Vitamin D: My Personal Miracle Supplement for Ending Fatigue

Are you tired all the time?

Exhausted? Fatigued? Feel like shit from the moment you wake up?

I used to feel that way too. But I found a solution.

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest, an area known for its cloud cover, and I already don’t get enough time in the sun. For years, I have trapped myself inside for work, homework, movies, video games… you name it. Sunny days were enjoyed few and far between, but I’ve since shifted my priorities and make it a point to get out of the house as much as possible.

When an acquaintance asked me about my supplement regimen, vitamin D wasn’t on the list… much to her surprise. She asked me how my energy levels were and whether I felt tired during the day, to which I responded with something along the lines of, “I’m always exhausted.” She then explained how I most likely had a vitamin D deficiency.

Regardless of how much sleep I got the night before, I would experience full-body fatigue on any given day, ranging from slight to overwhelming. Frequent muscle and joint aches too. I usually had a mental fogginess throughout the day, as if a few more hours of sleep would solve it. They never would.

Initially, I tried combating this shitty, daily feeling by making several positive lifestyle changes. Although my overall sense of well-being improved, my reduction in fatigue was always negligible, if not non-existent from the additional strenuous exercise.

Despite all of the positive changes I made, the fatigue was ever-present, to some degree:

  • I went from practically no physical activity to bodybuilding six days a week — over time of course — never go from 0 to 60 when making physical changes.
  • I changed my diet and began to eat cleaner whole food sources while eliminating most processed foods.
  • I ensured that I was getting plenty of sleep: 8 to 9 hours at the time. I’ve since realized I function best on 5 to 6 hours of sleep.
  • I followed a well-balanced vitamin routine that provided me with micronutrients and supported joint function.

Yes, making all of these changes made me feel better. That should be common sense.

But, and that’s a BIG “but,” there was always an underlying feeling of fatigue, no matter how small. It was an ever-present, invisible weight that pulled me down.

I had accepted this to be my fate. Forever doomed to feeling like shit regardless of the positive changes I made in my life. At least, until I diagnosed the root issue.

For years, I have tried to solve this problem, without knowing its actual cause. If you feel like shit each day, almost anyone will tell you to fix your diet and exercise more. Hardly no one will ask you about your vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D Capsules

Little did I know, but these tiny capsules would eliminate my daily feelings of fatigue. Vitamin D is in my list of MUST HAVE supplements.

I began by taking 25,000 UIs of vitamin D every two days, while taking 5,000 UIs on the remaining days. This is also my typical daily dose. This may not seem like a megadose or anything drastic, but I made it a point to get more daily sunshine exposure for several months before I even knew about this additional solution. You also get the added bonus that a vitamin D capsule reduces your exposure to harmful UV rays.

I now wake up feeling refreshed and rested. Even on days where I’m dragging ass from lack of sleep, I don’t experience the same physical exhaustion and fatigue throughout the entire day. It honestly freaked me out around the fourth day of supplementation, because feeling “normal” wasn’t normal for me anymore.

Also, I feel it’s worth noting that I experienced some of my worst depression during the years when I was getting the least sun, now that I think back on it. Depression is also a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. I did not know about vitamin D supplementation at the time, so I do not know the efficacy of treating depression by restoring vitamin D levels; however, if you experience depression, vitamin D may also be beneficial to you in that respect.

So, do you have:

  • general feelings of fatigue or exhaustion?
  • muscle pain or weakness?
  • muscle twitches?
  • joint aches?
  • depression?

If so, a vitamin D supplement could be your solution.

Also, those who live in northern latitudes, avoid being in the sun, or have darker skin are at a higher risk of having a vitamin D deficiency.

Honestly, what do you have to lose? My only regret is not supplementing vitamin D sooner.

Give vitamin D a try. It’s only $15 for nearly a year’s supply and it may end up eliminating your feelings of fatigue, joint pain, and depression… that’s definitely a fair bet to me.

I’d also like to point out that if you use this link, I will get a small kickback as part of Amazon’s affiliate program, which helps me out. Because well, transparency or something like that…

: – )

Keep in mind…

I generally avoid doctors, except during emergencies. Personally, I would rather perform my own research and use myself as a guinea pig.

I DID NOT have a doctor diagnose my vitamin D deficiency; however, when you have the exact symptoms of an issue and the proper supplementation eliminates those symptoms without any side effects, I think it’s pretty safe to say you have self-diagnosed and self-treated your problem without the need for a doctor.

Or you could be a hypochondriac with a penchant for placebo effects… but who knows?

Give it a try!

I hope testing out vitamin D turns out to be a fantastic solution for you as well. It is definitely one of my must have supplements, and will always be in my daily regimen unless I experience any negative side effects. At which point, rest assured, I will relay that information to you. We’re here to help each other out and make gains.

And I’m talking #FuckFatigue, #FuckDepression kinda gains bwahahaha. Now, go grab a bottle and add another positive daily habit to your routine.


Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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