch this video. Witness how a champion carries himself and handles business.

I don’t see how you can NOT take inspiration from this man. Even if you think he’s a douchebag. I guess a few people think the same of me.

Us in the winners circle don’t let losers dictate what we can and can’t say. We have our own platforms and our own voices. Only we can silence ourselves. And that just ain’t happening.

Until next time,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising