Six Critical Things To Learn From 2016: Happy New Year from Masculinity Rising!

Happy 2017 from Masculinity Rising!

Wow, it’s already the 13th. Friday the 13th nonetheless…

2017 is flying by and there’s only seven more days until the inauguration.

I intended to publish this last week, but I’ve been caught up between settling back into Seattle and working on some things behind the scenes, including my first book coming very soon. It’s really taken shape and I know you will enjoy it.

You’ll get to see the world of personal development, bodybuilding, and chasing your Destiny in a completely different perspective.

Anyway, let’s get right to today’s article.

2016 reinforced the importance of several critical things that you simply cannot overlook when it comes to your lifestyle and business.

These were not all “new” revelations.

The past year has only reinforced the validity of these six topics. Since starting Masculinity Rising, I have fostered more and more of these principles… and the changes in my life have been remarkable. I don’t even recognize the man I used to be.

Follow these simple principles if you want to jump-start your life.

#1 — “Be The Man, Be The Brand”

This is another article I have in the works. Keep an eye out for it.

Without giving too much away, “Be The Man, Be The Brand” is ultimately the harmony between your true self and the self you show the world.

Every man is his own brand. This has been explained time and time again.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you are still your own “brand.” Your skills and competence will follow you. People will know your reputation and how you perform. Word gets around.

Either you will be at the mercy of hiring managers critiquing your resume and references, or you’ll create your own empire and your own platform.

You have two choices: be able to sell yourself to employers and gatekeepers, or be able to sell yourself to the world.

Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner, but for the select few who are, being in true alignment with your brand is critical.

The #Sanctuary of the #Monk

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As the saying goes, “People can smell a fake.”

You cannot teach something you do not understand. You cannot write about something you have not experienced.

If you do, your words will be hollow.

I have tons of articles that aren’t even published. Tons of drafts and notes and idea sketches. Why aren’t they published?

Because they are topics I am still exploring, topics I am still experiencing, topics that still require further understanding. As I said, you cannot write about something you have not experienced… and each day of life brings us a deeper connection with our experiences and our words — so start experiencing!

Building a brand around aspects that don’t resonate with you personally is like building a castle on wet sand. It’s doomed to crumble.

Just look around at all of the failed businesses, or the blogs that are clear copycats of the best blogs online. Nothing comes from the heart anymore. It’s all people thinking they’ll make a quick buck or have no will to endure the time that’s required of them.

People are going into business in areas where they have no obsession. People are building a brand that’s hollow and lifeless because that brand has no internal resonance.

It’s all fake.

It’s people trying to be other people.

The successful brands and the brands with potential, they all showcase real experiences that resonate with their supporters. Experiences and topics the creator is obsessed about.

Even when you first get started, there are aspects of your life that can benefit others, things you have learned along the way. Share these experiences in your own voice, and the people who need to hear your message will find you.

Figure out what you are passionate about, what you are obsessed with, and start building those experiences into a brand.

Speak about what you know, and your words will resonate. Without resonating with the reader, you will have no readers.

#2 — Consistency Above All

No matter what happens in life, consistently move forward.

Even the times where you take a hit and must suffer a setback, always keep placing one foot in front of the other. Fight to maintain your momentum forward each and every day.

Put in the dedicated, consistent work that is required of you to see success, and it will fuel you along the path to Destiny.

Nick Kelly describes this as “The Way of Always Moving Forward” in New World Ronin.

Create your own routine.

Discover what works for you each morning and each night.

Sit down and write out the things that are absolutely critical for you to achieve your goals. Then make sure you do them every single day.

Establishing a routine is an easy way to stay consistent. It keeps you accountable and you notice when you’re getting off course.

When I stay in a powerful routine, I kill it at life. Do the same.

#3 — Choose The Correct Inner Circle

The people you choose to have around you matters in incredible ways. Do not be so quick to bring strangers or losers into your inner circle.

I’ve written about this concept before, because this truly is a key principle of success.

The energy and personalities of those around you will rub off on you over time.

This is why it’s important to surround yourself with people who will push you to be better and achieve more, people who are on the same path of creating their own Destiny, and people who have the qualities you want to foster in your own life.

If you hang out with losers, you’ll become a loser.

If you hang out with winners, you’ll have only two choices: become a winner or get the hell out.

Winners do not allow sloths and leeches into their inner circles.

They do not have time for those who do not challenge them and help make them better. They do not have time for those without a vision or Purpose.

As the saying goes, “Your network is your net worth.”

Start surgically trimming the dead weight from your network. Find people who motivate you, and connect with them. Business opportunities are created through connections.

If you have “friends” and family who hold you back or fill your life with negativity, either give them the very brief chance to change how they act around you, or cut back or even eliminate the time you spend with them.

Toxicity spreads like a cancer, and the last thing you want are toxic assassins setting up tripwires along your path towards Destiny.

#4 — Resonate With Binaural Beats

Listening to binaural beats has been the single most helpful “new” habit I implemented in 2016.

I’ve used them for eliminating distractions during work, meditation sessions, falling asleep, and triggering flow.

This is actually the topic of another article I’m putting the finishing touches on now as well, so I don’t want to go into too much detail here.

So what are binaural beats?

Per the Planetary Knowledge Core:

Binaural beats are heard when the right ear listens to a slightly different tone than the left ear. Here, the tones do not interfere physically, but are summed by the brain in the olivary nucleus. This effect is related to the brain’s ability to locate sounds in three dimensions.” — Infogalactic

Basically, when each ear is played a slightly different tone, the brain will interpret a third tone in the middle. This third tone is a binaural beat.

Various frequencies have different effects on the brain, which I will breakdown in my future article. I have experimented with binaural beats for brainwave entrainment, and enjoy the results.

They allow me to focus on the work at hand and feel more in-align with the Universe.

#5 — Always Be Packing

Always be packing.

It’s such a simple rule.

#1 — Always be packing a pistol in your pants.

Size matters, and the honest women will tell you.

#2 — Always carry a gun.

If you are disarmed, you are a victim.

Do not be a victim. It seems we are having terrorist attacks nearly every day now. The Western World is under invasion. Jihadis are shooting up malls, stabbing college students, or driving trucks over crowds of people. This war is not limited to bombs.

Evil roams the Earth and the enemy walks among us. You must carry a firearm.

My heart goes out to all the Europeans who wish their ancestors didn’t give up the right to firearm ownership. America must fight to avoid the same fate. Our Second Amendment is under assault every day.

Carrying a firearm is paramount to your ability to have a chance at survival. A gun isn’t a magic talisman. You can still die. But a weapon gives you that fighting chance.

The evil of a mass shooter can pop up anywhere. Or you could simply be caught in the middle of a crime. If you are disarmed, you are the victim by default. Get a gun, get some training, and carry as close to 100% of the time as possible.

#3 — Always have the ability to defend yourself.

I’m not naive enough to think you’ll have a gun on you while at a pool party.

Some situations in life are going to throw you curve balls. You won’t have a gun on you in the pool, but you can have a gun secured in your pool bag.

Sometimes you’ll have to plan ahead and adopt your carry routine in order to remain armed.

I understand that there will be times where having a gun is practically impossible (think of a court house), and times where carrying is just insanely inconvenient. Regardless, strive to carry 100% of the time. That is your goal.

Those times you choose not to be armed, you must still keep a heightened situational awareness while possessing the ability to defend yourself in unarmed combat, or by using your environment to your advantage.

Take a Martial art. Know you can defend yourself.

Get in the gym, develop some strength and a “don’t fuck with me” physique, and you’ll be better off than 95% of the population. Criminals target victims.

So don’t be, or look like, a victim.

#6 — Take the Red Pill: Eat The Painful Truths

Accept reality for how it is, and not how you wish it to be. Doing the latter leads to delusion.

For around the past ten years I’ve known that our system is corrupt.

However, 2016 taught me that all levels of our society and government have been corrupted in some fashion. Alternative media educates more people than the “accepted” mass media has in its audience, but they won’t admit that on TV.

Even with blatant acts of censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the right side of history still has a greater reach. The truth cannot be silenced.

The mass media will stoop to amazing levels in order to drive a particular narrative into the minds of the population. It’s all bought and paid-for. It’s insanity.

The establishment and media have mobilized to insane levels to try to stop Donald Trump from taking office.

People have been “educated” to remain ignorant, with no ability to critically think or evaluate a particular situation for themselves. You have all these coddled little children walking around completely oblivious as to how the world actually operates.

The media has successfully brainwashed the masses into thinking all of these “benefits” are free. “Free” college. “Free” healthcare. And Trump is “literally Hitler.”

It’s all a lie. It’s all a joke.

Our system is totally corrupted, and the quicker we admit that, the quicker we can fix the problems. We have serious work ahead of us if the Western World wants to oust these criminals from their places of power.

A Note On Masculinity

If you’re just now starting your journey to a more masculine you, I welcome you.

2016 was one hell of a year.

We got Donald Trump elected, and my personal life has completely changed due to years of consistent work.

The blog is taking shape. I have a book coming out soon. I was followed and blocked by celebrities on Twitter, was ultimately suspended in the Twitter Purge, and transitioned to Gab.

And finally I became more in alignment with my own Purpose and figured out the direction I’m heading in.

By remaining in alignment with the necessary habits to help you reach success, you will get closer and closer to your goal with every passing day.

It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Keep working at it. And you will succeed.

Masculinity requires perseverance. Quitters never win.

Welcome to the new year, welcome to Masculinity Rising, and welcome to a new path that can help you reach your Destiny.

Watch out for those black cats tonight…

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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