Zombie Hillary: Psychosomatic Retribution for All Her Sins

One look at Hillary Clinton and any sane person can tell she’s severely ill.

She looked like a drugged up zombie during her press release last night about the bombing in Chelsea, New York City.

Seriously. Look at her.

Some people think she’s just drunk and we all know Hillary has a history of drinking. If you didn’t, this video will get you up to speed.

So again, some people think she’s just drunk.

No, she’s much more than that.

I’d go so far as to say she’s crossfaded. She’s half-drunk and fully doped.

Hillary’s been drinking on the plane while taking her medication to combat her late-stage Parkinson’s disease. Yet Zombie Hillary wants us to believe that she is fit to run this nation, or that she’ll be ready when she gets that 3 AM phone call and needs to make a snap military decision.

It was only 10 PM when she addressed the press above, and she’s completely out of it!

#ZombieHillary - Bombs & Diazepam

#ZombieHillary - I'll Have Whatever She's Having

Is it her health? Is it the stress? Or is her past finally catching up to her?

Personally, I think the stress of being under such public scrutiny while having no morals and committing crimes against humanity is finally catching up to her.

The putrid sewer that is her mind is eating away at her body. All she has ever wanted was to become the President of the United States. She is so close… yet she may as well be trying to see the White House from across the ocean.

She knows in her mind that she has failed against a formidable foe. As such, her body follows suit. Her atrocities are lapping at her heels and her collapse is coming soon.

Clinton has no stamina, no strength, no energy.

She is falling apart.

And the Universe is seeing to it that she does.

A Legacy of Destruction vs. A Legacy of Prosperity

Hillary Clinton’s entire legacy is based upon destabilizing the Middle East and laying waste to millions of lives while brokering her crimes against the state through the Clinton Foundation.

Isn’t 9/11 a little too symbolic of a date for it to be mere coincidence that Hillary would collapse at the 9/11 Memorial?

Our wars in the Middle East started on 9/11.

The American Embassy in Lebanon was destroyed on the anniversary of 9/11, under Hillary Clinton’s watch.

Hillary Clinton collapsed on 9/11 and ever since, her campaign has been in a total free-fall.

The Universe works in coincidences.

Think about it. We have two true options really.

Either the globalists are once again signalling their power and influence in the form of cryptic messages, by engineering Hillary’s collapse on 9/11… or the Universe is taking charge and finally punishing this evil woman for her sins against humanity.

Hillary Clinton is a devil woman. She is evil. She is corrupt. She is a whore to the highest bidder and a compulsive, shameless liar.

Anyone who supports Hillary Clinton is an utter fool in an age of information. The truth is sitting immediately at your fingertips.

Instead of gobbling up the mass media propaganda, research issues yourself and find out the truth.

The truth in this case is that Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign has been fueled by projection.

Everything she says about Donald Trump is instead true about her.

She is the racist. She panders to minorities to gain votes and lies directly to their faces.

She is the bigot. She spreads a message of hate and intolerance towards anyone who disagrees with the insane ideology of the left.

She is the traitor. She has violated countless federal laws, concocted insane conspiracy theories against Russia while warmongering for WWIII, and sold state secrets for years using the Clinton Foundation as a fence.

She is the embodiment of corruption and failed policies.

Yet we are to believe that the outsider is the evil one… the one who got involved in politics for the sole reason of saving a collapsing nation.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not here for his ego. Donald Trump is not here for the money. Donald Trump is not here for the power.

He already had all those things.

Sacrificing an amazing lifestyle to serve the American people is not evil.

Hillary Clinton’s entire career is based on pretending to serve the American people while screwing them over behind the scenes. She’s a hawk that preys on everything, even people’s charity.

Donald Trump is here to combat the corruption and waste within our government. He is here to run the United States like a business. He is here to restore order and enforce the rule of law while protecting our borders.

Donald Trump is here to rejuvenate the American Dream, to rejuvenate what it means to be an American Patriot.

America used to be the greatest country in the world. A beacon of hope, truth, liberty, and justice.

Millions of lives have been sacrificed over the centuries to secure a safe and prosperous legacy for the posterity of this great nation.

It’s a privilege to live here. It’s a privilege to be born here. And it’s a privilege to come here.

The Earth has been soaked with the blood of Patriots and tyrants in order to secure this heritage.

Anyone who opposes the American way or seeks to undermine our culture and values shall be met with swift opposition.

America does not quit. We don’t give up.

You will never put out the flame of liberty.

Patriots will always rise.

Now is one of those times. This election has been under the watchful eye of true Patriots since the very beginning.

We understand the stakes of this election.

It’s either Donald Trump wins, and we rebuild what the globalists have destroyed.

Or Hillary steals the election and us Patriots have to make the decision to go to war, domestically.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson

If Donald Trump fails, it will be up to the people to secure the future of the greatest nation in the world. Patriots will have to shed their own blood to bring down the tyrannical beast that pulls the strings within Washington.

Get ready. War is at the gates.

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