The Twitter Purge: Creating A Liberal Utopia for Coddled Children

As you probably know by now, I have been one of the most recent casualties of the Twitter Purge.

You can now find me on Gab.AI as @MasculinityRising.

I thought about posting on this topic a week ago, but I decided to prioritize reading several books instead, among them New World Ronin and MAGA Mindset. I’m about to finish The Nine Laws as well.

I highly recommend you check out these books. New World Ronin is a masterpiece of how to master your Destiny.

MAGA Mindset will open your eyes to tons of issues that directly affect your life, while giving you the tools to create a winning mindset.

The Nine Laws will completely change how you perceive the world, but only if you truly study the words and implement ruthless action.


Let’s get on to the Great Twitter Purge of 2016.

Follow The Money

I highly doubt my Twitter account will be reinstated. As I have written about before, Twitter is a hotbed for censorship of conservative or nationalist ideas, while serving as a propaganda machine of progressives and Islam.

Twitter Ownership Shares

This is why you cannot speak the truth about Islam on Twitter. Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is the #2 stakeholder in the company…

My suspension likely came from stating an obvious truth or claims of “harassment.” Who the hell knows? Do you honestly think Twitter would have the transparency to tell you a legitimate reason as to why they did anything?

I immediately filed an appeal on November 17th, the date of the suspension. We shall see if and when Twitter Support reaches back out with their BS reason from the Thoughtcrime Safety Council.

None of this matters.

They have failed. Miserably.

Twitter is a dying company, being ran into the ground by Jack and his owners.

They may have purged the alt right and people who speak truths, but they have failed. Donald Trump will be in the White House in January. Twitter could have done this before the election happened, and maybe Donald Trump wouldn’t have been able to use his extraordinary influence on social media to win the most powerful office on the planet.

As always, Twitter is a day late and a dollar short.

No, literally. Check Twitter’s stocks.

Twitter Stocks

This is what happens when you take a stand against freedom.

They’re going out of business fast.

At the same time, freedom always finds a way to ring out. The true supporters of free speech have moved on to a better platform.

Gab is highly responsive to user feedback and vows to remain a free and open platform that will support all types of speech, including hate speech.

What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.” — Salman Rushdie

Come join us on Gab. This next year is going to be wild and you need to be a part of it. Profile - Masculinity Rising

Create an account on Gab if you want to #SpeakFreely.

What’s Your Home Base?

There’s a good reason why Mike Cernovich has always recommended having your own platform & followers outside of social media.

When you are not in control, things can be taken from you. Easily. Very easily.

In the case of Twitter, Facebook, or hell, even Gab for that matter, your voice can be effectively silenced at the flip of a switch.

Regardless of what Gab promises for now, any time you are not in control, you are in a position of servitude and reliance.

The way around this is having your own platform, your own blog or website where YOU control the content. When you are in charge, you control the conversation.

When people attack you or write hit-pieces about your true character, having your own platform allows you to express the truth to the world and dispel the lies.

You may be wondering, “What if I’m just starting out? What if my blog doesn’t have enough traffic yet to dispel the lies being propagated about me?”

You shouldn’t worry about these things.

Publish the truth, and people will find the truth.

Just look at this election.

Even with the entire political, corporate, and media establishment actively sabotaging Donald Trump’s campaign by spreading lie after lie after lie for over a year, the truth still found a way to the public.

One patriotic man was able to defy the odds and win the election. Read MAGA Mindset if you want to know exactly how.

Donald Trump forced the media to talk about him, or their ratings and ability to sway the public opinion would diminish. His conflict and drama created an endless cycle of media coverage, ensuring his message would get out.

Even without being in control of these outlets and companies, Donald Trump still controlled the frame and received landslide support from the nation.

Donald Trump is his own media empire.

You need to create your own as well, if you never want your voice to be silenced.

Start a blog, create your home base, and expand into new possibilities.

And make sure you come join the Speak Freely movement on Gab.AI.

But most of all, sign up for my mailing list. Masculinity Rising is MY home base. Let me know how I can reach you.


Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising