How to Instantly Be Happier

I am naturally a pessimist and sometimes the Devil’s advocate.

Negativity is something that I have always struggled with.

It has been a major factor in my personality for a long time, but over the past two years I have been working diligently to change that about myself.

At the beginning, everything I tried failed. I was always moody, pessimistic, complaining, and generally turned my surroundings and relationships into a negative environment.

I simply didn’t know how to be happy. But then again, I had never truly searched for ways to be happier.

The answer came when I began reading books.

How do you become happier?


Before We Get Started

The Virginia Shooting on August 26 is what sparked this article.

I grew up less than 30 miles from Moneta, where the shooting occurred. So this hits close to home.

I first learned of the shooting when my mother texted me at 6 AM on the 26th.

I was at the gym training, so what did I do? I ignored that text, pushed the issue out of my mind, and responded to her later after I was done training.

One of my biggest frustrations is when my focus in the gym is disrupted, so I do everything I can to prevent that from happening. I went about my day as normal and didn’t allow this news to affect me.

Thursday morning, however, I failed to do so.

I want to highlight exactly how quickly negative media can affect your mood and focus.

My morning was fantastic. I woke up at 4 AM, took my morning supplements, walked the dog, and drove to the gym while listening to The Luck Factor on Audible.

I was firing on all cylinders. Focused. Ready to absolutely crush the day…

Enter the media.

CNN was busy spreading fear, hate, and racism throughout the gym. I am trying to lift, and directly in front of the equipment are retards on TV who are busy talking about gun control and glorifying a racist psychopath. Another TV was busy showing the declining stock market. Negativity, negativity, negativity.

Glock 23

This is an inanimate object. A gun is a tool that is used to SAVE lives. Without guns, many more people would die each year. Guns do not kill people. Evil people with guns kill people.

Gun control is a huge trigger for me. Needless to say, my focus was destroyed.

Almost instantaneously, my mood went from peaceful to furious… Yes, I realize this is a mindset issue and I shouldn’t allow these things to eat at me. Changing your mindset is hard, but completely possible.

This is the exact reason why you must unplug.

No wonder the United States is screwed up. The entire country is pumped full of fear and hate and worry from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep. It doesn’t matter if it’s CNN or Facebook, the negativity is always there.


Race Baiting & Pushing Agendas

In the past, I have been very vocal about my political opinions… a habit I have since broken. Discussing and dealing with politics is generally a negative, pointless endeavor.

However, I will not stand idly by while innocent people are threatened with punishment due to the actions of an evil, deranged, racist, murderer.

First, let’s get something straight. The “good guys” are those who stand for liberty and freedom. But they are outshouted by the government and media propaganda machine.

Thus, most of society is controlled by an anti-liberty mindset. A mindset they didn’t adopt willingly, but have been force-fed by constant media exposure.

I want you to understand something.

The media and government want you to be fearful, stressed, and miserable.

Just look at how quickly and blatantly the Virginia shooting was politicized. It’s not hard to notice. Colion Noir noticed.

We are in the middle of a race war and a war against liberty, perpetuated by the media and the United States government.

For years, the nation has been blinded by a false dichotomy:

  • Black vs. White
  • Conservative vs. Liberal
  • Men vs. Women
  • Heterosexual vs. LGBT
  • Christian vs. Muslim
  • Poor vs. Elite
  • Society vs. Law Enforcement
  • Nationalism vs. Terrorism

But why?

Because a unified people would not stand for the transgressions our government has committed against our freedoms.

Both the left and the right are in bed together, and steadily pass laws that infract upon all of our rights.

Just a few examples that come to mind are indefinite detention via the NDAA, and domestic spying and surveillance via the Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act.

Notice the “patriot” and “freedom” titles. These are nothing more than clever manipulations. When you don’t support these acts, they get to say, “Oh, so you’re against patriotism and freedom?”

Politicians are clever and do this on many of their bills in order to help get them passed. A fantastic example is the Violence Against Women Act, which completely marginalizes men. This act was reauthorized in 2013, even though women shouldn’t have supported it either.

Problem > Response > Solution

This is the general outline.

1) There is a problem.

Either a random event that gets politicized, such as a school shooting, or an event that is completely orchestrated with the intent to elicit a particular response.

2) There is demand for a response.

After a shooting, that response is an emotional, knee-jerk reaction that doesn’t follow logic. The saying goes, “Well… we must do SOMETHING.”

3) There is a predetermined solution to the problem.

The gun control agenda is the solution. Making it harder for innocent people to defend themselves from evil is the solution. Creating a demand for “more security” and “more law enforcement” is the solution. Enslaving more and more people to government control is the solution.

Welcome to the Police State. Enjoy your stay.

Glorifying Psychopaths & The Consolidation of Force

Back to the Virginia shooting…

“Father vows to fight for gun control.” This was the news heading that set me off.

How illogical is that?

His daughter was murdered by a psychopath, and his immediate reaction is to make it easier for other innocents to be murdered as well.

AR-15, Ammo Can, & Ear Protection

Owning weapons does not make you a criminal or a psychopath. As a man, you are responsible for your own safety, at all times. You should never be reliant on anyone else for your own protection, or the protection of those you love.

Let me ask you a logical question. Who do people call when there is an emergency or crime under way?

A person with a gun.

The logical thing would be to cut out the middle-man. As a man, you should be self-reliant.

People call the police to “protect” them, but the Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement has absolutely no obligation to protect you. They are simply there to take a report and call people to clean up the mess after the fact.

The demand for more gun control is nothing more than an emotional, knee-jerk response. And the media and government will take advantage of every single tragedy that happens, blow it up, publicize it, plaster the killer’s face all over the TV and Internet, analyze their past, try to figure out the motives and why no one noticed the killer was deranged, blah, blah blah…

Why? Why the hell are we glorifying these monsters?

Their names should die as soon as they commit the crime. We shouldn’t be giving them fame and notoriety for the atrocities they have committed. But that’s exactly what the media does.

Once again, why?

To instill fear and hate into the population.

The overarching agenda is to slowly erode your rights, one at a time, piece by piece, under the guise of “safety” and “security.” And before you know it, you have no rights.

Once rights are gone, they are extremely difficult to gain back, especially without the use of force. Voicing opinions (a.k.a. voting) does nothing when the people above you have all the weapons.

I’m not going to go into the whole “tyranny” aspect of this because that has been discussed many times before.

Evil exists, plain and simple. The people must remain armed to protect themselves from that evil, even if that evil is their own government.

Governments are the biggest criminal organizations in the world, and they murder for profit. Just read a little history.

There are reasons the rest of the world hates the United States and Americans, and it’s not for our “freedoms.”

It’s because they are on the outside looking in. They can see just a little more of the truth.

Americans are pumped full of blind nationalism, and believe that the United States government is an arbiter of justice. This is an illusion.

Gun Control Is Unacceptable

You know? I think you’ve heard enough from me for the moment.

Why don’t you watch an ad by the people who claim they want to protect you?

I want you to notice a few key details here as we break this video down, piece by piece.

  1. The gun CONTROL group is called “Everytown for Gun Safety.” That’s such a nice, emotional name isn’t it?
  2. The lovely trigger warning about domestic violence. We can’t make the SJWs uncomfortable, now can we?
  3. The mother calls 911 for the police… she needs someone with a gun, NOW. Hmmm… where are the police? Oh, yeah, minutes away being fatasses or hassling the homeless.
  4. “Do you have a restraining order?” Yup, she does. A restraining order is a magical piece of paper that prevents crimes from happening. For some reason it malfunctioned in this case.
  5. The mother is completely helpless to defend herself or her son. Why? She doesn’t have a gun, and her attacker does.
  6. “Text SAFER…” Once again, let’s focus on “safety.” The mother and child are safer because there isn’t a gun in the house… clearly.
  7. “Stop gun violence against women.” Oh, so violence against men doesn’t matter? Got it. Once again, appealing to emotions because “women must be protected” from big evil men with guns. We’re all potential murderers and rapists in the media’s and feminists’ eyes. Also, why just gun violence? Isn’t all violence bad?
  8. Baby crying at the end. Another emotional trigger.
  9. Comments and ratings are disabled for the video. Why? Anti-gunners cannot handle opposition to their cause. They do no want to have a discussion. They are right, and you are wrong. Period. Your opinion does not matter to them, unless it’s the same opinion that they hold. If there is a discussion, they must face logic and not emotion. And they will lose every single time.

Gun control groups do not care about your safety. They say they do, but they don’t.

The previous Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is a rich elitist who is protected by armed guards. And guess who started Everytown for Gun Safety?

Bloomberg. Of course.

Bloomberg understands that evil is out there, so he protects himself. However, he is better than you and you do not deserve the same privilege. So check it.

Also notice how the name isn’t “Everytown for Gun Control.” They must change the narrative to “safety” if they wish to get anywhere. Just another clever manipulation.

The real agenda behind any of these politicized events is to strip you of your rights. This campaign has been going on for years.

For one, a weaker or physically disabled person cannot effectively defend himself from a stronger attacker. A single person cannot effectively defend himself against multiple attackers.

Secondly, when you take guns away from innocent people, criminals know their targets are less likely to be able to defend themselves and will take advantage of that fact. Even if the number of gun deaths go down, violent crime rates will go up.

This is exactly what happened in Australia.

Evil walks among us and always will. You cannot legislate away evil.

The actions of psychopaths are unpredictable and can occur anywhere at anytime. Safety is an illusion.

You should be ready, willing, and able to defend yourself, your loved ones, and any innocent people in danger. Placing restrictions on the Second Amendment works against that.

Citizens in countries without firearms rights are at the complete mercy of the ruling class and criminals.

But, But, But…

Supporters of gun control proclaim that getting rid of guns will reduce the number of gun deaths.

Yes, logically, if you can completely eliminate or greatly reduce the number of guns in circulation, then the number of gun-related deaths should go down. Duh.

But why does it matter if someone was killed with a gun? If someone is murdered by gun, knife, curb-stomping, strangulation, being thrown from a building, or whatever else you can conjure up, it is still a tragic loss. The method used to carry out that murder is irrelevant.

The fact that gun-related deaths MAY go down bears absolutely no weight when violent crime rates WILL go up. Murders by other weapons, rapes, assaults, burglaries, carjackings, and theft will all go up. When criminals know that innocent people cannot defend themselves with lethal and effective weapons, they capitalize on the situation. And yes, weapons are meant to be lethal. That is the entire point… to stop the threat.

Yes, gun deaths are tragic.

But do you know what is more tragic?

People that must live in absolute fear because they know that they are likely to be murdered, raped, or assaulted at any given moment… with no way to prevent it.

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” — Thomas Jefferson

How To Instantly Be Happier

I’ve said all of that so I could say this.

The current state of affairs is terrible, and the media makes sure you are aware of it.

If you want to be instantly happier, it’s very, very simple.

You simply need to turn off the TV.

You need to put down the newspaper.

You need to unfollow and unsubscribe from negative people, groups, and pages on social media.

Do not listen to the manipulative, deceitful narratives.

Start reading books that will improve you, such as The Luck Factor by Brian Tracy and Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich.

Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

This book will instantly change the way you think and how you approach your daily life. Grab it on Amazon.

By following these simply practices, I have been able to greatly reduce the amount of stress and frustration I feel on a daily basis. Please give it a try, for your own mental well-being.

Keep Calm & Carry One

I’d like to close with a funny, yet extremely relevant scene from A Bug’s Life. This is the exact relationship that politicians and law enforcement have with the general population… and they know it.

We outnumber them. They work for us. They SHOULD be afraid.

Stay frosty.
Watch your six.
But most of all, stay HAPPY!

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising

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