Women In The Selective Service: Thanks To Liberals, Our Innocent Daughters Can Now Be Drafted

Liberals destroy everything they touch.

Their ideology is based on lies, weakness, and insecurity.

In the feminist quest for “equality,” they have finally succeeded in making it a requirement that women register for the Selective Service, the United States draft program.

During wartime, females will be drafted just like the males.

This is unacceptable.

No moral civilization would require its women on the battlefield.

Women in a combat unit make that unit fundamentally weaker. They are not as physically capable as men, and do not have the same mindset as men.

A woman in a combat unit jeopardizes the safety of that unit.

Men will make different decisions — more costly decisions — with a woman present… whether that’s due to sexual emotions or protective emotions. This is basic human nature and can not be avoided.

However, the most significant difference is the physical strength. Men are biologically stronger animals than women, which again, makes them a liability.

Only men should be serving in combat positions. I have no problem with women in supporting, non-combat roles.

Forcing women into the draft is not morally correct.

A nation that willingly gives itself an Achilles heal during battle, is a nation engineered to fail.

A society that willingly sends its daughters and sisters to die in wars for crooked politicians, is a society that’s fallen into madness.

A feminist society, is a doomed society.

Feminism Is Cancer

Feminism is a wicked and twisted form of censorship and abuse that seeks to destroy masculinity by making men “evil” and by shaming masculine traits out of existence.

Feminism passes sexist laws that destroy the lives of men while giving insane preferential treatment to females.

Feminism is an abomination. It has destroyed the family unit, turned society into degenerates, made both men and women miserable, and laid the foundations for globalist policies to take root in America and Europe.

Under the guise of “equality” feminists have forced themselves into military positions by having the standards lowered. Our government is as pathetic as it is corrupt.

Any military that will lower their own standards to make it easier for people to join is set to fail. The United States military has been severely weakened.

What people fail to realize is that lowering the standards for women is sexist.

These liberals like to claim that men and women are exactly the same, yet when they are put to the test, reality doesn’t back up their insane beliefs.

Men and women are fundamentally different on a biological level. Lowering the standards to allow women into combat positions is sexist and ignorant.

The feminist cause has been enabled and engineered by the US government, in an attempt to subvert our sovereignty and get away with criminal acts without any repercussions.

Feminists claim that any disagreement of opinion is a violent attack against them. Feminists have made women hate men, and men miserable being around cunt women. They destroy everything they touch.

Instead, feminism must be destroyed.

Combating hostile ideologies is one of the purposes behind Masculinity Rising.

My content is meant to unite men behind a masculine purpose, and to inspire men to combat policies and agendas that are conspired against them.

Men are not meant to bow down to unjust laws or corrupt establishments. Men are meant to fight for their freedom, and to preserve it.

Feminism is a metastasized cancer that needs to be eradicated.

Let’s do something about it, and keep our innocent women out of war.

Fuck feminism,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising


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