The Red-Eye Genesis: ~35,000 ft Above

I was digging through the archives of MR‘s unpublished posts, and I found this tiny gem. At the time, I thought this would be my very first post… but plans change, and we must adjust and adapt.

Since I caught another red-eye flight this year to visit the family for Christmas, I believe the post below is fitting to share.


From: Nick Hagood
Date: December 21, 2014 (1:07 AM, PST)
Location: Boeing 737-800 (SEA → MSP) ~35,000 ft Above Northwestern United States
Listening Pleasure: Runaway (U & I) by Galantis (Dillon Francis Remix)

I am currently writing via my Asus Eee PC netbook while aboard a red-eye flight from Seattle, WA, to Minneapolis, MN. There I will catch my connecting flight to Raleigh, NC, and ultimately Lynchburg, VA, to visit family and friends for the holidays. I wanted to take a moment and write what will be the first post for the blog; at this time I haven’t yet purchased a domain name and hosting package, but that’s coming soon.

While others are trying to sleep or entertain themselves through the night, I am busy working on my first eBook, which will cover everything a beginner will need to know about weightlifting, diet, conditioning, and general health. Over the past few months, my journey through personal development has led me here, to tonight. This is the cusp of starting my own business, and I’m very excited for what is to come. Stay tuned for some quality material coming down the pipeline.

Signing off,

Nick Hagood

Reflection & Analysis

Now, let’s go over that.

First off, if you’re an OG supporter of Bold & Determined, that introductory setup should jump out at you. I loved Nick’s format of stating “From the Desk of Victor Pride” and a subject line, as if you were receiving a memo from your life mentor.

I decided to forgo that intro style during the months of planning and reflection before going live with Masculinity Rising. Regardless of my own personal “spice,” I felt my attitude and voice was already too similar to Nick’s. Having a similar format was too much.

I remember listening to Nick’s podcast where he originally thought Mike Cernovich was a B&D copycat, but later realized he was wrong — instead, they both had similar attitudes and experiences. Nick realized Mike had real insight.

When I was starting off, the last thing I wanted to be considered was a copycat. My content and voice is my own, but without a doubt, the inspiration to get started came from B&D. The way to not be a copycat is to write about your own experiences. You must have experience to be authentic.

Next, let’s look at some of that “spice.”

I originally intended to include a track link in my article “headlines” for whichever song or playlist I was listening to when writing each article. Since I abandoned my header format, I also abandoned the music link… perhaps this is an idea I may revisit in the future.

I also want to highlight the type of music I was listening to when writing this very first article.

EDM, and trance in particular, makes me feel as if I am floating through space. It makes me feel the vibrations of Universal Resonance within my body. It makes me focus and unleashes creativity and energy.

Even back then, at the very beginning, I was listening to my body and its internal cues in order to reach a more productive state. At the time I didn’t understood the true mechanisms behind what was happening. Trance, just like binaural beats, places your body in a state of motion.

There is a reason why you can dance for hours to trance music.

Your body and mind want to be in motion. They both desire to fulfill the “second half” of the musical vibrations.

Without the motion of your body or the activation of your mind, music falls short. Unfulfilled. Missing the second half of the puzzle which allows the music to “meet in the middle in Full Color,” as Nick Kelly would say.

Right now, as I flesh out this article, I am listening to this exquisite playlist on Spotify… and the track called Circadian. Give it a listen.

Do you see the correlation to motion, cycles, and the trance state? You should.

When you’re about to write, throw on some noise-cancelling headphones and allow your mind to flow freely. The headphones allow you to block out external distractions and fully focus on the work at hand.

Listening to trance or binaural beats will place you in a state of motion and your fingers will release that energy into words on the page.

Now, let’s look at the format of the words and paragraphs in my original article.

People will not read your words if you do not break up larger blocks of text into shorter “paragraphs” and chunks on the page. Massive blocks stress people out and cause them to immediately click away from the information being presented.

For this reason, I break up my sentences the way I do.

When I first got started, I feared formatting in this manner would make me a copycat of B&D or other blogs. I quickly realized this fear was a product of over-thinking the issue.

If you want people to read your words, you must make them easy to read.

Note: This does not mean to dumb things down. It means formatting your words as to not cause the reader anxiety.

This format also gives you the added benefit of flowing more freely between sections and ideas. You’re not locked into a mindset of “this text doesn’t really fit this ‘paragraph.'” You can break up your words and “tumble and turn,” as Ivan Throne would say.

Let’s finish up by discussing the content of the post.

Oh how times have changed! I originally intended to release a product for sale damn near immediately after starting the blog…. without an audience.

What a flop that would have been.

As I learned more and more about the art of making money online, I decided to hold off on releasing a book.

For one, I wanted to have a decent amount of content out there for the world to get to know me and where I stand on certain issues — to see my personality and my values.

Second, I wanted to gain more experience in the subject areas my book will cover: bodybuilding, training, diet, and health.

I purchased the Masculinity Rising domain on January 1st, 2015. Although I dabbled in weight training throughout high school and college, I didn’t become a serious student of the iron until February 11th, 2013.

Had I released a book in January of 2015, I would have had just under two years of experience with bodybuilding. That’s not enough for someone to have confidence in my ability to teach the subject, so I placed the book on hold.

When I started MR, I had an athletic build, yes. I knew how to train, yes. But I wasn’t “jacked.” Yet.

I hadn’t put in the necessary time. My body didn’t yet speak for itself.

Now it does.

Today, I have just under four years of study beneath my belt. I am constantly asked if I compete in bodybuilding competitions or if I’m military.

I put in the time and I reaped the rewards. My body and posture shout to others that I have experience.

So today, I am finally announcing that my first book will be coming very soon.

There have been setbacks and delays and altered plans since starting MR, that’s a fact. But now I am ready to present you with a quality product to jump-start your journey towards becoming a bigger, stronger, and more masculine man.

Bodybuilding changed my life. It was the start of something amazing.

When you test yourself beneath the iron, when you push your will to its limits, and create an entirely different body out of your very own flesh, you become a different man.

A man cannot be masculine if he remains small, frail, and weak. He must endure the pain of growth to come out the other side anew.

Changing your body is a fantastic first step. Doing so will help you get a better grip on your own mind, while improving your life in innumerable ways. Bodybuilding and health isn’t complicated, but people make it complicated.

I’m here to show you what works, and what doesn’t, because I’ve walked the walk before I’ve talked the talk.

I hope you’re ready to truly change your life. We don’t follow that “New Year, New Me” bullshit around here. At Masculinity Rising, we put in the work to truly effect change.

Keep your eyes peeled for my first book. As I said, it’s coming very soon.


Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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