The World’s Most Dangerous Static Hold (Challenge Series)

I’ve started a new tradition with Lloyd from Business & Bullets.

We’ll be challenging each other in feats of strength and the raw animalistic expression of the human body.

Why? Because that’s what men do.

However, do not try this at home unless you’re a freak beast motherfucker.

We’re the big boys. We can handle it.

Can you?

We’re calling upon exceptional men who wish to join us.

Put your body to the test, improve yourself, and build camaraderie with other men walking a similar path.

Just remember, these challenges are not for the everyman.

The Genesis

So how did all of this get started? The original inspiration came from Vincent and his 1-hour Pullup Challenge over at Andreian.

A few weeks ago, I performed this challenge and managed 425 pullups within one hour.

Here’s the aftermath…

Notice the blood and torn callouses.

When you accept these challenges, you accept the risks associated with them.

You cannot grow without pain.

These challenges are no different. I cannot stress this enough.

If you perform these challenges, you WILL be sore and you WILL risk injury.

We take NO responsibility when you snap your shit up.

Try any of these challenges at your own risk.

The World’s Most Dangerous Static Hold

Our first official challenge is a max weight clean and press, with an overhead static hold of 30 seconds or more.

A heavier weight beats a lighter weight at a longer time, as long as the minimum threshold of 30 seconds is met.

Why a max weight overhead static hold?

Because I’m a sick son of a bitch and making a mistake can have dire consequences.

Such is life.

On to the results…

Again, there are risks to all of this.

My neck has been locked up since this challenge, and I cannot look to the right without pain.

If you watch my dismount, it’s a little less than graceful and my right shoulder catches the weight before the left. This slightly strained my right sternocleidomastoid and trap.

I’m not complaining about the injury; it will recover quickly. What I want you to understand is that victory comes at a price…

Most people only see the results.

They do not see the years of preparation, dedication, pain, and discomfort that comes with walking this path.

Remain disciplined, and you will grow stronger.

Fight through the pain. Prove your mettle. And let the world’s words immortalize you.

Good luck.

(You can check out rest of the series here.)

Strength & Honor,

Nick Hagood
Masculinity Rising