The Nine Laws of The Dark Triad Man (Book Review)

The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is a concise but powerful book by Ivan Throne of

Much like the Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Nine Laws is not a book you read once and put down.

In fact, The Nine Laws reads much like it was written by Sun Tzu or Miyamoto Musashi. When I read Ivan’s words, I hear the same powerful tone of these great warriors.

The diction is carefully chosen and requires meditation upon its words. As such, it took me a while to flesh out most of this review.

Then life got busy and I’m just now returning to finish it. I understand Ivan has been writing an expanded print edition as well, which will be nothing short of spectacular.

I first discovered Ivan Throne via his Twitter.

Twitter can be a powerful (for now) way to build an audience and scale out your impact on the world.

Before reading The Nine Laws, my understanding of what it meant to be “Dark Triad” had a very negative connotation. It was a term generally associated with roguish men who held the world in complete disregard as they pursued and obtained any and every desire along their journey towards life conquest.

Ivan has redefined what it means to be a Dark Triad Man in a modern “dark world.”

And our times are very dark indeed.

Men are taught not to be masculine.

Men are taught that their natural male qualities are somehow evil and unacceptable.

Men have their lives ruined over false rape accusations without any due process whatsoever.

Men have their assets and children stripped away from them during divorce proceedings which are stacked overwhelmingly in the favor of women.

Men suffer a widely disproportionate number of prison sentences, deaths, and suicides.

It’s time that men begin standing up against the forces which want to see us trodden into the dirt.

It’s time to embrace the Dark Triad.

To wield it.

The Nine Laws of The Dark Triad Man

The Dark Triad

The Dark Triad qualities are three negatively-perceived personality traits that, when not consciously guided and controlled, can lead to a person being an absolute rogue with no regard for those around him.

These three personality traits are…

Narcissism, the preoccupation with personal adequacy.

Machiavellianism, the employment of cunning and duplicity (deceitfulness).

And psychopathy, a cold, disinhibited remorselessness.

As I said earlier, The Nine Laws isn’t a book you simply blow through and sit down. You need to read it and re-read it. Meditate on it. Absorb it.

Additional times around, I began to notice how artfully crafted this book truly is.

The first time through, you won’t recognize how the other laws are weaved into the application phases of each other law in turn.

Which brings me to the Nine Laws themselves.

Similar to the structure of Ivan’s book, my review will provide for each law:

  • the lesson for that law from The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man.
  • what I am willing to reveal about my personal exploration of each law. Hey, we are talking about the Dark World here… I can’t be Machiavellian by revealing my full hand can I?
  • my “post” responses for each of The Nine Laws, at Ivan’s request. I will also post them in the comments section at

By breaking down the Nine Laws and how they apply directly to your daily life, you can immediately take steps to begin empowering yourself.

Even something as frowned upon as the Dark Triad can be utilized and molded for good.

Looking back across my life, I can see where I’ve been applying the Nine Laws without even realizing it at the time. This gives more weight to their authenticity.

A man traveling along his path towards self-actualization in our current societal structure will have to embody most, if not all of these Nine Laws.

With that said, let’s begin…

The First Law — Survival

Don’t die. Survival is the First Law… Your survival is your own responsibility. Ensure it.”
— Ivan Throne

Survival has definitely been the utmost priority in my life.

Life is dangerous. That’s the beauty of it.

How can you feel alive if you don’t have to fight to be alive?

Regardless of how extreme a depression you may experience, just know that your survival in this world is the only thing that matters.

People who have been lucky enough to survive after a suicide attempt have said that the moment after they made the final choice to take their life, they instantly regretted it.

They realized at that irreversible moment, that every problem in their life, every issue, every sorrow, everything they felt couldn’t be fixed, COULD be fixed.

The only thing that COULDN’T be fixed was the choice they had just made to take their life. I suppose most everyone would feel that way after crossing the “event horizon” for their suicide attempt.

For that reason, suicide is the ultimate betrayal of self. It is the ultimate form of giving up.

Suicide and despair are thus mortal, unforgivable sins.”
— Ivan Throne

Personally, I experienced extreme depression during my college years from a terribly weak mindset and lack of mentors.

“Taking the Red Pill” didn’t help either, as waking up from the haze of corporate and political brainwashing is like detonating a nuclear bomb inside your head. When you shatter through all the cognitive dissonance, all you are left with is truth and pain.

It’s up to you to accept the truth and create a life of happiness from the ashes.

I met strong role models that pushed me to improve myself. I improved my body by training day in and day out. I improved my mentality by reading the books of successful authors who have helped many other men with the same types of situations.

All of which pulled me out of that terribly dark place.

There would be months where I’d coast through life, absolutely miserable and entertaining the thought of suicide on a daily basis.

“What if I drove into a tree?”
“What if I overdosed on some pills?”
“God forbid, what if I blew my brains out? That would be just the story! Staunch 2nd Amendment supporter kills himself with gun, proving gun owners can’t be trusted!”

Looking at the words on a page makes them seem absolutely ridiculous and melodramatic… which guess what, bub? THEY ARE!

All of the problems that make you ask those asinine questions about suicide, everything that makes you question your abilities and confidence, all of that bullshit pales in comparison to you taking your own life.

How can you tell?

Easy. Just live your life.

The Universe will send you the messages you need to hear when you need them the most. And they can appear in the most unexpected ways.


While I was heading to another day of miserable work I didn’t want to do, I received a jolt back into reality while I was sitting on my motorcycle at a stoplight.

Lucky for me, I always do a left-right-left-right check of the road before fully entering an intersection. Had I not, I wouldn’t have been able clamp down on the brakes as a car ran the red light, turning directly in front of me.

I was almost T-boned at 30mph. Which very well could have killed me.

And guess what?

All of the depressed thoughts, all of the negative emotions, all of the bullshit I was experiencing that day… it all evaporated in that moment. As the adrenaline coursed through my veins, my body instinctually reinforced the thought that survival is always paramount.

I’ve had other “close calls” over the years, and I promise you that each time you dance with Death, you will quickly realize that your body is hardwired for survival.

It’s when we have too much time to sit and think, without being fully present in our worldly bodies, that we begin to focus on negative thoughts and harbor thoughts of suicide.

So the next time you are feeling depressed, go do some kind of physical activity to get back into your body. Lift, run, box, bicycle, fuck, anything.

Just remember that you have SO MUCH ahead of you that you don’t even realize is coming.

There will be sorrowful times, sure.

But there will also be beautiful, miraculous, wondrous times that will forever leave an imprint upon your heart. Your soul.

And if you must go out, strive to go out like this warrior, in a blaze of unrelenting purpose.

Before reading the Nine Laws, survival was already hard-wired into my daily routine through the carrying of firearms and other weapons. I’ve long held the habit of doing my best to remain prepared at all times for most situations.

I’ve especially exercised extra vigilance during dangerous but generally common scenarios, such as crossing the street or entering/exiting a vehicle, especially late at night.

In the future, I intend to take a martial art, as well as become more skilled with weapons manipulation by taking tactical training.

Aggressive driving, as well as helicopter and airplane piloting, are all skills I have lined up in the pipeline of achievements.

The Second Law — Concealment

Don’t show off. Concealment is the Second Law. Nobody needs to know your stuff.”
— Ivan Throne

Another area that the Nine Laws have cropped up in my life is in concealment.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that I have begun withholding more information as I’ve grown older. I “play my cards closer to the chest,” so to speak.

I used to be a blabbermouth during conversation. I would simply talk, without a conscious filter, and conversations would sometimes take very negative turns.

I’d either give away more information than I should have or otherwise ruin an interaction that would have been just fine had I kept my mouth shut.

A lot of your problems with women can be fixed simply by talking less and allowing them to talk more. Listen for their own inconsistencies and learn how to weed out women that will not be supportive of your mission.

Being more reserved, a bit mysterious, or hard to read will work wonders for your relationships. A woman’s mind is constantly looking for something to preoccupy it. Better to have her preoccupied with trying to figure you out, than trying to attract the attention of other men.

When she’s fully focused on you, she cannot be focused on other people.

Concealment is especially paramount in business. You cannot get ahead of your competitors if you are constantly revealing what you’re going to do ahead of time. Likewise if you’re so predictable that your competitors know what you’ll do under particular circumstances.

Conceal your intention, so that you can work on your purpose from the shadows.

If you work in silence, you allow your actions to speak for themselves. If you are too revealing, you risk jeopardizing your position and handing over opportunities to your adversaries.

And most of all, conceal your deepest motivators. They can be used to manipulate you.

When I began to examine my daily activities to see just what I was revealing, I discovered deeper truths behind my actions.

I do have a need to get noticed, but my intention is to manipulate that need into power.

Yes, I want people to know me, to recognize my life accomplishments, and to see me as a positive mentor. But at the same time I want to keep certain aspects of my life private.

I have adapted over time to stand out from the norm, the average.

My better vocabulary is one adaptation.

So is my passion for bodybuilding. It differentiates me from the weaklings of society.

Even dressing stylishly in well-fitting clothing will make you stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, although these lifestyle habits may make me “high profile,” it generally does so in a positive way.

Being well-spoken, athletic, and well-dressed pays off in our society.

Being loose-lipped, slobbish, and unkempt does not, and reveals to the world deeper truths that are not beneficial to your success.

The best example I can think of is from team sports. I played soccer during grade school and should have continued when I went to college, but alas, I took another route.

I played keeper for around six years. When I was on the field, I didn’t advertise or celebrate that I was a bad ass, although I knew I was.

I was unstoppable in my position.

People always underestimated me since I was smaller than most people on the field… and yet I played the goalkeeper position. You would think they’d do the math, but no, they assumed they would destroy us.

Needless to  say, I was good.

I knew how to cut down angles, and how to charge and intimidate players on the field. Other kids thought I was crazy after I’d attack them for the ball, rushing out of the goal.

Throughout every season, I never carried myself as if I was a killer.

And every year, opposing teams would underestimate me, as well as my teammates. They’d underestimate my and my coach’s ability to direct our players on the field.

By setting my ego aside, not being braggadocios, and by allowing my teammates to share the glory, I enabled our team to function as a well-oiled team.

I saved my ego for the 1v1 confrontations. There, I was a mad man (or rather a wild boy, I was young). There, my ego would attack and outshine the other players, causing them to falter and causing me to win.

Set aside your ego to reach higher glory.

You can have it stroked as you rise to power.

The Third Law — Purpose

Mean it. Purpose is the Third Law. Make your reason for life a vital one.”
— Ivan Throne

My revelation of purpose was quite shocking to me as I performed this exercise. It is one I highly recommend. You very may well reveal some hidden truths about yourself.

I undressed for bed, had a drink of water, and laid down under the covers.

As I delved into my thoughts, I realized that ultimately having a family, and therefore passing on my genes and legacy, was an unfulfilled purpose that is kept in the shadows for me.

That’s not to say that finding a wife and having children is a priority for me, but rather to say that part of my life’s purpose will include those things; however, now is not the time.

Having children at a young age doesn’t usually turn out well for men.

I would much rather start a family after I have built a stable base of financial security, and when I would have more time to be around.

As I performed this exercise, I imagined achieving the goals I have set, but through all the imagery I kept coming back to family as part of my legacy.

Sorry boys, this one goes a little too deep.

Give it a try yourself and see what you reveal.

The Fourth Law — Endurance

Keep going. Endurance is the Fourth Law. Learn to put up with it.”
— Ivan Throne

Life is a war of attrition. It’s a war of outlasting the other man, the other forces. Large and small.

Life is about avoiding death, overcoming illnesses and disease, and preventing starvation.

Everything, ultimately falls apart. Everything degrades. Entropy is the natural state of the Universe.

Life is about enduring through insurmountable odds, about pursuing your goals in the face of innumerable hardships and disadvantages, and striving to realize and achieve your true purpose.

Your life experiences are not always going to go your way. There are going to be times when you are absolutely miserable. Completely out-of-control.

How you employ patience in these moments will determine your perception of reality.

Getting caught in rush hour traffic day after day is a perfect example. If you are able to employ patience rather than frustration, rush hour will not be anywhere nearly as unpleasant for you as it is for everyone else around you.

If you allow yourself to rage out every morning and afternoon as you push your way through a sea of red taillights, you’re going to slowly lose in that war of attrition.

Without a radical overhaul of our infrastructure, these types of problems are only going to get worse as population centers grow.

If you are unable to endure death by a thousand cuts, you likely do not have what it takes to succeed. Endurance is one of the most important traits a masculine man can have. It goes hand-in-hand with perseverance.

A masculine man never gives up.

You must always endure. You must always persevere.

During my period of severe depression, I forced myself to go to the gym.

I forced myself to the gym even when every single cell in my body wanted to stay at home and feel sorry for myself. Action is the most effective way to combat depression.

By getting out of the house and hitting the weights hard, I was able to clear up my negative thoughts while gaining muscle and losing fat. Heavy workouts also release pleasureful endorphins that help combat depression.

Through the pain and fog, I would force myself to undergo a different type of pain. Pain from the weights.

I needed to transform my self by starting another endurance race: bodybuilding.

Every single morning, I clawed my way out of bed by repeating a simple phrase I first heard from Elliott Hulse: “Successful people do what they have to do, whether they feel like it or not.”

I’ve recently heard another powerful bed-shedding phrase from the one and only, Ivan Throne: “Get up! Get up and walk!”

The Fifth Law — Posture

Pay attention. Posture is the Fifth Law. Watch your surroundings and respond well.”
— Ivan Throne

Posture is one of the most difficult aspects of your existence to perfect.

Posture isn’t relegated to how you carry yourself, whether your head is high and chest up.

Posture is how you present yourself in all regards — how you arrange, carry, and expose your body, mind, and heart. It’s how your actions and words reflect upon the world.

The easiest place to begin improving your posture is in the most common understanding of “posture.” The physical. How you carry your body.

Strive to carry yourself with an alert, erect, and confident posture.

Head up. Eyes straight ahead. Spine tall and straight. Chest high. Hips squarely under torso. Stance shoulder-width or wider. Feet firmly planted into the ground.

Avoid hunched shoulders, rounding the low back, tucking your hips, or keeping your head down. These are not powerful, nor confident, postures.

By changing your physical posture, you open the necessary space for your mental and emotional posture to develop.

When you carry yourself proudly and confidently, even if you are not, your subconscious picks up on your posture and goes to work. Your subconscious will mold your inner posture to reflect your outer posture.

Some people refer to this as the “fake it till you make it” principle. It works… as long as you are also putting in conscious effort to accept and improve upon what your subconscious is willing into existence.

Over time, your thoughts and emotions will improve. You’ll no longer feel helpless, useless, undesired, or fearful. Sure, those emotions may show themselves every now and then, but they will no longer be the baseline from which you operate.

Success comes when your posture is truly aligned with who you are and your purpose.

When your words, actions, thoughts, and body are all in tune, the external world will see your authenticity and passion. They will see the true reflection of yourself.

The ones who don’t are too blinded by their own insecurities to see your expression. Instead, they see their own reflected insecurities, shortcomings, and fears. Their posture is too weak to accept the reality of others.

My posture used to be terrible.

I would slouch, walk with my head down, hunch my shoulders forward, and make myself small.

I would attempt to fly under the radar. To not be seen. To not draw attention to myself.

I was taught from a young age that those who carried themselves proudly were vain, insecure, assholes, or douchebags.

I was taught that lifting wasn’t “cool” and that “only dumb jocks lift weights.”

I was taught that it’s bad to be dominant, aggressive, or assertive.

Naturally, I carried myself in a very submissive and fearful manner. Fearful of being noticed and fearful of others thinking I was an asshole.

Not anymore.

Fixing my posture has been a crucial aspect in creating a lifestyle I enjoy. It all started with 30 Days of Discipline, by Victor Pride, and was honed by Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset.

When I was following 30 Days of Discipline, the habit of maintaining good posture was one of the hardest habits to follow.

The only way you can fix your posture is by becoming extremely self-aware. You must break out of your mind and listen to your body. During 30 DoD, I would constantly catch and correct myself when I’d realize I was slouching, keeping a minimized footprint, or refusing to make eye contact.

Day by day, you will steadily improve. Your body will establish a “new normal.” And people will notice.

When your body learns to carry itself confidently and powerfully, your personality will exude the same.

The Sixth Law — Freedom

Don’t get boxed in. Freedom is the Sixth Law. Shackles are for the imprisoned and the dead.”
— Ivan Throne

Life is nothing without freedom.

To live like a slave is not to live at all.

And bad news. Everything about our society is engineered to make you a modern day slave. A debt slave.

Society wants to place you into constrictive little boxes.

An average person’s “story” includes all of this:

  • Working a dead-end job that you despise to your core.
  • Suffocating under a mountain of debt from credit cards, auto payments, and an average university with a degree that’s practically worthless.
  • Falling into the never-ending routine of always running late and never having enough time for the things you enjoy.
  • Contemplating suicide during Rush Hour traffic twice a day, 5 to 7 days a week, 50 or more weeks a year.

Avoid falling into these traps.

Don’t be a slave to the corporate world, banks, and stress.

I despised what I was doing right out of college so I made a change.

I’ve made many more changes since then.

Those changes are all in an effort to better structure my lifestyle into the one that I envision in my head. They’re meant to align me with my passions and give me more freedom.

I have made mistakes in life, as will everyone, but through the teachings of powerful mentors I have realigned myself to attaining my true purpose.

Life throws out traps to ensnare you, to constrict your freedom. Some of the most common I’ve seen are:

  • Debt.
  • Owning a home.
  • Owning pets.
  • Getting married too young.
  • Having a family too young.
  • Purposeless work.
  • Laws (of course).

Being buried by a mountain of debt is the quickest way I can think of to destroy your freedom.

When all of your money is going to paying the bill collector, you have none left over to invest in yourself or your ideas.

Many people struggle their entire life to pay back debt they racked up from school, credit cards, vehicles, and mortgages. They never get to see the places they wanted to see or do the things they wanted to do. Their dreams are crushed because they are constantly living paycheck to paycheck.

You’d be surprised at exactly how cheap it is to travel the world, but most people have no clue because their debt is such a looming issue they must firefight.

The next biggest traps to your freedom comes down to your living environment.

Anyone who’s ever owned a pet in a city will tell you that it drastically reduces the available apartments or condos you can rent.

Many residences won’t allow pets, so having Lucky may not be so lucky for you when you try to live in that high rise condo in downtown. They may tell you and the dog to take a walk.

Next comes owning a home.

People have been taught that owning a home is a symbol of wealth, when it’s really a symbol of debt and shackles over the next 30 years. The average person doesn’t have enough equity in their home for it to even be viable, then combine that with their remaining debt and their precious home suddenly becomes a prison.

They are never home to enjoy it, yet still make a huge mortgage payment each month.

Owning a home also reduces your perceived mobility. People pass up so many opportunities simply because they’d have to go through the hassle of moving and selling a home.

Stay away from owning a home until you are financially stable to do so without it placing a strain on your lifestyle or budget.

Then we have people trapped in the wrong relationship, or with children they didn’t plan for.

Use protection and don’t get married until you’re in your 30s, preferably late 30s or early 40s. At that stage in life you will be in your prime, and have better judgement in picking a permanent mate.

When you have a family and kids, you simply can’t pick up and leave when you want to. Save those life events for later.

Finally, we have laws that violate our freedom.

All world governments collude against their citizens and devise new ways to enslave their populations. We just no longer see the traditional type of slavery.

The best slave doesn’t know he is a slave.

The American political system has become so warped and distorted that the entire nation is blind to the truth.

It’s all been one giant, incredibly successful campaign to mimic 1984.

You can be prosecuted for “Thought Crime” in Europe now. You are on camera practically everywhere you go.

You are controlled by the media agenda that pushes political correctness to the point where you can lose your job if you dare speak outside the accepted narrative.

People will label you a bigot or racist for stating obvious truths.

The laws of men are merely arguments of the violent. The strictures of culture are but drifting ashes of the weak.” — Ivan Throne

My most liberating decision has been to cast aside any respect for political correctness. Growing up, I was indoctrinated by the media just as everyone else.

Sometime during college I realized everything the world tells you is BS.

There is no sense in falling in line with insanity. There is every reason to fight it.

I speak about real issues and offer facts. And the facts hurt.

Our society is controlled by the globalist puppet masters. Going against the narrative and standing up for what is right, is not popular.

You will be mocked, shunned, and attacked.

Yet, despite crossing the boundary into “incorrectness,” my ego remains unchanged… if not strengthened.

Political correctness goes right along with slavery. It’s an enslavement of your mind. It’s allowing others to tell you what is acceptable to say and to think.

Embrace the truth. You can see it in front of your very eyes.

How else can you be truly free?

The highest wealth is that of freedom.” — Ivan Throne

The Seventh Law — Power

Weak sucks. Power is the Seventh Law. Never plan on pity from other people.”
— Ivan Throne

A man without power is no man at all.

Powerlessness is helplessness. When you are helpless, you must bow to the expression of power by other forces and people.

When you cede your own power, you offer it as tribute for someone else to usurp and wield over you.

A man must embrace and express his own power over his domain, for the external powers around him are always fighting for advantage and supremacy.

From personal rivalries, to physical fitness, to business, to politics… no matter what the focus, someone or something is encroaching upon your power.

By electing to build yourself up, you are fostering habits that will help secure your own power in the future. In this war of attrition, being exceedingly powerful will add to your endurance.

Alphas rarely rest.

When you rest in the wild, you die. Another alpha will tear you from your throne.

Likewise, when you don’t assert your power you enable others to steal it. Politicians know this aspect better than anyone else.

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” — Mao Tse-tung

The quickest way to gain total power over a group of people is to take all the guns. Mao Tse-tung knew this very well. After disarming the Chinese people, the communist government subsequently murdered them by the millions.

This type of tragic event is exactly why we have the Second Amendment. It’s also exactly why our government wants to take the guns in America.

A disarmed populace is a powerless populace.

This is less of an encounter and more of a journey.

In 2013, I made the decision to move to Seattle for a new job.

I despised what I was doing right out of college and decided to make a change. In less than a week, I secured the money to relocate, packed my possessions, and drove 3,000 miles across the country.

Until then, I had never been further west than Ohio, further north than Maryland, or further south than Georgia (with one trip to Panama City, Florida).

I had never been so far from home before. I have no family in Seattle either.

My decision to move was the largest expression of my power thus far. It marked a monumental time in my life where I abandoned the chains of familiarity and safety to pursue my dream of living in one of the most beautiful regions in America.

None of my choices in life have offered such dramatic changes as breaking out of my “hometown living” mindset.

I recently watched a video where Hisao Hanafusa said something that resonated very strongly with me: “I want to get homesick. I want to know home more. If you stay, you don’t know too much because you have blind spots. Far away, you can see.”

When you stay in the same place you’ve always been, you become blind to both your strengths and positive characteristics, as well as to your shortcomings and lack of experience.

By venturing away from “home,” you express your power upon the world, and allow the world to express its power and beauty upon you.

Power possesses no moral freight of its own. Power is a natural force and has no more ability to flavor or tint itself with good or evil than gravity, leverage or momentum. For power itself is simply physics… the leverage of things.” — Ivan Throne

The Eighth Law — Preposterousness

It’s all good. Preposterousness is the Eighth Law. Don’t take things too seriously.”
— Ivan Throne

When you study what constitutes the fabric of our Universe, things start to get weird…

To the point where some of the best minds in the world are seriously seeking the answer to whether our reality is simply a computer simulation or hologram.

When you look at how particles behave and interact on unimaginably massive versus infinitesimally small levels, the laws of physics start to break down.

They behave differently depending on the situation. They contradict each other.

Which makes sense considering our Universe is one giant contradiction. Entropy is the natural order of things. Everything breaks down.

Yet, look around you. The billions of stars in the sky, the billions of galaxies in the Universe, all of it is order. Structure.

And then look at Earth.

Look at the countless ways in which matter can be organized. From water to animals to machines.

Consider consciousness.

What is it?

It doesn’t reside in any one cell in your brain. Yet it will flicker out like a candle if your brain is destroyed.

Your experiences here on Earth, your reality, is simply your own.

There is no way to tell whether you are real or a simulation.

There is no way to tell whether your reality is the only reality that exists.

There is no way to tell whether all of space time is a fantasy, or if you are simply a tiny grain in the hourglass of existence.

All of this begs the question, “What’s the point?”

That’s for you to find out.

“The Point” is the great mystery of life.

You exist as a singularity within space and time.

All of your troubles, all of your problems, what are they? Nothing more than a tiny ripple in history, if that.

If you walk out into the wilderness, you may stumble upon an animal carcass. To you, it’s simply another event you took note of throughout your hike. Yet the animal had an entire life history of its own. Struggles and challenges and hardships that it had to overcome as well.

Such is the Universe.

You are at the same time, a pinpoint in the infinite timeline of space, and the entire expression of the Universe.

Without consciousness, there is nothing but the here and now. There is no past, there is not future.

But with consciousness comes the ability to think in those terms, and thus, creating all of time and space in the process.

You cannot experience a reality without first being able to create that reality within your consciousness.

The Ninth Law — No Laws

Quit worrying. You die at the end. No Laws is the Ninth Law.”
— Ivan Throne

In the end, there are no laws.

The world is a brutal and savage and ruthless place.

It is also a magnificently beautiful and wonderful place, but the Dark World is what drives the need to protect freedom at all costs.

In a world without laws, the only law is your survival. You must survive in order to exact your purpose upon the world.

Yet, even the law of survival can be broken when your purpose transcends your time on Earth.

That is why there are no laws.

It is your prerogative to choose your path, to expand your power, to utilize your freedom and all in the service of your purpose. You will achieve what you earn and you will pay what you owe, and at times luck and chance will intervene.” — Ivan Throne

The world is unpredictable.

We cannot agree upon the laws of physics which describe the interactions within our Universe, and we cannot rely upon the laws of man to protect us.

Nothing is set in stone.

Stone may not even be real.

And that is the beauty of it.

Psychopathy is not evil. Nor is it immoral. It is, at the core, purely acceptance without illusion. Machiavellianism is not not evil. Nor is it cruel. It is, in full expression, merely perfect posture within creation. Narcissism is not evil. Nor is it selfish. It is, in its brilliance, only one more vision of the God of infinite multiverses.” — Ivan Throne

As Ivan says, we’ve come full circle.

While performing the execution exercise, the recurring theme that came to mind during meditation was having a family, having a legacy.

My purpose is to leave a positive, and lasting impact upon the world through my actions and words, while building a legacy worth admiring.

I am still on that quest for finding my full purpose, a purpose that transcends my time here on this planet.

Your true purpose may be the most elusive object you will ever pursue. It molds and blends and shape-shifts throughout your life.

Moments of clarity will reveal deeper truths about the journey you are taking through life. Sometimes you’ll make harsh turns in new directions without looking back. Sometimes you’ll look back in pain.

In life, yourself is not enough.

You must have a purpose bigger than yourself.

You must have something that pulls you out of bed each morning.

Only then will you have a reason to wield the Nine Laws.

Now get up, get up and walk!

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


  1. Stephan Menge August 17, 2016
  2. Evan Teague August 24, 2016
    • Nick Hagood September 10, 2016
  3. Evan Teague August 30, 2016

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