The Warrior Mindset

One year ago, I decided to unplug from most media sources, including most alternative media.

Consuming such negative information on a daily basis destroyed my focus and motivation. I wasn’t able to separate digesting the information and disengaging from my emotional (and worried) responses.

For years, I followed our state of affairs internationally. My friends in college would probably tell you that I was a gloomy S.O.B.

Gloom and doom was my life. My mindset.

I finally said fuck that.

And chucked the media.

Your Frame Is Fucked Up

A year ago, I hadn’t yet read Gorilla Mindset or 30 Days of Discipline. My mindset was very, very weak.

Over the past year, I’ve improved on that weak point, albeit not without having ups and downs.

I used to see myself as a victim, until I learned to change my perception.

“Why me? Why does this shit always happen to me?!”

That’s what I would scream whenever I’d experience “bad luck” or a problem threw itself at me.

Well, for one, “Because you allow it to happen to you.”

And two, “This shit doesn’t always happen to you. You haven’t taken responsibility for your life, so you seem the victim.”

Over the past year, I’ve began re-framing my problems as challenges. Gorilla Mindset helped me realize that I need to welcome the pain of growth, instead of avoiding it.

That pain can come in many forms.

The muscle soreness from a grueling bodybuilding routine.

The headaches from consuming book after book… filtering, processing, and assimilating all that data.

The stress of working for the system while trying to escape from the system.

The sacrifices you must make to achieve your goals. Reducing instant gratification, cutting back on a social life, quitting old hobbies to focus that time on business.

The loneliness that’s associated with blazing your own path and going against 95% of the population. Most people are average, and will bring you down to their level. That means you will look around and not see many people like you, which can be quite lonely on your way up.

The list goes on and on…

However, the rewards are far greater than any pain you will experience along the way.

As Victor says, “Live a few years like no one will, so you can live a lifetime like no one can.”

Both Victor and Mike have taught me that you will experience pain throughout life, no matter what you do.

You will either experience the pain of regret when you don’t achieve your goals. Or the pain required to actually accomplish them.

I choose the pain that will get me to where I want to be in life.

Plugging Back In

What initially caused me to unplug from world news, was the impending doom I’ve felt for a very long time… the feeling that we are fast approaching another World War.

I used to be one of them good ‘ole boys in the South. Nationalistic to the point of believing that the government had the best interests of its citizens in mind.

Boy, was I indoctrinated!

During college, I began questioning established concepts and narratives. I realized most of what society, the media, and the government sells us is a facade. Lies. Propaganda.

Anyone with critical thinking skills can realize that mass media is extremely biased and that every outlet is promoting an agenda. Over the past four years, I’ve noticed a steady increase in “wartime” and “surveillance state” propaganda, both subtly and overtly.

And due to my “victim” mentality, I allowed all of this negative news to destroy my motivation and focus, when it should have enhanced it.

I realize now that I should have allowed this thought, this “impending doom,” to force me to grow.

Instead of being a defeatist, why not use geopolitical affairs to fuel your rage, focus, and ambition?

It took a recent conversation with myself to realize this.

I simply asked myself, “What would happen if WWIII started this year? In five years? If the worst possible scenarios occurred? If there was terrorism within our borders, an actual invasion of the United States, an economic collapse, or nuclear fallout? Would you survive?”

The short answer was, “No.” With a greater probability of “maybe” as I pushed the hypothetical catastrophe date further into the future. The main caveat is the ability to amass resources in a short amount of time.

Once I had this conversation, the ultimate price of the lack of growth became clear. Death.

That’s not acceptable to me.

I have no doubt that I would survive far better than these liberal nancy-boys, hipsters, and SJWs. While I’m taking heads, they’ll be desperately trying to figure out how to load a magazine, use a charging handle, or simply hold a damn gun correctly.

But now, I’m trying a little experiment.

I’m now “training for war.”

And by that, I mean I am combining my mindset of achieving goals with preparing for war. A “warrior mindset.”

I’m shifting my mindset to include a stronger intensity and voracity towards reaching my goals. Attacking life, like I would attack in war.

Silly? We’ll see in a few years.

Survival of the Richest

On the logistical level, those that survive are the ones who have the most resources. Make as much money as you possibly can, as fast as you can. The more resources at your disposal, the greater your chances of survival.

On the physical level, those that survive are the ones who are the strongest and have the most training. Your chances of survival increase as you become stronger and fitter, and gain more skills.

Network, train your ass off, pick up a martial art, put yourself in new situations, and learn as much as you can. Being exposed to tons of different experiences and problems allows you to use those experiences to solve other situations.

In a way, training for war fits right in line with my passions and long-term goals.

I love building a bigger body. I love guns. And I love knowing I am self-reliant.

Weapons training, self-defense, vehicles, and aviation all interest me… and they’re all relatively expensive hobbies to maintain. All the more reason to become financially independent.

A few years down the road, I will eventually get a helicopter license, simply because I think it would be awesome as hell to know how to fly a helicopter. But take a step back and look at it from the standpoint of war or natural disasters: It’s a skill that could save your life.

If World War III really is right around the corner, then you better hurry up and create some new income sources and get your ass in the gym.

But at the same time, don’t throw away happiness just because you are worried about current world affairs. Use your interests to enhance your life as you “prepare.”

Enjoy Your Time Here

The world may be going to shit, but you should still enjoy your time here while you can. Spend time with those you love, enjoy the fresh air, and get some sun. But ALWAYS, be prepared to protect yourself and those you love. Always.

Large-scale events are out of your control. How you are able to react to those events are not.

The more resources and skills you have, the more prepared you will be.

The more freedom you will have.

And the more passions you can experience in the flesh.

There’s An Elephant In Your Mind

I hate to tell you, but ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away.

The world doesn’t stop for you, and most things are out of your control. Being ready and able to act in the moment will determine how you live your life.

Elliott Hulse first introduced me to the “warrior” mindset when he spoke of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. The human race is violent. Humans have been waging war since the very first tribes in history.

Across history, cultures have had young men complete various rites of passage. Elliott refers to this as the Hero’s Journey. Sadly, today’s society has a very distinct lack of the Hero’s Journey for young boys.

I strongly believe this shortcoming is a major factor behind the sissyness of most men today.

The absence of a rite of passage, the absence of a marker from boyhood to manhood, places grown men into a perpetual state of boyhood.

They have never been truly challenged. They have never been truly tested. They’ve never had to give something their all in order to come out on top, or alive.

I admit, even I haven’t been pushed to my breaking point yet…

Ancient societies were not like this. Men were taught to be strong, self-reliant, and masculine. There were certain significant life events that tested young men into either becoming men, or failing.

We need to bring back true challenges for men. Bring back competition.

Competition is a good thing, and is what leads to improvement and innovation.

Participation awards are bullshit. If my future children ever receive a participation award (unlikely, since I intend to have them home-schooled), that award will be thrown in the trash.

You do not get credit for showing up. You get credit for finishing. For winning.

Teaching children otherwise does not prepare them for life.

In life, you win or you lose. You succeed, or you fail. You don’t get participation points.

You win or lose based on your mindset. Ignoring problems does not make them go way. Attacking problems with a sound mind, will.

The Warrior Athlete

I’ve enjoyed my mindset shift over the past two weeks.

I’m hitting the weights harder and throwing in more cardio, endurance, and power work.

Soon I’ll start working on my agility. I want to become a well-rounded (but jacked) athlete. I want to know my body is capable of doing anything I ask it to, and I’m not yet there.

However, there’s plenty of people who are close, and if you ever need motivation, they’ll definitely serve you up a dose…

Speaking of which, shout-out to Terron F. Beckham, for his solid agility while being completely jacked. He’s currently on the road to the NFL.

Also, shout-out to Tony Sentmanat. Check out his Instagram for some bad-ass tactical training.

It’s time to train my body to be a more well-functioning machine. An athlete, a warrior, whatever you want to call it.

Go kill it, and be ready to face these savages.

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising