Was Conor McGregor Mauled By Khabib Nurmagomedov In UFC 229?

That face when you’re smashed off the Proper 12 Irish whiskey…

By now you’ve already heard the result of UFC 229 if you weren’t watching it live last night.

Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted Conor McGregor in the fourth round via a neck crank.

I’d like to point out this wasn’t a rear naked choke as people like to claim. Khabib’s arm wasn’t under Conor’s chin, but was rather cranking his neck to the right. He wasn’t being choked out and more likely felt like Khabib was going to snap his neck. Either way, Conor tapped out.

But where was this “mauling” we were all promised?

When I think of a mauling, I picture a bloodbath. And I didn’t see a bloodbath.

Unless you’re talking about the Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis bout…

THAT was a bloodbath as two major cuts on Anthony’s head poured blood all over him and Tony… ultimately ending in a corner stoppage after Pettis broke his hand. A much more entertaining fight.

Khabib absolutely dominated his match, but he didn’t change Conor’s face, that’s for sure. I didn’t see him get the result he ultimately wanted. But I did see a lot of sloppy haymakers and untouchable wrestling.

That’s the thing about fighting a wrestler of Khabib’s caliber. Once he’s landed a takedown, that’s what you’re looking for and big haymakers can slip through. The strikes setup the takedowns, and the takedowns setup the strikes.

Conor did a fantastic job recovering after getting rocked and never took his eyes off Khabib even when stumbling backwards. And although the ground-and-pound was theatrical in round two, Conor’s chin survived and he absorbed a lot of the shots on his forearms despite the volley that got through.

He had no choice but to sit there and take it, but again, Khabib didn’t cave in his face.

Most of the fight was spent with the two of them rolling around on the floor. A primary reason why I can’t stand Khabib’s style.

I get it. I just hate it.

It’s very boring to watch even though he controlled the fight.

It’s boring to watch someone dive for another man’s legs over and over because they can’t beat them standing up, but again, I get it.

In the end, this was an incredible match-up and we all knew it was Conor’s Kryptonite. He’s a striker, not a wrestler.

Just don’t forget that McGregor defeated Jose Aldo in thirteen seconds. And he’s been through a much bloodier fight in his redemption match with Nate Diaz.

Khabib won fair and square, but this wasn’t as he envisioned. And then he completely lost control after it was over.

And due to the fight after the fight, Khabib didn’t even receive his purse. He may not even receive the belt…


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Say what you want about that, but what Khabib and his team did after the fight was assault. Plain and clear.

One was a sanctioned fight, the other an uncontrolled rage.

And because of that, the Nevada Athletic Commission is now involved and several of Khabib’s team members were briefly arrested although McGregor isn’t pressing charges.

It looks like McGregor may have struck someone first on the cage wall after the initial fight broke out, and then proceeded to defend himself from the rest of Khabib’s team.

If so, that’s assault too. Either way, this entire situation blew up fast.

Brendan Schaub was right about the event having the potential to go volatile. He called it on Joe Rogan’s podcast days before the fight.

That’s what happens when both sides of the octagon despise each other, and the fans on both sides are drinkers and fighters with short tempers.

I also found it interesting what Khabib said after the fight. He’s against trash talking and wants it to be a “respect sport.”

“You cannot talk about religion. You cannot talk about nation. You know, guys, you cannot talk about this stuff.” As if that justifies anything.

This is the fight business.

You’ve signed up to beat the shit out of another man. Mean words and actual violence do not equate.

You can’t just attack people because you don’t like what they say.

We have something called the First Amendment, and another man is allowed to say whatever the hell he wants. There can be consequences, of course, but you cannot silence another man’s opinion.

And let’s not forget, that’s what sells these fights.

You can love it or hate it but it’s the truth. People watch for the big drama show.

They don’t just watch to watch.

They watch the fighters that entertain them and the ones they look up to… or they watch the ones they hate so they can see them fall. Some look up to people like Khabib, others look up to people like Conor.

I know one thing, I sure as hell don’t look up to Khabib.

What did you think of the fight? Leave a comment down below.


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